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What say the owners of Ford Kuqa 2013

Appearance and dimensions Ford kuga 2013

Although the overall silhouette and form crossover remained the same, the car has undergone major changes. Keeping the length of the wheelbase, the platform from the C-MAX and structure suspension, Kuga became higher and longer than 8 cm, now its dimensions are 4524х1838х1745 mm

 Appearance Ford Kuqa 2013

The car was modern lights with fluorescent lights front and rear, as well as new forms of bumpers. As a result of his appearance was more brutal. And in principle it is due to this, about Ford Kuqa 2013 owner reviews  basically, you can hear only positive.

Separately worth noting the trunk in Ford Kuqa, now open the door can be kicked. Close, by the way, too. Useful volume increased by 100 liters and amounts to 456 liters is of course not much, but for daily trips enough from his head. Under the floor and hid spare. If the seats folded down,then get the trunk volume volume 1653 litre, and with a flat floor.

 Trunk Ford Kuqa 2013

Cabin comfort Ford kuga 2013

The most noticeable changes Ford Kuqa road in the cabin. Here has changed very much, from the materials to the design as a whole. It looks all solid. We can say that the interior of the car has become more like a European, as shown by reviews of Kuqa 2013.

Interface with the management of multimedia systems almost exactly like the Ford Focus or Fiesta. The screen is moved away to the windshield. He still monochrome, is highlighted in blue, but it looks quite good. Control unit climate control, this is one of those details, which has not undergone modernization. Changed only its color. Very beautiful door trim, is also reminiscent of the Ford Focus. Armrests covered кожзамом.

Many will appreciate the steering wheel. It braided leather. The buttons are easy to use. On the handlebar unit located cruise control. Looks like it's unusual, but use it very convenient.

 Beauty Ford Kuqa 2013

In the new Куге have yet another window ventilation. They are designed for heating knees passengers. Central armrest, still performs his function as before. He shifted forward and backward. Niche under it became a little deeper. Space in the glove compartment configured not usually. He is tall, but not deep. It has a shelf that is removed if necessary. The form itself and ergonomics front seats hasn't changed that much. Only changed the line and the style of its covering. By the way, heated seats according to the majority owners warms well enough.

According to the same happy owners of this car: a comfortable sit behind the wheel of a Ford now became much easier. This is achieved, in General, due to long travel steering column. And seats, adjustable in 2 planes. Sitting in front, most feel the increase in vehicle height. Above the head with a huge margin. And the feeling of cosiness is not changed.

 Seat Ford Kuqa 2014

The rear seats are more comfortable. Knees now do not rest in the front seat. Most likely due to the increase in base vehicle on 8 see Another advantage of the rear seats became their tilt. Rear passengers eased additional deflectors blowing. They are regulated by the direction and intensity. And just nearby is the socket.

Technical characteristics

Choice offered engines Eco Boost 1,6, petrol, with a capacity of 150 to 180 HP and diesel 2,0 capacity of 140 and 163 PS With engines of Eco Boost are quite economical. The engine power of 180 HP turbo. Still there are 3 gearbox. Mechanics(6 steps)step 6 Power Shift and 6 speed automatic private American design. Sale of 2 model Ford, with front and all-wheel drive. But the important and significant change that in the actuator has been installed electromagnetic clutch, which quickly reacts to the situation on the road and connect a rear-wheel drive.

 Riding on a Ford Kuqa 2013

Impressions of the owners of the Ford kuga 2013

From the questioning of most водилетей Ford Kuqa 2013 can make the following conclusions concerning the  this car:


The car is pretty good. In the city and on the highway Ford feels confidently and dynamically. Very easy to operate. Very satisfactory in the cabin, front and rear. New Kuqa 2013 owner reviews mostly earned positive and very pleasant, that almost all machines impressions motorists not affected.