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Tuning LUAZ from the Amateur extreme

Do not become a mass, LUAZ yet gained popularity, becoming the only possible mode of transport for an entire cohort of hunters, mushroom pickers, fishermen and other "wrong" people who love more often interfere with the life so that it закисала.

Moreover, the popularity of this mini – the Rover is  that today,  many owners and more thoroughbred рысаковимеют in their "stables» LUAZ and trust in "serious" matters only to him. Yes and that the city work, and this life is in full swing here, where it's hard and you couldn't walk, but it is necessary.  And smile from ear to ear  they had, when they are in a business suit, and when muddy as their reliable horse after overcoming the next trap.

But for the beginning we shall familiarize with the original LUAZ.

Birth certificate

Name – LUAZ. Birth date – 1967. Parents ’ Lutsk automobile and Melitopol motor plant. Birth weight – 1360 kg, length  -3390мм, growth – 1770 mm and chest – 1610 mm, base – 1800 mm Ground clearance 280 мм.Колесная formula -  4х4.Сердце – power  40л.с. Food – A76 gasoline,  appetite –10 liters/100 km at a speed of 60 km/hour. For normal life is urgently needed tuning LUAZ.

Appearance – the ugly duckling. Features exterior – in their absence. Apparently flight designer thought was interrupted or failed, that actually provided some plaque брутальностиродившемуся and the short time pushed many owners on tuning ЛуАЗасвоими hands.

His homely views of and from motor "plows LUAZ at first acquaintance in General there is no trust, unless it has a high ground clearance. But, much of him though and with all-wheel drive off-road, with such –the wheels. But, passability LUAZ even in the factory equipment is simply amazing and puzzling, and the ability of  the air vent» withstand such loads is a genuine respect.

Design LUAZ is simple, but not quite reliable. LuAZ, despite all its advantages, disadvantages, long-armed owner necessarily will turn in dignity, or at least raise reliability weak host. Design a car gives to their owners great scope for tuning.

 External tuning LUAZ from the Amateur extreme

External tuning

The taste and color of my brothers, but the majority still, despite all the advantages of the convertible top LUAZ,prefer to install a metal roof. On many parameters is warmer, a solid and reliable. To see these options LUAZ tuning can be on the photos presented on this website. Running the replacement of roof on the metal, it is important to change the rear suspension regular torsions for tougher from the front end. You should see to it that they  saved the direction of twist beneath the load.  Replaced compensates appeared "fat" the weight of the roof and simultaneously affect the better manageability. The stiffness of suspension at idle the vehicle remains quite acceptable.

Tuning interior

Interior decoration LUAZ can be compared with the monk cells, where only the necessary and no you velvet and precious wood.  and Yes these guys are not very favorable to such sentimentality, which "marsh» boots, often, the usual casual shoes. Although the question –whether to do tuning of the saloon LUAZ , here again the same for everybody. For improved comfort, many set sport seats with a well-pronounced lateral support, stylish instrument panel, perform перетяжку salon, install a high quality sound system with subwoofer and other interior elements.

In the car remains usability, universality and simplicity.


The first thing that immediately celebrate all owners of automobiles LUAZ, it сверхкороткая base and great gear ratio steering. These factors in extreme driving conditions make it too "agile", prone to spin and generally problematic. The presence of a full drive when using it only aggravates the situation and because it is included when it is actually needed. Plus 13” wheels and drum brakes.

For better use of the potential SUV owners perform LUAZ tuning, setting 14-15” wheels, integrate or steering rack, or the power steering in the original scheme.

In terms of tuning the chassis owners of automobiles LUAZ boggle the imagination and fantasy, so diverse in their resolutions.

So, in the equipment chassis may attend the steering gear with Gur Mersedes 124, steering column MitsubishiLancer, pedal and гидровакуумNissanSunny, disc brakes VAZ Mazda (caliper VAZ 2108, brake disc/Mazda 626 –staff rear). Disks from Mazda require some adjustments sockets on the jig расточном machine. This allows you to set 14” wheels and "serious" rubber, more fit under off-road conditions.

Install the disc brake pads have their pros and cons. Raised efficiency of brakes, overshadowed by the fast deterioration of brake discs at constant contact with dirt, present on our roads.

 Tuning chassis LUAZ

Finalization of the engine factory

Capacity of a factory engine explicitly small even for a city car, not to mention four wheel drive, built for off-road conditions.  in Addition the power of the engine is fully manifested before the first overheating,  that in most cases  pulls" have returned the mounting studs heads of the block. This immediately affects the startup crash and the fall of the power of the engine. Along the way, you may notice that this fault with skilled hands can eliminate on-site that is not  repeat in the other cars.

So, experienced drivers who know about this "first" Melitopol "воздушек", they bring with them a long homemade taps (tool for нарезаниярезьбы)and a few spare rods with increased diameter of the bottom of the thread part of. If in case of overheating "shot" hairpin, then it is taken out, tapped right through the head unit and installed repair stud.

Replacement of factory engine with a more powerful everyone decides on   its using domestic samples or organization foreign analogues. So, replacement carburetor prescribed by the equivalent of VAZ 2105 (ДААЗ2105-20), that allows to provide stable starting the motor, and improve driving dynamics. Are silicone high voltage wires for removing the problems with the movement in wet weather. Obsolete contact ignition is replaced with contactless. The staff трамблер installed Hall sensor is placed are Lada ignition coil and switch from 2108.  Replace 40 амперныйзаводской generator similar Vase 85 amps, and native optics is replaced by a halogen with installation of the additional relay.

Also is well-established as a substitute for certified вазовский engine from the classical models and the most appropriate motor – 21011. It is successfully combined with a factory-set ratios transmission LUAZ 14” wheels. Main gear (in the amount of 5,33) gives the chance to  use the power of the engine already from the ground, showing enviable dynamics with the creep torque.

Not bypassed the tuning of the engine and diesel engines, which meet the needs of all-wheel drive vehicle. Organically fit in the engine Bay(the good location allows) atmospheric 1.5-litre diesel Toyota 1N, with a capacity of 54 PS, 2.0л Volkswagen‎2, Дайхатсу Charade 1.0 l, 1.3 l a Fiat UNO (45л.с.)and many other options.

Performing engine tuning, it is necessary to take account of the increased power and torque on the elements of the clutch and transmission, is not designed for more power. Therefore the replacement of the engine is usually accompanied also increased  these nodes. Is more powerful grip and changing attitudes in the main couple and the Foundation of the axes.

 Tuning engine LUAZ

Do not forget that engine still cooled by air, and the task of tuning give it to the motor. So, if in the engine with water cooling coolant force circulates between the cylinders of the engine, in the case of LUAZ clearly lacking in the ability of the oncoming air flow.

An excellent example for trapping air and directions exactly to the cylinders of the engine can serve as a previously released ZAZ 968 And where was used for this purpose huge air intakes (ear) on the rear fenders. According to this principle, many владельцыЛуАЗов, making заборники air on the hood with his inner distribution according to the collapse of the cylinder. Simultaneously set and “Gill" on the wings to expel hot air.

You also need to constantly maintain the air thermostats, opening the cover from the bottom of the cylinder, for the effective resolution of heated air.

Centrifuge and oil cooler are also responsible for the engine temperature mode and they should be given their share of attention when servicing the engine.

Filter forced clearance of the oil is in the cover of the crankshaft pulley and cleaning required after a mileage of 7000-8000 kilometers. Oil cooler is a disorder of the block of cylinders and такжетребует systematic inspection and external cleaning. Many people set up additional oil cooler  and forced cooling fan collapse of the engine.

Put the noise of the engine compartment is useful in any event, whether the engine is not installed. «Шумка» dramatically raises the driving comfort and allows you to more fully enjoy a good sound system.

Using a vehicle in large part on impassability do without protection is impossible, because it is always full of surprises. Owners of automobiles LUAZ invented a lot of options to protect the engine, and one has to describe.

Design protection is as follows:

The frame is brewed with 50 mm galvanized pipe, and as rear supports acts rectangular profile. Bottom (ski) is made of 4 mm steel sidewall of steel 1.5 mm Protection is very powerful and weighs about 35 kg, but justified in any situation. Below is obtained as the nose of the icebreaker.

In General, any convert the car to changes in its design that affect its security, as well as replacement of motor from another brand cars, requires the examination US. The Institute shall issue a positive opinion, otherwise the car may be not admitted to the operation of traffic police on our roads.

The birth of ideas

There is an interesting relationship, which creates a new element tuning at hit in a difficult situation and the  it is steeper, the original technical solution.

So, LUAZ hit the clay captured the "most can not"and exemption was only possible in the form of a tractor or the Rover, which in the taiga wilderness find problematic. Out of the situation helped young aspen, which had to be sacrificed for the sake of their own survival. Dragging her under the threshold LUAZ, and finding a good pile car successful "pull" clay's mouth, but the threshold was totally bent. The idea came instantly - power thresholds. But not like the "real" jeep, on which it is better not to enter, and of good steel and powerful amplifiers fixed on the cross лонжеронах.Продумано and that they were not beyond the dimensions of the wheel without disturbing move in a rut.  Beautiful, functional and reliable.