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All specifications Chevrolet Trailblazer: the old and the new SUV

In his Chevrolet noticed that in the logical chain of the models between the Blazer and Tahoe not enough machines. And on a boundary of centuries, in 2001 model was released, which had derived the name from the Blazer, but the appearance resembled Tahoe – it was called the TrailBlazer. Contrary to the opinion of buyers – beginner but names have had nothing to do with the Blazer, platform models are completely different.

TrailBlazer – a real SUV with a powerful atmospheric engine and frame construction. It is not as huge as the Tahoe, but it planned it in the Chevrolet. A car immediately attracted buyers in the homeland – in the USA, for brutal appearance and overall style of his love strong half of U.S. residents. But Траилблейзер was adapted for residents of Europe, the selector checkpoint moved from the steering column to its usual place between the front seats. Driver's workplace – clearly defined and has easy rotation angle to him that sat behind the wheel, and the number of mailboxes and niches for trifles not be recalculated on the joy of a large family.

 Chevrolet TrailBlazer the first generation of the EXT version

The first generation of the car from 2001 to 2006

It was created as a conqueror of the terrain and had a very impressive dimensions, chevrolet trailblazer specifications:

Before us is big and heavy car that was set in motion by the same big and powerful engine:

With security as Траилблейзера also all right, side and front airbags, powerful frame body and steel bars in the doors. The Luggage compartment is huge – a minimum 1577 l, maximum 2268 l, this volume could not boast of not one competitor.

 Chevrolet TrailBlazer the first generation of the EXT beauty

A year later life conveyor Траилблейзер got longer version and a new engine. The new model was called TrailBlazer ETX:

ETX was significantly bigger wheelbase and as a consequence the third row seats. Motor for him was allocated a more powerful:

But with increased versions траилблайзер in Chevrolet miscalculated. Buyers were inclined in favor of the Tahoe, considering it more solid. Version ETX held out on the conveyor belt to 2006, after which was discontinued.

Update model from 2006 to 2009

The original version has not been subjected to repression and continued to be produced. In 2006 it was updated model. Externally, the model has not received serious changes, as the image of the car was fairly fresh and solid.

 Chevrolet TrailBlazer updated model 2006

Changes in technique had a few more: you can now enjoy Траилблайзер with a drive only on the rear wheels, as part of the engine was updated:

All the second generation model agregatirovatsya no alternative 4-speed automatic transmission. In 2009 Chevrolet decision was made to discontinue ТраилБлейзер in the United States. After this for some time it was manufactured in Asian countries.

 Chevrolet TrailBlazer an updated model of the engine 2006

System of a full drive at Траилблейзера first generation of – advanced. In 2001 it even patented as know-how. It is based on a managed computer, the transfer case. At the discretion of the driver can enable rear-wheel drive, plug-in front-wheel drive or block moment in the ratio 50 on 50-enabled reduced transmission. Thanks to this Arsenal and imposing engine ТраилБлайзер is a serious gambler.

The second generation of the car with 2012

In the Dubai motor show in 2011, was shown a new Траилблейзер, which went on sale in 2012 in the USA, Canada and Australia. To Russia, he got in 2013. Contrary to expectations and fashion trends ТраилБлайзер not turned into a crossover. He still is a SUV with a frame, but the platform uses a completely different – Chevrolet Colorado.

Chevrolet Trailblazer 2013 specifications:

If the numerical values differ from the previous generation is not much outwardly these are two different car. Focused newbie obviously not on the US market, and for Russia, Asia and Africa. Let it out in Thailand, Brazil or South Africa, where the cost of the car is significantly lower. For the domestic market ТраилБлейзер will be collected in Russia.

 Chevrolet TrailBlazer second generation

Beauty easy to take on Board 7 passengers and their belongings, to the word of the trunk, this time, amazes imagination, a total of 235 l to 878 liters. Due to the fact that the machine is not designed for US, in the cabin of an abundance of hard plastic and finishes of high quality.

Volume engines are gone, now all fighting for the economy and the environment, in the end ТрайлБлейзера only two units:

 Chevrolet TrailBlazer the second generation of beauty

A system of full drive – the former is essentially a slightly upgraded technically. By default, auto rear-drive. Selector settings you can connect the front-wheel drive, or a locking torque and “понижайкой». Now ТраилБлайзер placed system  ESP, трекшен control, electronic brake force distribution and other systems that make life easier for the owner.

Picking and rates 2013

Currently ТраилБлайзер presented in two packages in our market.

 Chevrolet TrailBlazer second generation engine


Created for America originally ТрейлБлейзер represented SUV for comfortable access any surface. But with the change of generations fundamental changes had occurred in the result of which the car does not claim comfort, this is just a working machine with good off-road potential for the countries of the third world. Price is very high, and equipping empty. When compared with the same Mitsubishi Pajero, TrailBlazer't stand up to criticism in terms of price / specifications / equipment. Perhaps situation changed with the release of cars on the territory of the Russian Federation.