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All about the technical characteristics of Dayhatsu Terios

Brand Dayhatsu emerged more than 100 years ago in Japan, but the Russian market is not officially represented. In the middle of last century Dayhatsu entered into an agreement to merge with Toyota in 2000 is fully transferred under its control. But even getting access to a wide dealer and distribution network of the Toyota model Dayhatsu, unfortunately, do not get on the car market in Russia.

Dayhatsu produces cars youngest classes – micro and small by European standards machine can hold out up to a maximum of B-class. However, the models are very specific, getting under the preferential taxation in most countries, they can show good opportunities on the roads. One of these machines is Dayhatsu Terios.

 Dayhatsu Terios the first generation

The first generation of the car from 1997 to 2006

According to generally accepted at the moment standards Terios refers to micro-crossovers. DayhatsuTerios specifications model 1997:

Overall value so compact that Terios not even reach the sizes of the Audi A1. But differs clearance, which no'll brag most crossovers.

Engine Teriosa was only one:

 Dayhatsu Terios Kid

In 1998 she released a special version Teriosa – Kid. This modification had an even more modest data DayhatsuTerios kid specifications were as follows:

The engine in this model one:

Feature of the kid was that he did not officially supplied to other countries, and it is created for the domestic market of Japan.

In 2000 Terios has undergone a facelift, in result of which has changed only the appearance of car, as well as its beauty. An updated version would be not only to drive on all four wheels, but rear-wheel drive (monoprivodnoy). This restyling has not affected version of the CRA, which continued to be produced in its original form.

 Dayhatsu Terios the first generation of restyling

The second generation of the car since 2006

After 6 years of life conveyor after the update was released a new model Teriosa. Overall dimensions:

In the second generation Terios significantly increased, he became longer and taller and wider. Almost doubled trunk and got the opportunity of transformation of the add backs).

For increased vehicle was allocated a new engine:

 Dayhatsu Terios second generation

A system of full drive

Despite its small size – the system of a full drive at DayhatsuTerios completely grown up. Full drive is he standing with locked center differential. This small car would have put the belt of the most modern crossovers. Despite the weak engine, stock thrust adequate for most situations. In fact before us is not even a crossover, but a real SUV that has a frame (integrated) and attached to it monoblock body.

Picking and rates

Officially Terios not included on our market, but in the far East machine became popular and are imported through private companies, are a great many. Any of them can  in order to acquire and bring new cars, as a rule, from Japan or the USA.



DayhatsuTerios – as the knife of the surgeon – has a specific purpose and without claiming dinamku sport Kara or business class comfort, can easily leave large and expensive "jeeps" far behind, making his way to where the car did not appear ever.