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Why the crossover?

You are tired to ride on the sedan? Want to climb curbs and curbs, to Park in the snow, not afraid not to go? Then you just need to buy a crossover! What SUV is different from the crossover? The first is usually large frame cars with permanent all-wheel drive and low gear is what you need if you want to go fishing on any road, even if it's not a road, but just the direction over the mud or sand, or snow.

On our website you will find reviews of the most popular SUVs, reviews recent class 4x4, comparing large frame SUVs and compact urban crossover. The advantages of crossovers in front of the SUV for urban dwellers not keen on hunting and fishing, the obvious: fuel crossover is comparable to the flow rate on the sedan, the dimensions are noticeably smaller than the large "jeep", one can easily get the easy road, to Park in an awkward place to pull the car comrade out of a snowdrift.

How to choose crossover

Since you just decided that you don't need a "pottery" (sedan) means you have started to think about what exactly the machine you need. For the last 4 years the crossover segment, envious people still call them SUVs (supposedly such "off-off" can easily only on parquet ride), greatly extended. Almost every car brand has in his Arsenal is relatively economical car with high ground clearance and (plug-in) all-wheel drive. But how to define such a variety of cars, what to choose? Prices in the segment are about the same, technical characteristics and other indicators are too close to each other. In this you will help our site. Read articles, watch test drives, reviews and feedback from owners, and only after that, go to the dealership.

Reviews and test drives of the

Why you need to watch and read millions of marks, if I may ask a neighbor who recently bought, such as Nissan X Trail, and who himself knows and will tell all? The answer is simple: the neighbor almost never admits that the car that he bought, actually worse than he expected. It will only heap praise on him, saying that the best car in this class just yet. This is the first. Second: car reviews write journalists, professionals in the business, the people who inspect and test, as a rule, is not the first dozen cars that know where to look, what the cons were the previous models from this manufacturer, and in General, which there is nothing to compare. 

Owner reviews

A particularly important point when choosing a car is the forums and sites such as ours, with owners of cars. On the forum people, as a rule, do not boast in front of each other, to neighbors, but rather write about the problems, ask about them, share experiences and even post the photos on how to do anything with the machine, without the assistance of a workshop.