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Audi ku 7: technical specifications and equipment

Recently, the German car giant Audi has presented the new generation of motorists memorable to fans of the brand crossover Q7. The company representatives told about specifications of the cars for the Russian market, and also announced the prices at which it will be possible to buy the Audi Q7 in the official salons, because the dealers have already started taking pre-orders for this model.

 Audi Q7

Features of the Russian version of the Audi Q7

In our country the new Audi KU 7 will initially be supplied with two different power units with a volume of 3 liters. They both performed on the already familiar to owners of previous generation crossover pattern V-6. The petrol version with a manual turbo power of 333 horsepower accelerates a two-ton car to “hundreds” in just 6.1 seconds, while its diesel counterpart capacity of 249 horsepower — in 6.3 seconds.

One of the advantages of a new crossover model — unique low fuel consumption. Diesel version consumes in mixed mode (city/highway) about six liters of tanning salons per 100 kilometers, and petrol — from seven to eight. All the equipment will get eight-speed robotic transmission, buy Audi KU 7 will be in all-wheel drive Quattro version.

In Europe in the sale will be launched diesel-electric variant Q7. In Russia put it, unfortunately, does not plan to, but in light of increasing fuel prices it was would be very useful. The hybrid model E-Tron Quattro Q7 uses only TWO litres of tanning salons per hundred kilometers, which for a car of such weight and size is unbelievable.

In the European versions of the power unit 3.0 TDI has an output of 272 horsepower, and for our market sale Audi KU 7 will be carried out with a specially deforsirovannym to 249 HP turbodiesel, because in Russia, transport tax on every "horse" for engines from 250 HP is doubled.

 Features of the Russian version of the Audi Q7

Basic Audi Q7

According to the latest data from the manufacturer, basic Russian Audi Q7 will include rear Parking sensors, bi-zonal installation of climate control, heated seats driver and front passenger, the front optics on the LEDs. Also will include a system of recuperation of kinetic energy, allowing to save fuel, cruise control with function of speed limits, 18-inch forged wheels and immobilizer.

The price of the basic version will be 3 million 630 thousand. The manufacturer has taken the interesting step: the cost of petrol and diesel versions are the same.

Our site presents pics and price Audi KU 7 different trim levels, but their basic characteristics are the same:

What accessories will fit for Audi Q7? See here. Interested in the experience of exploitation of the Audi Q5 in Russia? Read this article.

 Basic Audi Q7

Equipment Audi Q7: additional packages

Let sale Audi Q7 in Russia starts with the same basic configuration, but additionally it is possible to book an extra option packages:

The Comfort package, which will cost 380 thousand rubles, adds to the car heated windshield and steering wheel, Parking sensors front and rear, equipped with cameras. Also it includes the suspension, which allow you to vary the ground clearance. When driving under the road clearance can be adjusted to a minimum of 180 mm, and when going off road it can easily be increased to 240 mm Discs in the Comfort version available 19-inch diameter.

 Equipment Audi Q7: additional packages

Crossovers Audi popular among youth for which is usually to think: "Buy the Audi Q7 and will "light" of traffic lights". They will surely enjoy the Sport package, worth 650 thousand rubles. Included in it is made in an aggressively styled bodykit, sport steering wheel, powerful Bose sound system, 20-inch wheels and anatomic seats with leather and suede.

Fans of "luxury" life style will suit the most expensive package Buisiness, the cost of which will amount to 740 thousand. Here is everything for the convenience of both driver and passengers: a heating system located in the back of the sofa, the installation of climate control adjustable four zones, doors with automatic closers and Bose sound systems-level Hi-Fi. This package, like Sport, offers a car equipped with 20-inch wheels.