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5 meters business class

According to the beliefs of the manufacturer, Audi q7 – this is the car that combines a luxurious appearance and aggressive sports character on the background of application of the most progressive technologies. Directly after the model was shown at the Frankfurt motor show, almost all avtokritiki and journalists in one voice declared: it is a car instantly win any driver its dynamics, its handling and its reliability. However, in words each machine is good, and reviews of new creations, large car always crowded with exquisite descriptions. Much more important to learn valuable information directly from the words of owners with a certain experience in the use of a particular model, but in our case it will just about q7.

Rapid exterior

As already noted, the Germans sought to embody in his next car quality of luxury and sport at the same time. Certainly, first of all, this trend is manifested in the appearance of the model. Powerful wide bumper, impressive wheel arches, bends overhangs (as the front end and back) and roof – all this reflects the sports part auto. That the car Audi q7 belongs to the Executive class, say laconic lights, strict grille and, of course, dimensions. Length Audi is just over 5 m, which is even greater than the length of Hamer's second generation. For this reason, SUV in size is the leader on the European market.

Russian drivers say that the exterior of the car is fully consistent with its intended use. In addition, in their opinion, the main advantage of that Audi models is that outwardly it is suitable for both men and women. By the way, the beautiful half of humanity fell in love with a car Audi q7 for its elegance and ability to inspire confidence at the wheel.

 Audi Q7 front view

Solid interior

Beauty q7 reflects all the charm of the German automotive industry: the model is a special comfort. The owners speak well of the regulations in the front row of seats able to remember two types of positions. Rear same rows offer passengers more than 28 different ways location. In whole, there is a high quality interior finish, as well as the practicality of the design.

Quite many drivers use periodically q7 for transport large items, and it is important to know their opinion about the trunk. Well, despite far not the best the opening of the trunk, its sizes are really good: 755 l in normal condition, and if to fold the seat, the volume will increase up to 2035 HP

Among the shortcomings, according to the drivers can be noted: insufficient number of compartments for small items, as well as special bewilderment caused a low roof, which  not easily sit in the cabin person even with average growth, and this is considering that the car is crossover.

 Audi Q7 trunk

Powerful and different characteristics

Initially the car was offered only with two engines, which were later elaborated that increases efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Also developed new engines, as of today, the following options are available:

The choice, as you can see great. Most drivers prefer diesel engines. The largest distribution and the number of positive feedback from the Russians received a 4.2-liter diesel, optimally suitable, in the opinion of the owners, under the weight of the vehicle and providing decent traction and power. And that's about the most powerful engine with 6 liters not the most flattering reviews: in principle all the time he shows himself at a high level, but in the winter when the light stops cold start.

Relative to gasoline engines, unfortunately, the owners speak also not very well, for example,  from experience after many years of operation gasoline 3-hlitrovyy suddenly the engine starts pounding. This is determined by a breakdown of the rod with the piston. And what a sad thing, even after repairs a year later the same thing happens.

All models released until 2009, completed a six tiptronikom with the switch gears on the steering wheel. After restyling of a car equipped with the new vos'mistupenchatym machine. In terms of convenience of working qualities no, nor the second box observations drivers are not called.

 Audi Q7 engine

Comfortable manageability

In General, reviews drivers, the car is very good at management, he keeps excellent speed and can easily overcome obstacles on the roads.

Absolutely all q7 equipped with world-known all-wheel drive quattro system. For more than 25 years the vehicles of the Audi this system practically never received a serious negative assessments by motorists.  the Majority of our compatriots, control q7, note the clear work of the actuator that allows them to feel confident in any weather. However, there are some people who are not very happy with the manageability on slippery winter roads. Speak, what exactly on such a surface becomes difficult to keep the car and it is a bit out of control of the driver. Apparently this opinion have owners who really experienced all the conditions of severe winter.

The advantages of a car include a smooth and steady speed. In addition, the drivers positively characterize the new features of the ESP system to assist during the descent in the mountainous region, including the Congress of the mountain, as well as to stabilize the trailer.

Excellent characteristics of clearance Q7 range from 180 to 240 mm As the only mode of  the bend", the clearance is around 205 mm According to the owners of just such a clearance allows without any uneasiness be difficult parts of the road with a lot of uhabin and pits. For quick, and most importantly comfortable and safe movement on the road meets the independent suspension of all wheels with double leverage cross-section.

As for the options, which are designed to help the driver in the road, then we must say that the car they just Packed. The owners are particularly praised system of its kind autopilot, which can and does distracted from: system will provide support to the necessary speed, the transfer switch will control the lighting items. Some of car owners for an additional amount purchased one heaped option which is able to control the location of the dividing line when driving, complaints she also no not cause only positive emotions.

 Audi Q7 rear view

Lovely car and expensive price

It would seem that the car is made out alone merits. And that's inspired buyer stops when studying attached to the ads Audi q7 photo price on this machine. The new model it will range from 2 749 000 rubles up to 5 403 000 roubles depending on the chosen configuration. Secondhand same Audi will cost not less than 900 thousand, and this is for a car 8-year-old.

To the word it should say that in a base complete set of the car include:

As we can see, the cost of the Audi q7 is clearly not an advantage. And this is one of the few, but very serious drawback, as indicated by absolutely all those who have purchased this model. Besides motorists with his hand yet added another drawback of this car: they are confused by the Audi q7 price maintenance, good that need it occurs not so often.

 Audi Q7 equipment


In the final I want to say that the opinions of users about the car apart. Some are happy and price, and all components of a car. Others believe that the price for the model is very high. Many also noting the unsuitability Q7 for operation in areas with severe climate. Anyway, we cannot exclude the positive side of the car, concerning excellent off deep road and reliability on the highway. Perhaps these qualities led to such positive emotions from the majority of owners of this car.