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Best body-on-frame SUVs in the world

The specificity of fact can be considered

To answer the question "What do you mean frame SUV?", it should be noted design features such vehicles. Those cars, the design of which is a metal frame. To the frame are attached to the chassis and the body of the SUV. The main advantage of this design is its strength. This principle plays an important role, taking into account the conditions in which these vehicles are used. Also because of the strength, body-on-frame SUVs relatively painless restored after road traffic accidents.

 Specificity frame SUVs

Other advantages are high comfort and relative precision of mounting of all essential components to the frame. The frame can eliminate a significant amount of noise and vibration. Thanks to the high Seating position, frame SUV review gives the driver excellent.

Well, then let's try to be in the category of body-on-frame SUV review, considered the most popular brand frame SUVs that will help you clearly understand what the SUV's frame.

Outstanding instances

In this part we will try at least approximately to collect rating frame SUVs.

The first frame SUV list will be opening Toyota Land Cruiser. Only this model deserves to open our improvised overview frame SUVs.

Japanese body-on-frame SUVs are largely popular due to the efforts of Toyotas. Many domestic and foreign experts in the automotive world, rightly recognizes that Land Cruiser is probably the most reliable frame SUV in the world.

This machine is far ahead marked the vector of development of the entire family. With this model began to be traced to those features for which the owners love the SUV Toyota - traction, the reference level of comfort, and most importantly phenomenal durability and reliability of the machine.

 Toyota Land Cruiser

LC 80 significantly increased the success of previous models, and LC 100, the famous "100", and even became a cult car in Russia and other countries. As mentioned previously, motorists appreciate the reliability of these cars.

 SUV Toyota Land Cruiser

Famous American vehicles was originally used in the military field, where famous for its maneuverability, speed and utility. Needless to say, that such a machine was available civil over time. "Demeroutis", "hammer" is not lost combat skills and remained passable and powerful car.

Over time, GM released a completely "civil" version of H2, which is famous for its huge size and comparable to the size of the price. Despite the fact that H2 was bulky treasure chest, he was able to maintain what has made a name H1 - frame construction, continuous bridges, volumetric powerful motor. Was the younger brother is more compact and reasonable in terms of size frame crossover H3. Connoisseurs of the brand is revered model H1 alpha", which was collected in 2006, the last in the history H1.


Our list of SUVs continues another "Japanese". Respect "Patrol" no less than Toyota "Land Cruiser". Like many "fact can be considered the brainchild of Nissan carries military roots. The first instances of "Patrol" appeared in 1950. And with the first generation of designers remain loyal to two things: easy to service the engine, durable frame and continuous bridges.

Now Nissan Patrol is eight comfortable "ramnek" with a very powerful engine that will not fold and off-road. Company Infinity produces a luxury version "of Patrol" under the index QX.

 Nissan Patrol

The legendary "British", famous for its maneuverability and reliability. The British do "Defender" from 1983. For 30 years, its design and appearance changes almost not seen. It traversed the jeep with the traction motor.

The disadvantages of the "land Rover" attributed to failures in ergonomics, excessive rigidity, poor insulation and poor comfort. However, this Defender has made a name for himself, and the ability to Wade through the incredible maze and to be reliable in harsh operating conditions. This frame SUV which not only conquered the summit.

 Land Rover Defender

He "Gelandewagen", "Galic". According to the degree of desire this device will give odds to the most beautiful woman. The dream of every individual male ages 15 years and above. And began, as everywhere else - military needs. Since then, the "G-Klasse" does not leave the frame, a rigid axles and traction motor. However, "Helico" succeeded beyond measure to realize the status of an expensive, prestigious and sophisticated car.

 Mercedes G-Class

Another SUV on the frame from Japan. Mega popular in our Fatherland for all four generations of production. Especially the Russians were fond of the second incarnation of the "Paganica" coming down from the conveyor to 1999. "Ramnek" from "Mitsubishi" was made under license in many parts of the world and everywhere were valued for maneuverability and simplicity. If you remember robust body-on-frame SUVs, the "Pajero" is one of the first in a series of associations.

 Mitsubishi Pajero

The standard American dimostrare: heavy frame, floating on the road and eating oceans of gasoline. In the Russian part of the planet Earth the glorious second generation. "Tahoe" love for impressive dimensions and impressive 6-liter engine and a manual box, rare for "Americans". Produced and long-wheelbase variant of the Suburban.

 Chevrolet Tahoe

Listed here are not all frame crossovers, but this short list helps to understand what should be the best frame SUV.

If You are thinking about buying

The modern car market in their bins will find for you the most different instances of frame SUVs. Rates on frame SUVs can vary in different ranges depending on the configuration, the availability of additional equipment and manufacturer. New body-on-frame SUVs appear in sales annually.

One of the plausible options purchases are Chinese body-on-frame SUVs. There are two advantages strengthened competitive odds, they are cheap and relatively time-tested. As a rule, Chinese frame SUVs going on license purchased from the Japanese, which ensures a relative quality. As an example of the car Great Wall. In their model range is a family of Deer and Hover - licensed copy Toyota 4Runner and Isuzu Axiom, respectively.

 Great Wall Hover

Studying new body-on-frame SUVs rates, you need to be prepared to put a substantial amount of money. Generally, a new frame SUV is expensive, well-equipped machine.

Table SUVs listed in the bulleted list below will help you navigate through the prices for popular models frame SUVs:

 SsangYong Rexton

If you want to buy multi-purpose vehicle, suitable for the whole family and adaptable to many conditions, look at this segment of the frame cars SUVs. Body-on-frame SUVs  in truth give the driver plenty of opportunities. We hope that our review will help You choose the best frame SUV.