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The history of the Jeep Grand Cherokee: 5 generations model

The first generation

 The first generation Jeep Grand Cherokee

The first generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, presented at the Detroit motor show in 1992 and received index ZJ, was based on the platform Grand Wagoneer. Unlike his predecessor, who had a structural base frame type, Grand Cherokee has been carrying the body. In its movement led one of the variants of engines: 4-litre " six» row type, two V-shaped " eight»: 5,9 l 5.2 l operating on petrol and diesel version, which had a volume of 2.5 liters as of transmission were involved several types of gearboxes.

Jeep grand cherokee first generation had the following dimensions: 4500 x 1760 x 1650 mm in volume of a boot average of 1,136 liters and clearance in 208 mm Addition to the classic off-road options, equipped with all-wheel drive system produced and rear-wheel modification, picking different types of transmission.

The release of the first generation model made a kind of revolution in the world of motor vehicles, setting a new modern standards in design, which have not changed for the past six years. In 1998 only car in this series were discontinued, "giving place» its more advanced descendants, who was given the index WJ. Well, now to buy this generation Jeep Grand Cherokee in Moscow is available for a sum of about 10-11 thousand dollars.

The second generation

 The second generation Jeep Grand Cherokee

Updated Jeep Grand Cherokee with index WJ got a slightly different form of the body, which prevailed over the soft, smooth lines, a new form of block headlights and more original bumper design that perfectly fit ’fog-light». We can say that it is starting from this time, the car has got rid of its ’gangster» image.

Powertrain auto also changed, and correction. Among motors put on the models of the first generation, was left only 4-liter 190-strong version that runs on gasoline. But there are new types of engines with more developed structure and properties. Now you could buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 5-cylinder 3,1-liter diesel motor and V-neck 4.7-liter 220-strong petrol engine with 8 cylinders. In addition, European consumers was also available version, provided that came 2.7-liter turbodiesel.

In addition to powertrain auto used auto hydromechanical adaptive 4-band box. Version with all-wheel drive is equipped with a ‘the handings» Quadra-Trac II, which has the function of automatic distribution of torque to the axle of a car in the proportion of 0 to 100 %.

To the existing modifications Laredo and Limited manufacturers have added more ’charged» Overland option, which, in addition to more of the rich decoration of the interior, had the most outstanding features. Important fact in favor of buying this model is the price of the Jeep Grand Cherevki. In our country the car WJ series in good condition and can be purchased for a sum of 20 thousand dollars.

The third generation

 The third generation Jeep Grand Cherokee

The next modernization model, followed by the release of a new, third generation car, took place in 2003, when at the Geneva international salon has been demonstrated an updated version of "the great Indian».

A car with index WK, which this time was carried out with the participation of Daimler-Benz, has become more stylish and elegant, finally losing the remnants of the former "brutality» and stiffness. He's a little added width, however the size of the cabin remained unchanged, although the driver's seat has become much easier and comfortable due to the appearance of a multitude of settings and adjustments.

A distinctive feature of the series WK is the emergence of three variants of transmission, which works in conjunction with permanent four-wheel drive. They were Quadra-Trac I, Quadra-Trac II and Quadra-Drive II. In addition, special attention is deserved:

"they" series WK is equipped with a multiple choice of petrol engines, including 210-horsepower version 3.7 litre, 4,7-strong unit with 230 HP and the engine HEMI V8 5.7 l and 325 ’horses» under the hood. Also in the line of a new diesel variant: 3.0-liter 184-strong CRD characterized by silence and efficiency. The «fierce» and resourceful option was a 6.1-liter Hemi V8 with a capacity of 425 HP put to sports Grand Cherokee SRT-8.

Despite all positive qualities, Cherokee index WK, did not sell better, and the reason for it was the emergence of many competitors, including the Toyota land cruiser. Well, the price of the model is quite acceptable for a car of this class and level. The cost of the Jeep Grand Cherokee generation WK in good condition at the moment is in the range from 15 to 26 thousand dollars.

Fourth generation

 The fourth generation Jeep Grand Cherokee

In 2010 was presented to the fourth generation model, based on the platform of the second generation of the Mercedes M-class. Grand Cherokee became larger. Obzavelis ’muscular physique» he began to look much more interesting and spectacular. In addition, acquiring a more smooth and sleek shape, the car has improved its aerodynamic performance, significantly reducing the coefficient of a frontal collision.

Special mention deserves the capacity of the salon Grand Cherokee 4 generations. Compared with the predecessor, it is different in a better way, which is especially felt by passengers of the second row.

But, the most important change affecting the car, was the modernization of its structural parts, in particular, the emergence of a pneumatic suspension Quadra-Lift , able to operate in five different settings, each of which corresponds to one value of clearance from 270,5 mm (Off-road 2») to 164.5 mm (mode ’Park»).

Range of engines remained the same, but they have become much more productive and economical. Besides, the car has a new transmission – 8-band ’machine»working well and smoothly. Official dealers, selling of cars in our country, offer him a high enough price of $ 2 million 130 thousand rubles and above. He is in constant demand, and really worth the money.

Fifth generation

 The fifth generation Jeep Grand Cherokee

Four years later, after the debut of the 4th generation models, the manufacturer has decided to update its flagship SUV Grand Cherokee. Version 2014 model year has changed not only outside but also inside, and also got a new diesel engine and finalized 8-speed automatic transmission, which allows not only to significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions of harmful substances, but also to improve the dynamic characteristics of the car.

The exterior is typical elements of restyling were: fog-light, now located above the bumper, a modified grille and "old  headlamps, which according to the current fashion, surrounded led stripes running lights.

Inside Cherokee 2014 have improved and updated. The car now  has a spacious, well-equipped facilities with a high quality finish and lots of features that guarantee comfort and safety as the driver, and  passengers.

All running and off-road Arsenal, the new Grand Cherokee without any modification took over from its predecessor. And technical equipment of cars, sold in our country, consists of 4 variants of power units: V6 3.6 l, V 8 5.7 l and V 8 6,4 l, gasoline, and diesel 3.0-liter unit capacity 241 PS

Service and sales auto engaged services Jeep Grand Cherokee in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan, where the price model today begins from the level of 2 million 145 thousand rubles and above.