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All about "monstrous" Ford F-150 Raptor

Fans of American SUVs in Russia can be counted thousands and even tens of thousands. Powerful, huge and tyagovitye jeeps from the States draw on their appearance and are mostly acquired for "beauty». However, there are among the whole set of models imported into our country, and truly workhorses. One of them is an enhanced and a modified version of the legendary Ford f 150 – Ford Raptor.

 Ford Raptor 2013 front view

Large and fancy

Impressive in Ford Raptor size of many of its elements, as well as separate indicators. The car itself has 5,6-metre body (the wheelbase has to 3,4 m, a width of just over 2 m and approximately the same height. Cargo platform deserves praise: its dimensions are 1.98 m in length, and in the version with extended cab is available platform length is 1.7 M. Thanks to the platform, the vehicle can carry up to 422 kg of cargo.

Standard Raptor comes with a sport-R17 tires, which, in spite of its nature, brilliantly manifest themselves outside the asphalt. But it is better to install a version of the terrain to be, as they say, in full possession.

Colorful appearance

Exterior Raptor embodied the features of the f 150, some innovations concept 350 f and, of course, their own ideas of developers of a special Department of Ford, which is engaged in the Assembly of  the charged" versions of SUVs. The color scheme is provided in two versions: black or red metallic. When ordering a special version of the winner will get a model with original aerograficheskimi pictures on the sides of the load compartment and the hood.

Their direct ancestor – Ford f 150 – Raptor was the side window of special design, which provide an excellent overview of the huge mirrors. The grille has a rectangular shape, tightly painted black and divided into two parts impressive letters – the brand name cars.

Finally, Assembly assumes a raptore "kenguryatnika», which immediately notifies the buyer about vnegorodskoy orientation of the vehicle. In the rest the model appears to be a somewhat increased and perekrashennuyu version of the conventional f 150.

 Ford Raptor 2013 side view

Open the door

Compared with a car Ford f-150 Raptor has more saturated and bright interior, though, and made the last of quite hard plastic. The reason for that ’ bright red inserts on the Central console, an upholstery of doors, chairs and white color of the instrument scale. By the way, all the appliances are readable, but there is one disadvantage – it is impossible to understand whether the lights, because the information icon is missing.

In the salon are quite small glove box, but this is not a disadvantage, because between the seats is simply gigantic box for all sorts of things. On the roof near the edge of the hatch there is a button control electric drive of rear window, which extends into the body.

In the Central niche of the lever of the machine there are 4 AUX toggle switch, which is usually attached spotlights on the roof, horn or winch. In addition, there is a cherished button on the console, including off-road mode, which enables you to change the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal and longer retention of transmission.

Management of all available functionality is ensured thanks to an onboard computer, 8-inch display which immediately attracts the eyes. Almost all the options are configured via the display, which is manifested by at least one flaw: the separate climate control is also reflected on the display, and change of direction of air flow is possible only through a computer, no manual configuration.

But generally beauty bad: with regard to the purpose of a car are much more important is the presence of the a-pillars pens to have you ever got on the conquest of the terrain. What else should pay attention? Perhaps, only on the door. Will have to get used to the fact that for lack of a Central stand it springs from the passenger, it seems that the door is not closing the first time.

 Ford Raptor 2013 beauty

Serious Raptor

Looking for this car, many will want to find out what kind of Ford Raptor specifications.

Yet unavailable on the market updated version has an impressive stock of power and strength (411 PS) thanks to a new vos'micilindrovomu aggregate volume of 6,2 litres. The first generation Raptor comes with a 5.4-liter of  eight  with a capacity of 310 PS (consumption per hundred totaled 15.7 HP).

Combined engine with six-speed automatic transmission, which raises no objections: all switching smooth and fast, they occur at approximately 6,000 rpm. But still felt that the American, because her reaction slightly inferior to European ways.

Front suspension is equipped with a powerful springs, axis strengthened its, and the lower lever made of aluminium. Back – dependent, spring. Certainly attract the attention of suspension travel: front – 284 mm, rear – 307 mm especially Impressive figures give realize its value fast driving on hilly areas, because the car is virtually no lift from the ground. If this succeeds, it is unlikely that the driver feels the time of the flight.

Even Ford f 150 Raptor equipped with special sports dampers that are made with three 22-mm bypass valves. Special attention should be paid to the operating temperature of the oil in them: extension -51°C to 204°C.

 Ford Raptor 2013 dashboard

As we can see, the American pickup has a serious potential of off-road. Here we will have the whole kit, which includes, in addition to all the above also:

And what is management?

On city roads Ford behaves as the most ordinary car, which has a large weight, medium-size banks in the turns and the standard reactions. Impressions no special, besides when it moves slightly shaking. For the sake of fairness, it is worth noting that dispersal dynamics of the vehicle outside of any comments: even on the icy surface of the machine to the roar of the tyagovitogo engine starts equally, without jerks and podhvatov. However, upon reaching the 100-mile mark at the speedometer automatics limits acceleration.

But on the off-Raptor and completely transformed: the slight shaking persist even at a speed of 80 miles per hour, i.e. 129 km/h! And this is when driving on uneven, covered by the special cobbled ground. Hardly any pickup can boast such. Besides Raptor somehow passes the behavior of a car: a smooth set of engine speed, ease the accelerator pedal, competent and empathetic ABS.

Very effective stabilization system that activates automatically when you slide at speeds over 40 mph (65 km/h) and provides a smooth arc cornering forces.

With regard to the drive, then when the power of the full drive a Raptor very simply to pay in dances on ice surface that will delight those who love to indulge. But again: when typing speed electronics will return the vehicle stability. Connection same all-wheel drive (and it, by the way, rigid) always changes the behavior of the f 150, making the wheel of more than "caught", as the machine itself – docile.

 Ford Raptor 2013 transmission

That you can buy and how much it costs?

Unpack the new Ford Raptor 2013 is still unknown, and therefore we offer to consider the options available when you purchase the first generation.

The standard package includes:

In the complete set "Lux" additionally included:

If you decide industrious Ford Raptor buy, you should be prepared for its price. Even given the opportunity to order a car directly from America, the estimated cost of the new model will be about 107 000 USD. Cost of the initial version of a Raptor is 75,000, and "luxury" option would cost the owner of 84 000 dollars. However, according to the owners of a Raptor, this figure is comparable with the contents of the good SUV, but Ford documentation is a truck. Therefore, their money it costs. Although for comparison, you need to examine a figure that reflects what Ford Raptor price set by American dealers. This sum is much less – 38 000 dollars. But the official sales of a Raptor in Russia.

 Ford Raptor 2013 technical specifications

Tremendous character, the incredible power, just mostly indestructible suspension – all it offers the consumer an American manufacturer of. Well, the Raptor – this is quite a decent choice for the flights on the road. Dare!