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The third generation of the BMW X5

History BMW X5 lasts for 15 years and began in 1999. Then the car was practically no competitors, because it was not only very functional SUV, but also stylish. The owner of the BMW has long been considered a successful person with taste and X5 only underlined this vision of things.

The third generation of the famous BMW X5 was officially presented in Frankfurt in November 2013. Sales of cars in Russia started in the beginning of 2014.

 The design of the car is made known, but almost new


The new sedan BMW X5 received index F15. Perhaps there are some similarities with the American fighter, but the manufacturer about them claimed. There's no more brutality, aggression and purely masculine appearance. Already for a long time women have won a good half of the road, so they also have a certain orientation. In addition, the emphasis in the BMW X5 third generation is still more to futuristichnost and high technologies, rather than on the massiveness and angularity.

I must say, the new body is significantly different from previous ones. By tradition ’nostrils» became somewhat more: some believe that the search and compare them  with the snout of a pig.

 The profile gives typical BMW

In General, bumper surprisingly relief – finally designers  BMW withdrew from the classics, and moved up to aggressiveness. About it tells a lot of details, such as eyes headlights with led daytime running lights and rounded rectangles  reflectors, presence of set of corners on the bumper, plenty of air ducts and «humpbacked hood» and the massive wheel arches that hide huge wheels with a width of 275 mm also, do not forget that this SUV (though he is more suitable for the crossovers), so bumper was protected by a small bump.

The profile has not changed traditions. Still the front turn signal starts "the hand’, which gradually lifting parallel to the line of glazing, rests in the rear light. To reduce lift forces at the front fenders integrated small ducts that continue the tab on the door. The roof has become more cluttered ago, and chrome bezel is typical of BMW X5 bend on the back of the rack on which the model is very easy to learn.

 Feed as executed in the spirit X5

The back was more elevated in comparison with the previous generation, so really, you would think that it is a full-size SUV. The lights got neon basis, and from under the bumper Peeps ’drum» muffler.


BMW X5 follows the traditions. And we can see it everywhere. Take, for example, the instrument panel. Dark top, light nih – classical painting salon. White speaks about the high cost and luxury, and perforated leather Twill is not cheap. Simple instrument panel underlines the phrase: " the simpler, the more expensive”. And really, to speak with the interior in one language simply does not cause trouble even brand IDrive interface, which to this day is controlled using the washer. In addition, a pleasant thing was the appearance of the button "Back», which were so willing to holders of past generations various BMW models.

 The interior is quite high, and they are only delight

System multimedia presents 1 kW of power Bang & Olufsen, as well as some pleasant trifles as monitors for rear passengers (surcharge). In addition, you can enjoy dual-zone climate, and the basis of all seats are heated, and the front powered 17 directions. For some it might seem unnecessary, but agree more convenient than sit, the more pleasant trip.

Luggage compartment in a regular situation holds 680 liters payload, if you fold the seats, the volume of space will grow to 1870 liters. As an option, third row seats. But there can be contracted only children whose height does not exceed 1.5 meters.

Technical characteristics

That's how it is already 15 years in the world there is an opinion that X5 – this is the approximate SUV, which can be compared, perhaps, Land Cruiser. In fact, the new sedan BMW X5 made bearing that automatically "rolls» car from the class and translates into the crossovers. But, Bavarian not discouraged.

 On the center console there are control systems of passive safety

The engine can be installed in one of the units, two of which are diesel:


In conclusion we should announce rates to add a spoon of tar in this barrel of honey. Initial package will cost about 3,4 million. Only on the Russian market will be presented with 3 options. The second will cost 3,8 and top – 4.3 million rubles. By mid-2014 promised the release of two more complete sets with additional equipment, however, it is not yet illuminated.