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American crossovers and SUVs

Some information on the history of American SUVs and pickups

The development of automobile industry in America was "picanal" way. Introduced in 1913, on the platform of Ford T small truck with a wooden cabin and a separate body called Pickup Truck says that the car has ceased to be a gimmick. The car becomes a vehicle of mass American user. Note turning point in the American automobile industry, when you upgrade a fleet of the U.S. army the winner of the competition was the company Willys-Overland. For five years, was released 350 thousand army all-terrain vehicles "Jeep". And in 1945 came the model for farmers and construction workers - Jeep CJ-2A. Since then, the cars from this brand is made in the year more than 600 thousand. Car enthusiasts from all corners of the planet well-known American SUVs: photo of some of them we will demonstrate in this article.

Designed to travel off-road machines endowed with a considerable number of off-road designs, developments and devices. Practice driving on moderate terrain (tundra), crossing water obstacles Wade in these SUVs have demonstrated the priority of the diesel engine. Its ability to produce a cascade of torque in practice with the idle speed is not limited to fuel efficiency. In crisis situations, the vehicle can be fueled with diesel fuel, and a-95 gasoline, for example, in places impassable and wild not to find.

Incredible popularity among Americans is machine multi-purpose pick - up. Passenger vehicle with a separate shower and an open platform carrying cargo, equipment or inventory workers and farmers; by using the pickup move motorcycles, snowmobiles, all kinds of technical equipment for outdoor activities.

 Ford F 150

American manufacturers feel the market demand, therefore, strive, without delay, to compensate for the lack of transport and to meet any need. For example, on the platform of the Dodge D200 Camper Special Pickup was attached a small "motorhome". On the modifications of subsequent generations of this model is provided to remove the houses and put on special supports. Buy American pickup such appointment is very beneficial freed from the house he can travel over rough terrain.

American SUVs from 1 to 2 million rubles

Large American SUVs are powerful skeleton (spar frame), calculated on the solid application of power and weight. How antediluvian is not looked this device, it has a lot of advantages before carrying body. The most important is to put on impressive frame motors with high power and good traction. Another advantage is the high parameter of stiffness in torsion of the body.

 Ford Explorer

Saving lives during accidents assigned to the safety cage, preventing serious deformation of the body-type stiffeners sports car.

Jeep Cherokee 5 grade - full representative of the Cherokee brand built on a new platform and is different from its predecessors, but recognizable by the grille. In the automotive market Jeep Cherokee 5 KL is available with a gasoline engine displacement 2.4-liter Tigershark series and 3.2-litre - series Pentastar.

 Jeep Cherokee

In both cases, a new 9-speed automatic with torque Converter.

The comfort of movement Jeep Cherokee create: air conditioning, multimedia, ABS, ESP, alloy wheels. Jeep Cherokee 5 KL is available in trim levels: Longitude, Limited, Sport, Trailhawk. Part of the series set TrailHawk with the engine of 2.4 liters includes rear view camera, authorization system driver Keyless go, etc.

 The Jeep Cherokee

The price of a new Jeep Cherokee starts with $ 1.5 million rubles.

Jeep Grand Cherokee IV (WK2) is an American SUV fourth generation presents modifications: Overland and Limited, with petrol and diesel engines. The beauty of the model increased by 11%, in the upholstery used soft materials. A new traction control system, applied in the SUV, makes it possible to change the driving modes, respectively, the nature of the road. The model is improved due to the stiffness of the new body, 5-speed automatic transmission added manual switching.

 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Salvage American SUVs after 7-8 years of riding quite suitable for continued service. The secret of their long service lies in the details.

In Russia these cars were brought from Austria and the States. General specifications:

 Chevrolet Suburban 1995 g.v.

Average price for used American SUVs in rubles:

American pickups

Pickup truck Ford F-150 release of 2014 is the first in the global automotive aluminum pickup truck. Steel frame remained the same, but from aluminum sheets made cab, doors, hood, truck platform. According to forecasts, buy pickup from America F-150 in the country of origin can be for an amount not more than $30 thousand. Pickup the latest generation equipped with V6 engines with a volume of 2.7 to 3.5 l V8 engine displacement 5.0 liters. The car was purchased led lights, touch screen to control the touch, camera, circular view.


American pickup trucks F-150 for more than three decades is the leader of sales in the United States (annual Ford sells more than 700 thousand of these pickups).

Fuel consumption, for example, Ford F150 Pickup 2WD (2013) on the highway, around town and in the combined cycle, respectively 10.7, 14.7, 13.1 l/100 km fuel Savings on this machine does not work: off-road transmission and aerodynamics eat extra litres. Higher fuel costs, kills the pickups. To save them from extinction will only fuel-saving technologies that are beginning to implement manufacturers.

 Ford F 150

Turbirovannye "six" EcoBoost with 2.7 liter engine rated at 325 HP is recognized as the most economical engine: fuel consumption is 10.6 l/100 km

 Ford F 150 Raptor

Ford Ranger, issue of 2013 is 1 571 900 rubles. Four-door car with tinted Windows, a five. Equipped with seven airbags, alarm system, ESP, HDC, ABS, EBA, electronic immobilizer, climate control and other options. The power of the engine of 150 HP

 Ford Ranger

Dodge Ram 2012 edition with mileage 85 thousand km will cost more than 1.5 million rubles. Gasoline engine 5. 7 / 396 HP, automatic transmission. In the car, leather interior, memory seats, heated seats, a sunroof. Rear view camera, heated mirrors, Parking sensors and other options.

 Dodge Ram

Especially popular in Russia old American pickup truck with mileage. They bring the southern States of America, in which there is a lot of ranches and agricultural farms. Buy the pickup truck of America through the company ORLOVMOTORS, which for fifteen years has been the sale of these cars, holds their service, supply of spare parts and accessories.

Utilitarian and widely available farm trucks gave rise to a more technically efficient chrome monsters. American large pickups reach impressive sizes. Five Navistar CXT next to a Hummer seems to be a baby, a length of 6.5 meters and a height of 2.7 meters. The engine displacement of 7.6 liters allows you to tow dvadtsatiletnii trailer. It can hardly be attributed to the usual pickups. But he is widely known for the following brands: Ford F650, Chevrolet Kodiak, Freightliner P4XL, Dunkel.

 Chevrolet Kodiak

Large pickups officially in Russia are not supplied. However, the DEALERSHIP RamTruck offers Russian motorists American pickup trucks: for sale Dodge Ram, Ford F150 with rastomojky real today.

 Dunkel Industries Luxury

The acquisition of American SUVs and pickups is advantageous in terms of cost and technical condition: cheaper and better European. On the American car buyer saves up to 25%. Offer these machines in the U.S. market is very large. In Russia, there are companies that professionally fulfilling orders on a particular brand of SUVs and pickups from America. Clients receive transportation and pleasure from its purchase for many years.