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Bold and powerful Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 eyes owners

The original model was created in 2005 when the special Department of the concern modified usual engine cherokee 5.7 l to 6.1 l, increasing its power and torque. In 2011, was officially presented a new generation jeep srt8. Now the engine of the apparatus of lies an enormous eight-HEMI-engine with a capacity of 470 HP and volume of 6.4 HP To the word, it is not possible indicators. The Russian fans tuning manage to force this engine even up to 900 PS, not to mention the fact that a number of owners simply changes the motor on a large-sized (for example, very often such machines with the unit 7.1 l).

An interesting appearance

Externally, and the first and second generation were based on a basic version of – ordinary grand cherokee. But motorists note that for the new srt is characterized by much more rapid, aggressive and modern appearance. The image, as they say drivers, successfully supplemented unusual color solutions (among Russian fans of this car, the most widely deaf black and attractive blue options), striking radiator grille, the original design of the hood.

 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 second generation front view

But the factory disks 20 inches, according to the owners, are insufficient for such a massive sports car, so many will replace drives on larger models with unique designs and colors. Also, keep in mind that the low landing of the vehicle will cause to be excessive caution in the Parking lot, because high risk of damage to the front bumper of the curbs.

What's the bottom line? Our compatriots say that apparently got an interesting jeep, which, however, lose all their off-road performance, instead of purchasing the opportunity to compete with a number of powerful cars. But talk about that a little later.

Assess the interior

Meantime, look at the beauty of the jeep grand cherokee srt 8. Inside, as noted by the owners, is not surprising, because this is a standard beauty of the usual cherokee. Differences were observed only in:

 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 second generation rear view

The biggest advantage of the interior of the car drivers are called his seat. They are very comfortable, soft and have sufficient lateral support. In a word, created under such a car. Also positive feedback has earned the sensitive work of active cruise control: it successfully copes with its task, gently, slowing down the vehicle in case of a too rapid approach to the obstacle in the form of another car, and then just gently gaining speed up to the set.

On the other hand, many believe that the declared value (approximately 3,800,000 thousand) auto has too simple interior design, especially the front panel. However, the taste and color…

Let's talk about the technical characteristics

The first thing that draws attention to domestic motorists – this is the sound of the motor. Immediately after starting the car pleases driver hollow, hollow roar of the most powerful engine. Warms it quickly enough, but they can fully enjoy their "melody".

Drivers say that objectively this car is not for everyone. With appearance may be a claim, and filling seem excessive for a car of this class. But, according to the individual owners, all doubts immediately waving after turning the key. What is meant by these words?

Experience has shown that in all cases the person sitting behind the wheel, sunk into the floor pedal causes almost mad delight. Judge for yourself: the machine weighing 2.3 tons accelerates for a few seconds before the mark of 150 km/hour. Speedometer, of course, indicates the possibility of further acceleration, but the drivers with the experience of handling srt8, warned that after the turn of 150 km/hour is too clearly declares itself the true nature of the car, as he simply loses acceleration in the turbulent flow of air. But all the same feelings dynamics brings unforgettable.

 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 the second generation of beauty

Of course, such a powerful engine and requires solid "feeding» fuel – consumption is 22 to 26 liters in the city and about 14 litres on the track. In General, these figures, according to the owners, they are consistent and engine size, and character drive srt8.

In addition, a positive evaluation from the side of domestic drivers received a braking system. The work of the brakes effective, clear and almost trouble-free.

To realize this, read the numbers: the braking distance at a speed of 120 km/h is only 35 meters. Impressive record.

We leave on road

But the controllability of the car, according to the owners, very disappointed. Unfortunately, from this point of view the car often compare with уазиком, namely they are:

On the other hand, the word "comfort" is not alien to the jeep grand cherokee srt, and this applies not only to seats that we pointed out above, but also to the work of suspension: motorists note unexpectedly soft passage of irregularities on this car, that in the conditions of Russian roads is viewed as a positive quality of the machine.

 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 second generation engine

But really so good?

Of course, srt8 has some drawbacks, it is inevitable. Our drivers are the following disadvantages of the car:

In General, the car is very good. One of the first purchasers of the car in Russia is fairly noted, that all the nuances of the jeep grand Cherokee srt8 emerge from the head immediately after starting the engine.