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All models of Ford pickup

Before we start talking about pick-up, you should specify the main advantages of this class of vehicle. First, it payload: it is often the exponential function of a pickup truck. Secondly, is full drive; finally, pickup contains in itself all the advantages of a good SUV, that is, high maneuverability and powerful frame structure.

Company Ford has long established itself as an excellent producer of auto open body type. It is known that Ford decades specializes in the production of pickups two categories: a lightweight and heavy. We can say with confidence that such experience in this market – a clear indicator of professionalism in their field. The company strives to constantly improve its range. For example, the average engine power pickups for the entire period of production increased from 95 to nearly 300 horsepower. Knowing policies Ford – this is not the limit.

Ford F-150

Now consider if not all models of Ford pickup, the most popular of them. Of course, first of all, should be called a model of the Ford F-150. It is the sales leader for many years already. New Ford is still in demand. As new features and details added to the Ford pickup in 2004, greatly influenced the development of subsequent models in this series. After the upgrade 2012 Ford pickup all models of the F-150 have power steering and system of  the rack-and-pinion», which allowed Ford to soften its control, at the same time, increasing the permeability of challenging runs. With regard to the exterior, he began to look more ambitious and aggressive. Compactness of the previous series now changed solidity and displacement. Thanks to the form of the body, the mirror was much better.

 Ford pickup F-150

Under the hood of a pickup truck 2012 is situated 8-cylinder engine with a volume of 5.4 liters and output of 300 horsepower, allowing to guarantee excellent accessibility in any weight of transported cargo. But despite all the obvious advantages of this model, in the last couple of years in the top behind the new pickup!

Ford F-250/F-350

As you can guess, these models in a series of – Ford F-250/F-350, or Super Duty. The car was first presented at the motor show in Geneva in 2006, and since then, the design of no significant changes were made.

 Ford F-350

The first thought that comes to mind at the sight of this monster – "well, and big it is!". And in fact, the dimensions impressive – pickup of about 6 meters in length and slightly more than 2 meters in width. The interior of the vehicle rather austere, but really spacious. Rear sofa is easily accessible and the distance to the front such that you can comfortably accommodate three passengers.

Pickup is equipped with an engine displacement of 6 liters and capacity of 300 l/s and a box Torqshift automatic with electronic control unit). Despite the high power of the motor, the car is no different прыткостью – all the same, he designed taking into account the environmental standards of the United States, which allows engineers to use all the resources of the power unit. Yes and weighs machine decently – more than 3.5 tons in packaged form. Thus, with a flow rate of about 13 liters of diesel per hundred machine may well be attributed to the category of cost-effective.

Model 2011-2012 differs by a more powerful engine options ’ s 350 l/s when the amount of 6.8 litres.

Among the shortcomings, again, we should note the lack center lock. The big weight of the truck is unevenly distributed-axis (the offset to the front axle is also seriously degrades throughput).

Pickups F550-F750

Pickups F550-F750 – this is, in fact, full-size trucks SUVs. The 2011 model are completed with 10-cylinder V-shaped engine with a displacement of up 7.3 litres. Visually being traditional Ford pickups, these machines are very different in purpose from younger models of bar. On their base are produced cash and armoured cars, mobile homes.

 Ford F-550

Unfortunately, the Russian market is no different of a wide offer of pickups. Therefore, despite the fact that the next model became the most sold and popular in our country, purchase this car, you can order only. It is about Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger

Due to high demand, order a car, expect a long wait. But taking into account market trends, demand increases, and it means that very soon Ford Ranger can be expected in a free market.

Some characteristics of the Ford Ranger stands out particularly:

 Ford Ranger 2012

Outwardly Ford Ranger looks very bright and bold. Some even tend to think that design is too eccentric for the car of such a plan. But Ford looks quite harmoniously due to scaling compliance cab and bodywork. Pickup has a solid, “male” appearance and at the same time not looked ridiculous, but on the contrary, fits within the concept. Because except for the "brutality", this car has its delicate style.

Interior Ranger is reminiscent of the "stuffing" good SUV: the severity and ergonomics of the salon on the first place. Special luxury and cannot observe, however, it is not necessary. In 2012 models facilities поприбавилось both the front and rear areas. Beauty itself is quite spacious, it is undoubtedly a huge advantage of such cars, which can not but rejoice. Some features Ranger still remind everyone loved Ford Focus: for example, lighting and multimedia system (extended configuration). Of the minuses – a finishing plastic is quite hard. Although on the other hand, good soundproofing sure to love the future car owner, and this is another bonus in the Treasury comfort Ford Ranger. Also Ranger happy news: двухзонным climate control, ambient lighting in the cabin and, of course, multimedia system. The rear seats can easily accommodate three people, without prejudice to their convenience, and the front traditions can comfortably accommodate one passenger. From the interior of a conclusion can be made that the creators of this model auto decided to pay great attention to the safe and comfortable ride. The security principle of front "pillows»: they do not work if the passenger seat is unoccupied, thereby creating additional difficulties for the driver.

In addition to the impressive capacity Ford, it is worth noting the considerable size of the trunk. The additional function of contributing to ease of loading heavy Luggage, is another step which is put forward when you open the trunk and helps to get inside.

By the way, pickup Ranger initially positioned as a "farmer" the car. But paying attention to it, it is difficult to correlate Ford Ranger with the requirements of high carrying capacity. Although in reality, to deal with this not so bad: car cope with a trailer weighing 3 and a half tons.

To the negative aspects include the fact that the locking center differential is missing. This is largely a shame because the cars for the Western market, this option is still there. Another disadvantage –factory floor mats/patches. Although not very significant disadvantage, given the many benefits a Ranger's.

The bottom line: Ford Ranger remains a cherished dream of many motorists and this is not surprising mind the number of its merits.

 Ford Atlas

And now a little about the future. Not so long ago took the famous motor show in Detroit. Among the wide variety of models clearly stood out Ford Atlas. According to the manufacturers, this model will serve as a direction in the development of the ruler of all of your favorite Ford F-150. The appearance of this concept car is much more serious than hire previous versions. The car looks very solid and powerful. However, not only affects the appearance of the Atlas. The manufacturer claims that the model weigh less, respectively, aerodynamics became better. This allows Atlas gently pass through the most difficult roads with a maximum loading. It should be noted that this Ford caused the greatest interest at the motor show.