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bmw x7 - Executive crossover

Rumors that the Bavarians are preparing something for all fans of a particular brand appeared a long time ago, but the way out of the car to the international market will occur not earlier than in three years. In fact, SUV BMW 7 series is a mystery. Press releases on the new auto company not held, but constantly heated up the interest of its intentions to create SUV brand new type.


Characteristics of a car

Despite the fact that today there is very little information about BMW X7 - characteristics of some data may still give a General idea about what it is. As in previous SUV models from BMW, this model will be a volatile mix SUV BMW X5 and 7 series sedan. Body for X7 be 30 inches longer than its predecessor BMW X5 and will 515,7 see This is logical, because the BMW 7 series, which is used for the new concept, is also one of the largest in its class. The increased length of the body will, presumably, to fit in the vehicle third row of seats, however, designers and engineers can use the increased volume for greater capacity and spacious inside. Trunk volume will be about three thousand liters.

 BMW X7 front view

The new BMW X7 can buy the motor from the sedan 7 series, which will be revised under the SUV. Given that the BMW 7 series is worth a W-shaped engine with 12-cylinder and 6 liters of displacement, one can imagine what will power the new SUV. The car will have both mechanical and automatic transmission. However, this information concerns the U.S. market, which is more exacting than the representatives from Europe and the East.

Modification X7 for the European market provides for the eight-cylinder engine, which will be designed modes of economical use of fuel. Elements for aerodynamics and suspension will be developed for the SUV separately, so about them any information is missing.

Bavarian manufacturers have long wanted to create a car that would have made a worthy competition to the upper class SUVs in the U.S. market, such as Range Rover or Mercedes GL-Classe. About three years ago, designers began to develop the first sketches of the car, which is able to conquer the whole automotive market. Soon, however, had to suspend the project because in America began an economic crisis that followed a downward and fuel crisis. As it is known, for huge SUVs, some weighing up to several tons, required the biggest engines and increased fuel costs. Thus, BMW decided to wait some time and see how the crisis will affect one of the most popular automobile markets in the world. Currently the development car is in full swing.

 BMW X7 rear view

Car design

Develop a brand new and conceptually design X7 happens in the United States because it is the main target audience, requirements and preferences which should take into account. The technical part and the whole work with "iron" takes place in Germany. It is clear that the price of the new car will be more than 100 thousand dollars, because the development is subject to the highest standards on the market of luxury SUV. But, of course, for those who will be happy owner of "seven", hardly the price will be more important than comfort, safety, original design and stunning dynamic characteristics.

BMW X7 photo is not yet available, only rough sketches and pictures of the concept. Judging by their (albeit approximate) mind SUV, will be immediately evident optics, which was designed on the basis of a sedan BMW 7 series 2013 model year. The car will remotely resemble something average between Range Rover Evoque and BMW X6 is the same predatory appearance, mounted in the rear bumper and beveled side lines of the body. However, the size that you specified above can testify about the fact that this will be a great car, not easy SUV.

 BMW X7 side view

Experts of the market assert that a possible serial production of the car will happen if alternative sources of fuel such as hydrogen and electricity, will be developed more rapidly and could take an important place in the future plans of the leading world's manufacturers. Other data confirm that the output of the SUV on the market will be approximately in 2015-2016. Anyway, we can only expect that the same will ultimately be the car.