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     Car vehicle, but why this movement is not to make a luxury? This is what the SUVs and crossovers. To start is to determine what are the differences between the first and second. SUVs in the sense we are used to, is all - wheel drive car on wheels with low pressure and high clearance. Now it is very popular  - owned SUVs, because this is the" car, with improved qualities of passableness, but their prices are not bite. by a specific patterns chassis SUV is able to go and rugged landscape with a complicated landscape.

    About the crossover you cannot say that. He is also the all-wheel drive with high clearance, but is suitable for city roads. Maximum can help crossover, is to jump on the curb. But for solidity, if distant cities and uncharted lands is not threatened, it is quite suitable.

    Thinking about buying this car, there are several parameters which are worth a look. First, it is quite possible to give preference to the SUV-owned. These cars, especially with medium and premium price category, have very small rate of deterioration. Many even prefer more the car used, in particular, bought from a friend. It is believed that already know what to expect from the machine, and the new is always unknown. Besides, due to the large volume of the engine mileage 100 thousand km is almost not noticeable. Crossover same, if he is not new, a little than differs from the standard wagon, hatchback or sedan. Wear almost the same.

    New car anyway wins, whether it is a crossover or SUV. By the way, it should be noted that many due to the fact that not see the difference (in particular, they are often the fair sex), believe that the crossover is inexpensive SUV.

    By selecting SUV (crossover components discussed later), we should see:

    Rating SUVs

    By the way, on that note, I want to highlight and small rating SUVs past 2012. After all, buying such a "fresh" cars with mileage is generally pretty good party. Since the car had not had поизноситься already cars., so the "sins" of the plant had to climb out. The cost might be only 75% of the price of a new car from the showroom. In General, many of the parties are a good option for purchase. Now back to the rating.

    10. So, at the last place of the firstborn of SUVs in the family Audi - Q7. This 4-liter engine with fuel consumption of 17.8 l per 100 km Car has a fairly roomy interior, a comfortable fit and smooth riding. When this SUV has a very sleek design that is recognizable even by Amateurs in the automotive industry.

    9. This place is angular, but steady Land Rover Defender. It can rightly be called "SUV on 100%". Very clear ergonomic design eliminates unwanted extras that in rough terrain can interfere. Its consumption rate is about 17 l "hundred". Equipped with Land Rover turbodiesel with a 5-cylinder and a volume of 2.5 HP At such parameters he gets any roads.

    8. Eight gets quite understandable, however, a new Toyota RAV4. This car first saw the light in 94, and since then began to look more universally, tough, even where aggressively. Modern RAV4 is a 2-liter engine with 148-horsepower engine, consuming an average of 10 liters.

    7. Lucky seven went to the Honda CR-V As RAV, not a beginner in the market, but rather loved by, quality and updated model. She has a 2-liter engine with 155 HP, moreover, The advantage is the capacity. For example, trunk Honda CR-V can be increased to 950 l, which is pretty good for family trips.

    6. This place Merdeces-Benz M-Class. Perhaps this auto say much pointless, because the main advantage for over a hundred years, a quality that eventually becomes only better. That before characteristics, this model is equipped with four-wheel drive and power up to 280 horsepower, which is pretty different from the previous positions.

    5. Powerful, strong, active Land Rover Freelander occupies the fifth position. The engine in a 2.2 liter provides the necessary power for a good pass. Its design is more streamlined, ergonomic. And I must say, this brand does not last times in the TOP of the most popular SUVs last year.

    4. The overwhelming Range Rover Sport deservedly become the fourth step of the rating. In all respects - a beautiful model. Clear, simple, very charismatic. Depending on the modification, power can range from 250 up to 510 HP Consumption in the city is 14 litres per 100 km

    3. Bronze, however, like the previous two places, takes a family of a Land Rover, namely - Discovery. The model is very powerful, however, as all of her relatives.

    2. Silver also goes to the British. Namely, the new version of the good old Range Rover. Our compatriots love these cars not less than the British. And, by the way, every year it becomes more and more.

    1. So, drumming, gold! The first place takes the kids ' favourite and native BMW X5 is the dream of almost every motorist. About "Behe" don't dream only those who have it. In General, BMW by law can be given the title of the best SUV 2012!

    Now about the small SUVs. What is the best crossover buy? Perhaps this is a question that arises in everyone who loves scale cars.

    However, before buying crossover, exactly as the SUV, we need to consider the purpose for which it is required and whether you are ready to enter into the family budget new article is pretty good spending. And, of course, evaluate their own capabilities? Do not chase the fact that now not available, because you can be the biggest loser. For example, if you have enough money to buy two, say, Tucson, and hardly enough for Porsche, better to wait and not risk. As the difference in service these machines are significant, and differs in dozens of times in value.

    The benefit of today's car market is full of a variety of declarations about sale of the different models. Choose does have plenty of price and quality.

    Of course, the number of sales win Outlander, Sportage, Tucson, Kuga. In General, all models, which remind SUV, but inwardly are full - fledged citizens. With regard to pricing, all these cars rather middle and upper middle class.

    Outlander, for example, suitable for lovers of more rigid speed, because it has a sport suspension that makes the ride more powerful, but it takes comfort.

    But Kuga, on the contrary, he will start screaming and the smell of burning rubber, but will provide a comfortable moving around the city, or standing in a traffic jam, as lucky.

    Tucson is different from the sedan is that high landing that ensures greater comfort. Many do not like to "fall" into the car. This is a very cheap option that has good options and will be a faithful helper in the bustle of the city.

    What I cannot say about Porsche. Yes, this crossover for all its impressiveness, qualitative, but fragile representative of Porsche. However, it is the comfort worthy to be called a premium. In the cabin all made to be there. This is a complete "stuffing". In addition, the existing image of this car is forcing each representative of the high society if not, then at least much to be desires.

    Inside of the car is located V6 engine, which has a capacity of 300 horsepowers. Great for crossover, isn't it? Consumption in the city - the average 9.9 Cost of this pleasure is from 100 thousand dollars

    But to say that the luxury car only he is the best, is not worth. We'll talk more in the following article.