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BMW X6M price and operating experience crossover

A little about BMW X6M

Despite the fact that the BMW X6M  the price is quite high, the car is genuine interest motorists. But  before moving on to the practical experience of operation  this car different drivers, some of its characteristic features and important parameters.

BMW X6 M is the sports version of the favorite mid-size crossover BMW X6. Distinctive features of the BMW X6 M  were some improvements in the suspension, steering, and also the availability of four-wheel drive system and small changes in exterior and interior.

BMW X6 M  has a dynamic,  powerful contours of the body and distinctive design, in which the roof blends in with the rear part of the body. It has classic elements from sports cars. On the front spoiler installed streamlined air intakes and wheel arches built ventilation system and this further emphasizes the nature and power of the model. Sportiness and versatility, it would seem, is not matched very well connected here.

 BMW X6M front view

Technical characteristics of the car has the following:

 BMW X6M rear view

What they say about BMW X6M

Consider that from the very beginning is evident, and that can be found only after long-term operation on the real experience of driving this car model. For reviews of car owners and those who have been driving BMW X6M, the machine gets 5 of 5 points on such important parameters as:

The appearance and the quality are probably the most important options for this car, as BMW X6M price which should be fully confirm their status.

Sitting in the salon can be immediately noted design features – characteristic style, elegance and ergonomics are very pleasing to the eye. Those who have been driving such decent cars like Lexus, Mondeo, Passat and others note that the sixth BMW M-series is much higher. He better not only in design and interior, but for manageability.

 BMW X6M beauty

Only up before the vehicles starts from the place, the driver will immediately feel the power and audacity, which in itself embodies this miracle of modern car production. The car takes off as soon as included turbines, making aggressive exhaust sound. To manage X6 M – it is a real pleasure. Many owners say that supporting the elevated position of the seats and sports steering wheel immediately set up an appropriate way. Despite the huge potential – 555 HP, turns the machine keeps excellent, there are also auxiliary systems that make driving even safer.

 BMW X6M turbine

The joystick gearshift is very easy to manage, so many petals do not even use.

Brake work very efficiently and reliably. And sport suspension helps to keep the balance even on the most difficult roads.

Fuel consumption is not the most economical, but the pleasure of driving this incredible car, according to the drivers, justifies such victims.

About maintainability and life while the experience of motorists hard to judge, since most cars are relatively new – two or three years ago released.

 BMW X6M engine

A big plus for fans listen to music while driving – it is the presence of 10 speakers +2 powerful subwoofer, the sound quality and very powerful. Among electrical equipment should also highlight the presence of CD and DVD players, reading all modern formats, a radio, Board computer, climate control, rain sensor, heated front seats. Additional facilities in the management creates a rearview camera, Parking sensors (Parktronic), electric mirrors.

The only thing that celebrate motorists from my experience – it's low ground clearance, even with small bumps on the roads can make driving too dynamic.

In General, on the practical experience of driving motorists can confidently say that advantage in this car is much higher than disadvantages. However, some disadvantages that mark some drivers, it is items for other motorists and most likely due to personal preferences in terms of some parameters and characteristics.

 BMW X6M side view

To better evaluate all the features of BMW X6M, will certainly review a few test drives, and ray spend your own that can be done in the official salons and offices BMW, where the consultants will provide comprehensive information and answers to all questions.

Whether BMW X6M price?

The price of the car is the most important parameter when buying for the majority and not say it is impossible. What is at the moment, BMW X6M price?

Depending on the year of release rates can vary in the range of 100 – 180 thousand dollars. So BMW X6M 2010, today you can find over 100 thousand dollars, but the new BMW X6 M 2013 edition will cost around 180 thousand American dollars.

Whether such amounts are quality and functionality cars BMW? Fans of this producer, this issue is not in doubt.