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Crossovers: comparison of the price categories from 800000 roubles

Crossovers are the cars of type hatchback or wagon. Crossovers are a great solution for lovers of spacious and not very dimensional machines. They are characterized by relatively comfortable high landing, not low ceilings, and it is perfectly combined with the efficiency of the engine and all-wheel drive. Body crossover made the most advanced materials and technologies. However, this type of car is not designed for elevated "off-road" loads, so they are called "parquet". For customers choosing to crossovers - comparison the characteristics and prices on them is often a determining factor for making a purchase.

In the proposed review presents the most popular budget crossovers - rates they are the most popular interval up to 1000000 rubles".

1. Ford Escape

 Crossover Ford Escape

The average mid-size crossover. In the salon — "soft" front panel with a revised center console: tight люфтящие "whirlings" from the system of microclimate, instead of the old arms, бликующий plastic. Seat is adjustable in height and steering wheel is on the flight. A man of medium height sit here comfortably, but large drivers expect problems - even in the top position of the steering wheel is already on his feet, and his knees into the front panel and sticking out the ignition key. A little bit hard suspension: in the cabin felt a shiver from small roughnesses, and on large potholes are quite tangible sharp shocks. "Acoustics" all right tires and wind noise after 100 km/h, that the motor - demure: its neutral, without any emotions rumble penetrates in beauty only at high speeds. Beauty in principle spacious: back to sit down at least three. However, no special facilities: rear sofa flat, and the back is almost vertically.

2. Opel Antara

 Opel Antara Crossover

Interior Opel Antara includes upscale upholstery and trim, redesigned centre console and instrument with extra space for storage and elegant quality leather interior trim Light Titanium. The increased level of safety and comfort are provided by the electric Parking brake, indicator mechanical shift transmission, possibility of decontamination side and frontal airbag for the front passenger seat, преднатяжителям seat belts and limiter their forces in the front and a set of tire repair.

3. VW Tiguan

 VW Tiguan crossover

Appearance фейслифтингового Volkswagen Tiguan looks like his older brother, Touareg. VW Tiguan boasts of the latest led lighting, wide chrome radiator and the wheels of original design. Model began producing since 2007. In a new VW Tiguan perfectly combines energetic crossover and a great family car. In the Russian market a new compact crossover Volkswagen Tiguan is offered in three trim levels: for fans of off-road ("Track & Field"), for the lovers of the sport style ("Sport & Style) and classical (the"Trend &Fun"). VW Tiguan is presented as a very safe car. The security level of the model was tested with the European organization Euro NCAP. As a result of the assessment was 5 stars out of 5. Excellent comfortable cabin has excellent noise insulation and give a pleasant feeling during their stay. The basic configuration of the new VЦ Tiguan includes a wide list of options: 2-zone climate control, electric Windows and mirrors, атермальное glazing, heating of mirrors and seats, radio / cassette, Central locking, immobilizer.

4. Mitsubishi Outlander XL

 Outlander XL New

On the part of the ergonomic cabin, this crossover is one of the leaders in the class. In the chair immediately find a comfortable position. Steering wheel rests in the hands seem forged, and from the driver's seat with a great view and on the right edge of the hood and on the perpendicular to the road at the intersection.

Due to the convenient folding rear seat interior of the vehicle can easily transform that substantially increases the part of the baggage. This leads to the versatility of a crossover. The interior is decorated with soft materials. Front panel and steering wheel trimmed with leather. The model is equipped with a seven-inch screen, which displays information on-Board computer and transmitting with a rear view camera.

5. Hyundai Santa Fe

 Santa Fe new

The third generation of Hyundai Santa Fe was presented in the framework of the new York motor show in 2012. At the end of August model shown at the Moscow motor show. Crossover relatively the previous generation has significantly changed both externally and technically. The car was dramatic changes in the design of the exterior. The overall style of the Hyundai Santa Fe is fully maintained in accordance with the new concept of the Corporation. Swift silhouette, sports accent, elegant lines is a unique style of dynamic crossover. new design refreshed exterior decor through the use of new bumpers, rear and front fog lamps, modernized grille. Has also undergone significant modernization and interior of the car. Completely changed the shape of the dash, and added a lot of useful equipment.

6. SsangYong Kyron

 Crossover Ssang Yong Kyron

Sporty character of the car once again emphasizes the chrome grille. It gives courage and audacity of the car. Beauty is another part of the crossover, which cannot be left without attention. Elegant and sophisticated in detail, it is made in black, which always was a symbol of nobility. Metal inserts only give sophistication salon. You can also make an order on the interior design in beige version. The quality of all materials in the first and in the second case, satisfy the demands of any motorist who has decided this crossover buy to regular trips. After control Kyron is always a comfort and reliability. In the list of options includes everything you need: air conditioning, ABS, Central locking, two airbags, power steering, electric, "электростекла" for the first and second series, heated seats and heated mirrors.

7. Suzuki Grand Vitara

 Crossover Suzuki Grand Vitara New

Positioned by the producer as the safest car of representing the crossovers to 800000 rubles. For any driver one of the most important issues is to ensure safety on the road. The developers did their utmost for his decision: body design combines a rigid frame with crumple zones, shock-absorbing. Reliability body provided installed in the door crossover impact beams.

Not a secret, that driving on steep downhill very hard. But the engine braking in low gear is often not sufficient to reduce the speed. A new system of keeping the car when driving downhill prevent skidding and overturning. It automatically controls the braking force on wheels and keeps a constant speed of 10 km/h or 5 km/h, regardless of the transmission.

Standard equipment includes EBD and 6 airbags: two side and front, ABS and shutters. Besides, all cars are equipped with special attachments for child seats and seat belts.

8. Jeep Compass

 Crossover Jeep Compas new

Silhouettes body Jeep Compass of the second generation and its predecessor similar, but now all the lines and sharp edges become more rounded. The front part of the crossover is sustained in the General style of an older model line of Jeep - luxury Grand Cherokee: the same narrow rhombic headlamps, the same bumper with an unpainted skirt, convex wings and similar grille with family chrome slits. On the back of the body appeared bumper, upgraded lights with LEDs and a spoiler on the branch for Luggage.

The interior of the Jeep Compass enriched multifunctional three-spoke steering wheel with control buttons аудиостереосистемой and cruise control, door handles with backlight and built-in drink holders, phone which is connected via Bluetooth adapter and a higher quality and a soft plastic trim and new upholstered seat.

9. Kia Sportage

 Crossover KIA Sportage new photo

Among car owners prefer to inexpensive crossovers this Korean has long earned the respect and has established itself as a cheap and reliable car. Kia Sportage third generation changed completely.

Representatives of the previous generations Kia Sportage differed modest appearance. And a hint to "sports" if I felt, was manifested not too obviously. But the third generation of crossover revealed in all its glory.

Fresh and bold appearance of the car is made in a new style. Crossover is now fully justifies its name and looks very elegant and rapidly. A special flavor makes front with large slanting headlights and radiator grille characteristic shape

10. Nissan Qashqai

 Crossover Nissan Qashqai new

Perhaps the best relation price/quality among the models, or Apothecary crossovers to 800000 rubles. The Nissan Qashqai high comfort level of the cabin. The interior of the vehicle penetrates less noise and vibration, which is achieved using the new multilayer insulating material, which closes the bulkhead of the engine compartment, and change the shape of the windshield and its seal.

Nissan Qashqai – this is the car that combines the advantages of a city car and SUV. As if specially created for the urban environment, Qashqai differs unrivalled maneuverability and dynamics.