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A new class Mercedes Benz GLA impresses with its comfort

For the first time a new concept GLA Mercedes was demonstrated at Los Angelesca motor show in late fall 2013. Without the attention of fans of the German brand, this model does not remain. In the car everything is permeated by the idea of high-tech sophistication. The grace and harmony provide a clear contours, and the specific character must make an emotional appeal.

Overview of external design

When entering the market, buy the Mercedes GLA will want many motorists, even in the outer decoration is clearly visible revered by many aggressive and incredible road power. The stylized design of the car is made with the extract of all the ultra-modern motifs. The front part of the body smoothed and equipped with a wide radiator grille, a kind of elongated headlights.

 Mercedes GLA

Offroad genetics Mercedes Benz GLA class is clearly defined located on the touchline plastic lining and an increased level of clearance. The air vent on the Central part of the bumper edged chrome metal with a slight hint of sporting character of the car. Notable are the wide doors, high and rounded roof.

The rear part of the car is somewhat drawn. Large roof spoiler divides the structure in the rear finish of the roof and accommodates 3rd brake light. The profile surface is more streamlined. She is not entitled to the relief angularity, which are often characterized by hatchbacks and which is clearly visible from the front. Chrome rails on the roof, as silver bezel elegantly complete the side profile of the upper part.

Generally described, the exterior of the new Mercedes Benz GLA as possible:

 New Mercedes

Overview of innovative interior solutions

All surface finishing of the new GLA give cold elegance, as decorated with silver. Premium design and adds an emphasis on dynamic design and horizontal lines. The dashboard presents the upper and lower part, different personality and unusual appearance. Attractive and light effect created by the matte-glossy 3D geometries.

High quality finish of the machine is achieved by:

Dashboard Mercedes GLA has a five round air vents, around which is exquisitely shiny galvanized frame, repeating the appearance of the base plate, sideskirts. Insert in the form of butterflies is provided for placing the direction of air flow. Also on the panel has a large display surrounded by silver accents.

Glossy canvas display looks very noble on the dashboard, especially in tandem with three speciem the wheel and the rest of the segments. The wheel is equipped with 12 function keys and the original galvanized chrome buckle, which is standard equipment for the popular German brand.

 Mercedes Benz Gla Class

Part of the optional package interior are the seats with integrated head restraints. Quality premium seats, a sports theme, emphasizes the characteristic hole in the bottom area of the headrest. On the back side chairs, this space edged silver shadow finish, equipped with external lighting.

Typical Mercedes style is the availability of controls to adjust the car seats with memory, located on the inner door panels. Surfaces of the door panels are also very high quality. Matte, soft surface diverging from the beginning door-to-pocket. The armrests are equipped with equipment packages and have high quality chrome bar.

Main technical guarantors comfort of movement

It is clear that the price of the Mercedes GLA is due not only to its trendy design and high-quality interior, but also inimitable characteristics. Set in a modern auto engine with 4 cylinders with turbo. Is the motor the availability of direct fuel injection and ecological function start/stop.

 Mercedes Gla

Model GLA has a fully independent spring suspension technology adaptation to the terrain. Works in tandem with any of the power plants 7-band robotic transmission. Thus, the comfort motion provided obedient and powerful motor, extra wheel drive 4MATIC, specially designed body and flexible framework for internal forms.

It is possible to complete the Mercedes GLA such types of engines:

 Engine Mercedes GLA

To accelerate from zero crossover capable in 7.1 seconds. The maximum speed of 233 km/h Front axle chassis presents technology McPherson. Rear suspension independent and multi-channel. Extremely solid body provides a stable and secure options handling, a high level of protection from noise and vibrations.

Technical and dynamic characteristics of the Mercedes GLA is perfectly suited not only for off-road and urban traffic. Models with 4MATIC equipped DSR (Downhill Speed Regulation) and special off-road mode  the transmission. DSR is activated by buttons on the center console. This system helps on the slopes - keeps slow motion, manually selected.

When the off-road mode is activated by a switch, the switch points and characteristics of the accelerator is changed so that it easily met all of the requirements for driving in complex and loose surfaces. While this technology displays information about the rotation angle of the selected transmission mode and the compass. It also shows the roll angle in degrees, the gradient (%) and the activation of DSR.

 The beauty of the new Mercedes

A new model of the German hatchback fits perfectly into the city everyday movement. The car has a prominent and modern exterior design, functional, comfortable interior and excellent performance aspects. Today in Russia sold three level picking Mercedes GLA – the price model in the range of 1.38-1,54 million rubles.