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As I was buying a infiniti fx35

I became happy owners of the prestigious and representative of the machine that will not just go and break out on the road, carrying the admiring glances. I purchased a car infiniti fx35. He was exactly what I missed. This is not just a typical machine, which differs little from the respective representatives. This instance of the automotive industry is a masterpiece of art, no matter what, because this model is one of the first, which was released in such an aggressive design and the features.

Of course, I chose a reliable "iron" other very long and carefully. I had to learn a large number of proposals. Cost infiniti fx35 walked as due to a condition and configuration. Still the best model I found, agreeing to meet with the owner, I went on her research.

 Infiniti fx35 front view

Bundling and price

I will say for the beginning of the picking and the price that was proposed by owner.

Just the infiniti fx35 there are 3 set: Premium, Sport, Hi-Tech. I initially chose to use the most stocked version of Hi-Tech, as not only would get to try out all the available options, but to really drive a luxury car.

I note the  some of the important points of sets, which were useful to me in the future:

As for cost, the infiniti fx35 price in total amounted to about 60 thousand dollars, but the money I have no regrets and now you'll understand why.

 Infiniti fx35 rear view

Beauty and appearance of your car

I chose the car not only for regular trips to the city, but also so that you can safely seem at its crossover on any occasion. An unusual and eye-catching design of the machine with short обвесами, strongly tipped nose and narrow side Windows, giving a mean appearance of the car sports car, which is ready at any moment off the place they captured me at first glance.

A worthy continuation of the external ambiguous style was interior finish of the car. High-quality finishing materials together with a clever design reminiscent of that infinity is the premium model concern Nissan.

Note that I spent a lot of time for finding exactly the same finish, which should clearly emphasize the style and look of the machine, but obviously it was observed only in infinity.  the interior has been decorated with natural dark skin, that in my opinion is the best option for this car.

Sitting in the salon immediately feel the warmth and comfort: in addition to comfortable and ergonomic seat, which is perfectly adjusted to all the vagaries, at the salon all is in. The impression that the engineers knew in advance about all the little things. Thick planks does not affect the spacious lounge and sports and ergonomic steering wheel and aluminium inserts and elements are just going to enjoy the high speed of the car. In my opinion, beauty Phoenix carefully designed every detail is adjusted and brought up to the ideal. Whether a standard button control button or switch. The only thing that was in the cabin - it is bright finish the roof and a large number of buttons on the Central panel. Get used will be complicated.

 Infiniti fx35 beauty

Having examined carefully the problem areas: fenders, hood, bumper, because this is where you can often meet the chipped paint and violation of natural coverings I said that I probably got lucky and my path was honest and loving your vehicle owner. On the machine I have not noticed a single chip or scratches, and the salon looked like it was new. With the right care and the application of protective coatings body can remain intact for a long time, despite our "salinity" roads.

The only thing a bit worried, so it lights over new sample installed on a relatively old model. But here the owner assured me that this is normal, since their installation is supported by the manufacturer.

In parallel, please note, I checked the work of street cleaners, and supply system of the wiper. No squeaks and jerks manufacturer has not considered, so everything should be smooth and uniform. In the same vehicle all was also perfect. Lighting devices and consoles in the cabin was average brightness, auxiliary lighting was dim and quiet. Not blinding – it is convenient. And finally, testing the efficiency of the operation, I was satisfied and the salon.

 Infiniti fx35 side view


ФХ35 equipped with one of two petrol engines:

In my case, the engine of the car was a 3.5 liter engine, allowing to squeeze engine 283 horsepower. Exactly that is what I wanted, because consumption has less, and it is much cheaper and easier to maintain. Now is the time to scan it, because serviceable engine – this ensures reliable operation.

 Infiniti fx35 engine

Wound up motor with floor turnover, which has already said that he would straightened out and not worn out. No скрежетов and beating fortunately, I also discovered. A little поднажав the gas pedal, the engine answered smooth sound speed increase. It pleased me, but to complete the total inspection it was necessary for him to ride. Still not want to buy such an expensive car, without testing it.

Behavior and manageability

Powerful engine, good transmission, comfortable steering wheel, as well as harsh suspension gave the feeling of this moment, not a crossover. But all the same it is worth noting that for many it may seem that the brakes and suspension of the car harsh, but for me everything was within the rules and the lack of I didn't take any. 

Car easily passed all kinds of urban road test in the form of pits and bumps, and even more speed bumps.

Since you purchased your machine in the winter, so it was a good time to test it on the slippery road. However, the Infiniti fx35 provided reliable grip and let the drift of it and failed.

It is also worth mentioning the stability of the machine at high speeds, which  is provided in addition to the standard methods, and even the shape of the machine, allowing you like to dissect airspace. With the active and dynamic driving everything looks smoothly, but worth a look on the dashboard is where the fun lights illuminate different auxiliary systems of control, you realize that everything is not so simple.

 Infiniti fx35 dashboard

Cars can have as full drive and the option of 2x4. In my case, was full drive, because  I often have to leave the city. And in winter, on slippery road Quattro always better.


In the end I can say that we Infiniti fx35 price worthy and justified. As the car turned out to be a good investment, which makes me happy every day, bailing out in many situations. The more that I finally became sure to save the complete set is not necessary. It is better to overpay and be sure that Phoenix is equipped with the latest technology.

The infinity I go for about six months. During this time the operation, no problems, except the scheduled replacement of the brake pads. Because the risk is not desirable, especially considering that the brakes are a weak point of almost any machine.

Thus, I believe that Infiniti моедли fx35 is a wonderful choice that I have never regretted. Auto done efficiently and reliably, although there are small little things that can easily be eliminated as in the salons and services manufacturer, and by their own hands.