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Technical characteristics of the new Toyota Highlander

You can't even doubt that cars of mark Toyota are some of the popular not only in Russia, but and abroad. And models, Toyota, of course, very much. Now we will focus on model  Highlander, won great popularity in Brazil and Chile. You can't even doubt that Toyota Highlander specifications are very impressive, because of such dimensions need worthy of  the filling».

 Toyota Highlander 2013 front view


As was previously said – car has a very impressive dimensions, which makes it the way a real "king". Body length is 4785 millimeters, width – 1910, height – 1760, wheels and set the size 19 inches. Powerful front and rear bumpers adds the car a more aggressive and solidity. Seat of the car a lot ’ s peace will fit seven people, and each of them will be quite comfortable.  On top are the rails. Highlander – it is really a vehicle for real men.  According to the engineer of the company Toyota, quote:

 Toyota Highlander 2013 rear view


The first thing worth mentioning is that the car is equipped with seven airbags: two front, two side, two curtain airbags and one pillow for driver's knees. Vehicle level is equal to 206 millimeters, that gives an additional security drive. Wheelbase car is equal 2760 mm, and the front and rear track 1625 mm. The cars are such security as ABS, EBD, BAS, TRC, as well as an irreplaceable thing for SUVs – the system of care during ascent and descent.

 Toyota Highlander 2013 руль


Engines in a car Toyota Highlander there are two types:

The car is equipped with four-wheel drive that can boast not every driver. As soon as the car entered series production, it was equipped with a four-speed manual transmission. But already in 2004, when they began to establish six-cylinder engines, car equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission. Yes, by the way, the vehicle to 100 kilometers will be "eat" only ten liters of petrol. This number will increase to three liters during movement in the city. Maximum speed is 180 km / h, acceleration to 100 kilometers is equal to eight seconds.

 Toyota Highlander 2013 engine


Electronic devices – it's something that must be equipped with a vehicle of the 21st century. The first thing, of course, it is worth mentioning anti-lock braking system ABS. Rent a car Toyota Highlander supplied the EBD system automatically distributes the braking force. BAS ’ s management system pressure in the hydraulic brake system appeared relatively recently in cars Toyota, in 2004. Another standard for each car – the system of checking the tire pressure.

Toyota Highlander there are several. Take, for example, concern 2013. Yes, there is no doubt that Toyota Highlander 2013 specifications on top. Engines there are two types: four-cylinder and six-cylinder, amounts to 2.7 and 3.5 liters, respectively. Each engine provides шестиступенчатую automatic transmission that, unlike Highlander 2004, step far in the future.

 Toyota Highlander 2013 КПП


So, Toyota Highlander – it is indeed a new generation of crossover, invented specially for those, who keeps pace with the time. Powerful motor, a large size, pleasant appearance and a huge number of sensors and devices – this is all combined together in a car Toyota Highlander.