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This "alien" on the road

Bright appearance and style

If you are looking for car, possessing all the qualities of a sedan and SUV with a good cross, note the nissan juke based on a platform concept Nissan Qazana. The premiere of the model representing the original "a mixture of" compact crossover and a sports coupe, was held at the international motor show in Geneva in 2010, while sales in our country began with the April 2011.

His name, in the Russian version of sounding like "Zhuk", actually has nothing to do with insects, and was probably jukebox Jukebox, popular in America. This marketing move was undertaken to interest young readers, for whom it was intended. As for the Russian motorists, for them Juke remained the  by that only raise interest and sympathy to the model in our country.

 Nissan Juke front view

The main distinguishing feature, which has the Nissan Juke are its relatively small size: at length mm and width 1765mm, its height is mm. Despite the compact size, the length of the wheelbase car quite decent:2530 mm, due to what he has quite roomy interior.

In General appearance of  the Juke" is not very different from his «older brother», «Qazana». Here we can see the wheel arches bloated form, the original front lighting in the form of three buds, a special design of the narrow Windows, pripodnimayut up and unusual tail lights, as if "vomiting" on the rear racks auto. So it looks a bit strange and unusual, but will never get lost in the traffic thanks to its bright and expressive appearance.

The only designer "playing" is not very convenient design of its front bumper, namely: small openings available on it. Due to the cooler becomes vulnerable point of the vehicle: the unsuccessful hit otskochila stone or a branch, caught under the wheels can cause it to break.

 Nissan Juke rear view

Interior decoration and “filling" auto

Claiming that beauty Juka designed for five adult passengers, developers, to put it mildly, a bit exaggerated. In practice, in the back seat can freely accommodate no more than two people. Of course, you "hindering» third horseman, but then for the rear passengers trip turn into a test.

However, this small disadvantage does not detract from the other advantages auto salon, furnished in a dynamic and modern sports style. Here we see a very soft, smooth lines, as well as many small but intensive parts, which the developers have paid maximum attention. Example: door handles, shaped rings, as well as a podium for transmission, because of its color red or silver color apparent metal construction, worthy cabins spacecraft.

 Nissan Juke first row seats

Another interesting point: the design of the steering wheel, which has a perfectly precise dimensions and thickness. Separately we also note interior trim. Here, the buyers are offered three choices: fabric, suede or leather. Naturally, that are intended for the basic configuration of the first two options, and the latter can be found on the most expensive and “packaged» modifications.

However, despite all the advantages and obvious advantages of interior design, the most interesting in the cabin Juke – are technical «filling», in particular, Nissan's Dinamic Control, which is a Central module, managing all systems of the car and displays all relevant information. Thanks to this "cleverly" device, you can choose the optimal mode of operation: “Normal”, “Sports" or "Economical». In addition, with the help of this system it has a possibility to perform automatic adjustment mode headlights and wipers, and also provides detailed information about the speed auto, average fuel consumption, the duration of trip, etc.

 Nissan Juke rear row of seats

And, adding to the above mentioned yet:

It becomes immediately clear that this "done" perfect for trips on any distances, if you will, of course, do not intend to transport the cargoes It will not be easy due to the small size of the trunk of a car, has a capacity of 281 liter.

 Trunk Nissan Juke

Technical parameters

After a detailed discussion of the external and internal appearance of the car, the time has come to talk about the most important: its technical characteristics.

Equipment Nissan Juke includes three options for the 1.6-liter power units:

Fuel consumption in the last two cases is of the order of 6.9 liters of gasoline consumption.

Equipped with Nissan beetle in the basic version of the system front drive, which, in the more expensive models, can be replaced by intelligent four-wheel drive system ALL MODE 4x4-i. Its distinguishing feature is the possibility of address torque distribution between the axles auto, depending on loads on its axis.

 Instrument panel Nissan Juke

What is the price?

Thus, currently the company Nissan has released the following modifications in the model, including available for purchase in our country:

1.Nissan Juke Base – basic version of the hatchback body, carrying capacity of 443 tons, equipped with petrol engine of 1.6/5MT (PS 94) with front-wheel drive, and 5-speed manual transmission equipment which includes:

The cost of this option is currently about 600 thousand roubles.

2.Nissan Juke HEH (L) – with petrol variant 1.6 l engine, 5-speed mechanic, in addition to the basic package with:

The price of this modification on the market of our country is about 670 thousand rubles.

3.Nissan Juke HEH engine with a capacity of 117 PS and CVT gearbox., price 730 thousand rubles

4.Nissan Juke SPORT (FG-AB) with 117-strong petrol engine, and with which included:

For such a "luxury" will have to pay from 704 thousand.

5.Nissan Juke SE (FG-AB), equipped with:

climate control; cruise control with stop value and steering wheel controls; system Nissan Dynamic Control.

The  nissan juke in this set is 764 thousand.

6.Nissan Juke SE (FA-8B), complete with a 5-speed manual transmission, or CVT CVT, including additional options which should be noted:

The cost of these modifications is: 706 thousand and 766 thousand, respectively.

7.Nissan Juke SE SV2 (F-G-B)/(F-GGB) 117 horsepower gasoline engine, complete with a five-speed "mechanics” and CVT on price 728 thousand and 788 thousand, respectively.

8.Nissan Juke SE SV2 (F-G-B)/(F-GGB), with the power unit with the capacity of 190 horsepower and manual six-speed gearbox, cost 822 thousand rubles

9.Nissan Juke SE SV2 (F-G-B)/(F-GGB), in addition to 190 – strong engine received a system full of drive and infinitely "variable", for which you will pay about 941 thousand rubles

10.Nissan Juke SE+ SPORT (MG-AB) in two versions: with a manual transmission for 730 thousand and stepless "CVT» - 790 thousand rubles.

11.Nissan Juke SE+ (MA-8V) with 117-strong petrol engine, which also has two versions: "mechanics” and CVT at the price 732 thousand and 792 thousand rubles.

12.Nissan Juke SE SPORT (FA-AB) with the engine capacity of 190 PS, which, in the version with a 6-speed will cost $ 798 thousand rubles, and with the CVT, which has all-wheel drive system – 917 thousand rubles.

13.Nissan Juke SE+ SPORT (MA-AB)worth 824 thousand rubles

14.Nissan Juke SE+ SPORT (MA-AB), 4WD, the outfit which includes engine 1.6 l DIG-T with a full drive (190 HP)at a price 943 thousand rubles.

15.Nissan Juke LE (N BB)equipped with an engine having a power of 117 PS, which, complete with stepless "CVT"worth 849 thousand roubles, and in the version with 190 - horsepower engine and a 6-speed "mechanics” - 883 thousand rubles.

16.Nissan Juke LE (N BB) 4WD, wheel-drive version with CVT transmission price 1002 thousand rubles

17.Nissan Juke SHIRO (E-ABB) 2WD and SHIRO (E-ABB) 4WD worth 873 thousand and 1024 thousand, respectively.

18.Nissan Juke NISMO 6MT, equipped with a 6-speed "mechanics” and the engine-200 PS, which will cost 1004 thousand rubles.

19.Nissan Juke NISMO 7-MCVT, the "hot" and “advanced option, with all possible options including leather interior, for the price 1123 thousand rubles.

 Nissan Juke Nismo

Comments, opinions, facts

Quality parameters of this car can talk endlessly, but much better about the pros and cons, which has new nissan juke will say to the opinion of motorists. Here are some of them:

In short, from the above it is clear how many people – so many opinions, so better to try this "simpatjaga" in practice and make their own conclusions.