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What is interesting about the Acura ZDX

History of the origin of brands

The premiere of the car acura zdx photo reports, took place at the motor show in new York in 2009. Designers have conceived this model as one of the most respectable cars of concern, which successfully combines comfort with luxury, thus confirming the representative class car. For interest it is worth noting that the crossover was to become a competitor German "паркетнику» BMW X6, which at that period broke all sales records and had almost the highest rating among the cars of its class.

 Acura ZDX front view

Six months after the presentation of the model began selling cars on the North American continent. However, plans for marketers Honda company did not come true, as the car turned out to be uncompetitive due to low sales on the American market. In 2011, the Japanese managed to sell only 1 564 car, and in 2012 – 854 products.

In the autumn of last year, the administration of the Japanese automaker has made an official statement about the discontinuation of this model in 2015. According to some experts and specialists in the field of sales of cars, Japanese automakers should put a test batch in Russia, where value and respect the reliability of Japanese vehicles. But we should say that, despite the lack of direct official shipments to the European continent, car sufficiently often seen on the roads of the CIS.

We note the most interesting features of the Acura zdx, пережившого restyling in 2012 and Ding out his last years at the automobile:

 Acura ZDX back view


The unusual shape of the crossover is determined primarily by the rapid and original body. Huge bumper, sharp edges lighting, drop down the roof and courageously bloated wheel arches, combined with 19 inch авторезиной Michelin Latitude with low rise.

Externally, the zdx looks like a stocky "хэтчем" with small боковушками glasses. However, a large grille silver color gives the car a necessary expression. Addition is the panoramic roof made of glass, which increases the field of vision up to the window glass.

Vehicle size: 4887 x 1994 x 1595 mm; base wheels – 2751 mm, width - 1720/1720! Linear sizes, along  with service weights from 2010 kg, cast serious treat such a car. And clearance distance of 200 mm gives the opportunity to conquer the relief and barren area.

 Acura ZDX front row seat


Beauty crossover has excellent finishing materials and the availability of all kinds of electronics. The driver provided absolutely all facilities, namely, not counting the possibilities of a driver's seat, of particular interest is the wheel, which now has extensive functionality.

Note especially trunk – about 740 HP able loaded with beauty and until the 1970s, when using HP space rear seats and full load. It should appeal to fans of travel and weekends.

The functional content of the salon are responsible navigation system with voice control RecognitionTM, a powerful sound system Acura/ELS Surround in 435 W with 10 speakers and 15 GB hard disk, VGA display and high-resolution 8-inch and several rear-view cameras, HandsFreeLink.

 Acura ZDX back row of seats

Technical characteristics

Of particular interest in the zdx are all the same specifications.

The car is equipped with сверхпродвинутой the system of full drive All-Wheel Super Handling Drive, which enables you to transfer to the rear axle from 30 to 70% of the torque. It is interesting that on one rear wheel can account for almost 100% of the entire thrust of rear-drive.

Add to that the fact that front suspension crossover system is equipped with McPherson, rear -  performed in the form of two cross levers, the so-called "spatial" scheme. In the composition of the suspensions are springs reinforced type and stabilizers of cross action.

Active absorption ADS are analogues of Magnetic-Ride the Cadillac that easy to fit any unevenness of the road every 0,005 seconds.

 Acura ZDX engine

The newest хондовский motor volume of 3.7 liter V6 rated at 300 HP with a maximum torque of 366 Nm with a change in timing and lift height of the valves on inlet aggregated new шестидиапазонной automatic transmission shift shift petals.

This engine "disperse   2 ’ t crossover to "hundreds of   7.4 seconds and reaches a top speed of 210 km/H. fuel Consumption calmly accept only accustomed to large numbers of Americans. Urban is  about 20-22 liters of gasoline and highway limit – 15 - 17 liters.


For buyers acura zdx price depends on acquisition: ZDX, ZDX Technology Package and ZDX with Advance Package and ranges from 2.9 to 3.3 million rubles

 Acura ZDX steering wheel

It is interesting that even in  the "base" ZDX included such items as the front seats leather blankets and electronic driver's memory, steering wheel type "telescope", the panel covered Alcantara, as well as the CD changer for six CDs and авторадиола. In this configuration presents rearview camera, integrated in the driver side mirror. Arm rear doors are made in the hidden performance.

Very interested motorists equipment Technology Package , which additionally presents "navigation" with the sounded voice systems of on - line control of the movement, online weather and larger display on the center console.

 Acura ZDX options

Equipment Advance Package additionally presents complex cruise control ACC system, control braking CMBS and the steering wheel-sports type.

We also note that the issues of safety in the car engineers Japanese company Honda give quite a lot of attention. Here and the three-point seatbelt system, and 4-channel ABS and control system over the effort when you press the brake pedal EBD. In addition, the machine is equipped with a front active head restraints, 4 аэрбэгами and 2 curtain airbags, rear door locks are made so that the children could not open the door when driving. Also of importance is the presence of a sensor control system of the so-called "blind" sites.

 Acura ZDX transmission


In conclusion, I would like to notice that the acura zdx review showed that the crossover is of great interest for specialists, and for motorists, because in this car are the latest electronic gadgets that simultaneously characterize auto, as a product of class "elite" and as a sports car for its tactical-technical characteristics. In one word, zdx combines sports chips from Honda, the Japanese reliability and originality of the American market.