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Audi Q5 car history

Great fast car, the type of crossover. Has two drives - front (there are only the two front wheels) and full (all four). You just click the button was a smooth transition from one to another, as this function of Audi possess. The engine is of two types - petrol and diesel. The choice between automatic or manual transmissions... Tasty, well, I don't know what to say about the filling of the cabin or engine. In any case, you want to sit down and go right in this car, not feeling the bumps under the gluteus, but feeling the warmth and ease of steering control.

 Audi Q5

We offer you to disassemble the car with German thoroughness and meticulousness.

External and internal views

Outwardly as well as inwardly, the machine is big and roomy. The design and performance of the body is very comfortable, smooth obayemi from all sides. The beauty inside is pleasant, has as well as any and all other representatives of SUVs, many different outlets for the driver's details from the pilot.

 The Audi Q5

Specifications Q5

Good options of engines offers concern. Perhaps, for our conditions the most perfect – petrol. Alas, but at minus forty diesel engines Audi Q5 very quickly freeze. The minimum amount of motor gasoline is 1.8 liters  (TFSI – a hybrid of gasoline and gas, but mostly works on petrol, power 185 HP), maximum 3 (power 272 "horses"). This acceleration in the minimum volume of up to a hundred miles is a little less than eight seconds (7,2 seconds with the six-speed gearbox "mechanics"). On the engine displacement of two liters in addition to classical mechanics is the eight-speed box of the machine. When three litres – there are mechanics, machine and a seven-speed robotized transmission.

 The Engine Of Audi Q5

The diesel engine is a volume two or three liters. When this variation is only installed automated or robotized gearbox.

The average consumption for any type of engine seven liters per hundred kilometers. biggest – eight liters – gasoline engine displacement of three liters.  the Average maximum speed for any engine capacity of two hundred kilometers per hour.

 Q5 Audi

Note also drives! Mention the advantages and disadvantages of all-wheel drive is not necessary, because to him we had devoted a very good series of reviews. You can safely say that with front-wheel drive going down the road, on which the snow or a good layer of ice, there will be several problemnie, as this will be accompanied by slip almost all the way through, if you go with convenient speed. If you keep slipping may also smell burnt oil, which prevents the car pros.

 Audi Q5 specifications

Like any machine not of Russian origin, Audi does not quite likes the cold conditions of our state.

 Crossover Audi Q5

At temperatures below minus fifteen (even below ten degrees of frost) - must be done warming up. If you start immediately after the engine warms up the climate control cabin, the coolant temperature drops sharply and have to start all over again - depending on what the temperature outside the car door, you will spend from five to thirty minutes.

 Audi Q5 - side view

Similarly, it is possible to speak about the transmission, because the oil in the engine is still cold for the first ten miles, and because a few "slow" gear and the running of the machine. After the oil of the kind of resin is oil, it is possible to go more calmly.

Disadvantages car brand Audi Q5

In cold weather all the cars getting out of this crap, as the loss of the bump stops in the rear shock absorbers. That it was not after the next repair, you have to plant them on the screws, or sparkley.

With a sharp, gotowanie can also begin falling out of the bearing of the propeller shaft, not that funny, especially if you get stuck in the snow and trying to leave him. Characterized this "howling" transmission on revs and speeds.

 Audi Q5 - the shortcomings of the car

The worst problem machines company Audi is just eating up a huge amount of oil. The problem only complete replacement oil separator, oil seal knee shaft and replace piston installation. And disease all new German machines - permanent replacement after every fifty thousand kilometers of transmission, as it very quickly wear out. Alas, German reliability of the most famous corporations in the past.

Another peculiar disadvantage is the cost of the machine, no matter how fitting it with Germany or assembled in Kaluga).

 The German crossover Audi Q5

In conclusion, it should, in theory, to sing and to sing praises odes German car, but will be disappointed - they are not already. Unfortunately, for the most part "vaunted German quality", rooted in the past, right now every little failure is the reason for going to the dealer. Very sad, but the German car Audi Q5 gets all the characteristics of 7.5 points out of a possible 10.