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What they say to themselves the owners of Kia Sporteydzh 3?


Given that Kia Sporteydzh 3 is the best-selling car company, we have chosen to review it. The exterior of this model was developed by the German designer Peter Shreyerom, who previously worked as designer of the company Audi.

It is necessary to say, that at the expense of the common information about the exterior Kia sporteydzh feedback is very positive, that's what basically say owners:

"the Exterior of the car very much, live even better than the professional photos, presented on the official website. The design is modern and kinda looks like the brutal unit with character. Even the minimal configuration of the car looks awesome: 17-inch alloy wheels, diode DRL, chrome rims Windows etc.»

 Kia Sporteydzh front view


Speaking about the exterior, it is foolish not to mention the interior. Having reviewed many of the reviews on Kia sporteydzh, we have identified the following main characteristics of the salon:

 Kia Sporteydzh dashboard


For the Russian market KIA Sportage 3rd pokleniya equipped with three types of engines 2-liter:

Naturally, the best in our country engrafted gasoline engine and reviews about it more respectively.

The reviews revealed the power unit on 3-4 tons of revolutions. Is very quiet, the cabin is not even the slightest noise, but slightly makes itself felt at medium speed. However discomfort it still is. Consumption of the city without the traffic jams around 9 liters, and in winter progrevami – 10-11 litres, which is quite acceptable. Komlektuetsya unit a six gun, which, by the way, are the most rave reviews, or five-speed mechanics.

 Kia Sporteydzh beauty

Road behavior

Studying reviews about Kia sporteydzh 3 we saw that many owners praise soft and comfortable running. Driving pleasure rolls minimum. To quote one of the reviews on account of the way:

"I Love to ride with the breeze, therefore, outside the city 180-200 for me normal speed. The feeling is that still on the old Toyota car was driving at a speed of 120 km/H. On the pavement is soft and smooth. Thanks to a wide tires and 17-inch wheels on the road felt like a monster on wheels.

A separate commendable and steering part. Earlier elektrousiliteli steering for me were unnecessary gimmick, but with sporteydzhem I changed my opinion. Steering wheel – it is something that should be thanking manufacturers separately! He is very pleasant and convenient, rotates even the little finger without much effort. When typing speed steering wheel is rotated heavier. Here food, and how I feel, this is as it should be! Just great invention!»

But not so good as it seems, again from the reviews of the majority of owners: the machine is not very stable on the snow cover, especially where a lot of ice under the snow, and this despite the fact that the car is new rubber shipovanaya! Sporteydzh can score even at the speed of 50km/h (very scary when you go past the parked cars).

 Kia Sporteydzh rear view

Rates and picking

The cost of KIA Sporteydzh 3 in 2014 begins with 890 000 roubles – this is the most affordable equipment Classic (front-wheel drive, 2.0 petrol, 5MKPP). The highest price of Assembly Premium (four-wheel drive, 2.0 turbo diesel, 6AKPP), it can be purchased for  1 400 000 rubles.

Owners advise beginners to acquire Prestige package, the price difference is in principle not large with the same suites or comfort, but necessary chips incomparably more. Note, however, that complaints of rain sensor, which works not quite adequate.

Having studied the responses of owners about Kia sporteydzh, we can say that the average score varies in the range of 8.4 to 8.6 out of 10, which is very good indicator on the market. So, you can easy buy this car and safely recommend it to their friends. Their money, he will officiate, and very quickly!