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Tundra 2014 - updated Superbike from Toyota

The history of the creation model

The first generation Toyota Tundra was introduced in 2000 as a full-fledged replacement for popular at the end of the last century the pickup Toyota T100. During the six following years manufacturers gathered information about the actual operational characteristics of the vehicle, and in 2007, the owners have got the opportunity to sit on the Tundra of the second generation.

In 2013 at the ongoing auto show in Chicago Toyota Motor Corporation introduced the third generation earned the respect of pickup, which is literally filled various auxiliary systems. Unfortunately, so far the Tundra 2014 in Russia you can't buy and sale, is expected to start no earlier than the late third-early fourth quarter of this year.

 Front Toyota Tundra 2014


New Toyota Tundra 2014 is full of heavy SUV, the dimensions of which are striking:

Impressive, and the size of the trunk:

 Profile Toyota Tundra 2014

The color scheme is quite extensive, motorists can choose any one of the favourite options:

With regard to visual perception, the designers have taken care of making your mastodon appropriate forms. Aggressive wide chrome grille, powerful angular edges of the hood, an enlarged opening for air intake and at the same time modern, compact optics give the pickup awesome and even breathtaking view. Completes the picture of a massive composite bumper, which visually makes the car heavier, impressive and thorough.

 Feed Toyota Tundra 2014


If the majority of car manufacturers such class focuses on transportation, that Toyota took care of comforting the driver and passengers. Here we have to mention. Toyota offers three variants of the updated body of a pickup truck is a short base RegularCab, single cab, long base DoubleCab double cab and long base CrewMax with a comfortable double cabin. In Russia, mainly put it CrewMax, so consider this option.

In General, the interior of the new Tundra fully complies with fellow giants LandCruiser in the use of high-quality finishing materials, such as genuine leather noble manufacture, quality chrome and expensive plastic. Stylish control panel and decorated with aluminum and wood center console with large buttons, levers and gauges very well emphasize the massiveness of the pickup, and the solidity of the cabin.

As for the comfort of drivers and passengers, the opinion is ambiguous. The front seats are very large even by the standards of a car of this class is definitely comfortable for large people, but skinny is not very comfortable due to the absence of any lateral support or depressions in the seat. The lack of ergonomics concealed by most thoughtful placement of all necessary instruments in this criticism from users of the car should not be.

 Dashboard Toyota Tundra 2014

The deployment of the rear passengers will be comfortable: the long seat, the backrest is tilted at an optimum angle, and the distance to the front seats will please even very tall people. Additionally, the entire second row seats completely fold, which will increase the already impressive volume of the Luggage compartment.


A choice of motorists there are three powertrains:

Any of these engines equipped with VVT-I is an intelligent dual change the valve timing.

The only drawback is the absence of diesel performance power unit. Unfortunately, Toyota has not found it necessary issue in the mass of the vehicle with that engine.

 Beauty Toyota Tundra 2014

Due to the modernization of the suspension, Toyota Tundra 2014 got the best grip and stability, which is important when travelling at high speeds. Independent front suspension equipped with stabilizer bar double wishbone, rear - dependent - on springs with no split bridge.

In the basic version offers only the rear wheel 4×2 with a limited-slip differential reinforced friction Auto LSD. For a substantial additional charge, the owner may receive a full (4×4) actuator, which in addition to the Auto LSD will be equipped with the transfer case with a convenient electronic control system (A-TRAC (active slip). Of course, all the wheels will be installed disc brakes, and easy control of giant pick-up will be achieved with the help of power steering.

 The rear row of seats Toyta Tundra 2014

With regard to safety car, the manufacturers have equipped their offspring following systems:

All picking Tundra will be equipped inter alia with eight airbags, warning system in the blind zone and rear view camera.

 Engine Toyta Tundra 2014

Picking and rates

It is known that the new pickup will be available in five different trim levels:

What exactly to enter into these packages and how they will differ - Russian motorists do not know can. Also as the price for the upgraded giant from Toyota. Various sources report that the cost of the Tundra will be from 31 to 45 thousand dollars.