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The updated Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 - SUV with a sporty character

Jeep SRT8 2014 was presented at court road to the public at last year's Detroit auto show. Chrysler has assigned a model name of the SRT, which means that the reduction is a combination of Street &Racing Technology. The designation does not require special translation and accurately displays the essence of this extraordinary car. All of his rapid  appearance underscores the sporty style of the machine.

The exterior of the car

Familiarity with the updated model Cherokee starts with visual inspection. The company's designers did a good job on the body, in front of the car has a radiator grille and bumper modern form. Special attention engineers have focused on the sources of light head: now and in the basic configuration is set slightly slanted, xenon headlights, running lights for daytime use and projector fog-lights.

 Front Jeep STR8 2014

In General, the nose of the SUV looks natural and fits into the overall sports concept car. However, confuses the small clearance in the area of the bumper (21 cm). Production practice shows that the steep congresses and high curbs dangerous for that body parts. There were incidents of damage and even separation. For a machine that is marketed as a crossover SUV that is unacceptable.

The rear of the machine got optics modified form: enhanced lights with LEDs, very informative. Even on a Sunny day signals clearly visible, and their operation is significantly less than traditional incandescent bulbs. This reduces the probability of collision due to an earlier reaction of other road users.

Aerodynamic spoiler is not just a decoration, but also allows to improve the characteristics of streamlining the body of the air flow. Dual pipe exhaust system with chrome tips completes the look  jeep and makes it a complete and harmonious.

 Feed Jeep STR8 2014

The updated interior of the Grand

Photo Jeep STR8 2014 model year inside and out demonstrate the style and dynamics of machines, designed for fast aggressive style  drive. Open the doors and sit in the pilot's seat, otherwise simply call it impossible. Upholstery is made of soft and resistant to wear leather Natura Plus with double seams. Front row seats have lateral support to the increased size and height adjustable armrests.

Electric adjustment  chairs allow you to take a comfortable position and keep it in memory. Upholstery ceiling texture like suede and combined perfectly with the finish of the chairs and sofa. Front panel looks futuristic and luxurious: Nickel-plated metal, polished elements from valuable breeds of wood and carbon fibre inserts look great and don't cause  the sensations excesses.

Multi-function display system information is based on a seven-inch TFT monitor, located on the instrument panel. The choice of modes of data output on the display is determined by the driver this can be information from the built-in tools, satellite navigation, speedometer, system Selec-Terrain and other. Controls classic type: wheel with leather upholstery, automatic gearbox selector and pedals with aluminum plates.

 The dashboard Jeep STR8 2014

The location of the paddles and other bodies can be called intuitive. The driver, first appeared behind the wheel of this SUV, don't need to watch where that is, my hands are borne by the right levers and switches. The beauty to the developers not the slightest claim: the interior has been, just in the measure and riches, and functionality.


Under the hood with a characteristic hump disappears old familiar eight-cylinder gasoline power unit with a capacity of 468 HP  working volume of this monster is 6400 CC, engines with large figures only Lamborghini and Bentley. The power plant provides torque  624 Nm, for such a power to weight ratio you have to pay high fuel consumption.

For the city mode, the average is slightly more than 20 liters, the countryside, the consumption of gasoline octane number AI or AI falls twice. Such a significant savings were achieved through the eight-band  machine  ZF 8HP70 and electronic system Multi-Displacement System. It disables  half of the cylinders when driving without a load.

 Beauty Jeep SRT8 2014

The maximum speed of the Grand Cherokee SRT is km/h, which is 32km/h more than the standard model. In this regard, the car set more effective Brembo brakes with brake discs increased size and 4-channel anti-lock braking system. Brake system machine paired with cruise control and sensors alert Forward Collision Warning. When this signal danger and automatically slow down  a maximum of 24 km per hour.

Jeep grand Cherokee SRT8 2014 with the first seconds amazes even trained driver its dynamics. Machine  literally shoots out and up to the first hundred in just 4.5 seconds. Passengers and the driver significantly presses in the backs of the seats. The machine has a permanent all-wheel drive, the distribution of effort between them occurs in different proportions.

The car's handling

Driving on rough roads with hard surface requires special attention. When driving on an asphalt track machine began to swim, and when braking and acceleration tends to jump. Significantly beating steering on rough especially at high speed. On more or less flat road Cherokee behaves decently, and on the country roads he simply has no equal.

 The rear row of seats Jeep STR8 2014

Suspension of SUV is beyond praise: very comfortable and energy-intensive. It is independent and the front and rear axle with transverse levers and variable dynamic characteristics of shock absorbers.

All-wheel drive transmission Selec-Track allows you to choose one of five modes:

This allows the driver to adapt the car for himself and under environmental conditions. Modes Track and Sport quite hard, they greatly reduce the yaw and the roll is, however, not make the trip excessively tedious.

Reversing due to the good review and the rear view camera is not difficult. Mirrors are quite large and well reflect the situation in the rear hemisphere of the car.

 Engine Jeep Grand SRT 8

Equipment and prices

Jeep grand SRT8 2014 model year entered in the official dealer network and actively sold. The cost of the SUV largely depends on configuration:

Authorized dealers can charge to order and install additional equipment on any of the versions.

Jeep grand Cherokee SRT8 2014 without any doubt a luxury car, designed for people leading an active lifestyle and are willing to pay for this pleasure. As the specialists, the machine is the Golden middle, when people need a relatively inexpensive, yet powerful and reliable SUV. However, it is recognized that to buy such a crossover can only units Russians.