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Characteristics Ford Maverick

In 1992 in Spain in KB automobile concern Nissan engineers  and designers two giants of the automobile industry - Nissan  and Ford have started joint work in the framework of a project on creation of the then rapidly gaining ratings sales compact SUV class. The fruit of their innovatory work was the release in 1993 with the conveyor line of the plant in Barcelona Ford Maverick. The main challenge facing the designers was to provide the new model, high controllability and excellent dynamic properties, with the command  specialists managed for the time quite well.

The second generation of Maverick debuted in 2000, the car gave a more modern look, besides, compared to the previous modification new Maverick acquired many new: "smart" gears and engines, as well as an improved passive safety. Consider all the performance of a new car next.

 Ford Maverick second generation

The linear dimensions of the car

Dimensions of the machine up 4394 x 1781 x 1722 mm, and at first glance it seems to be quite a large car.

Curb weight of  the SUV» - 1400 kg, and the weight limit. suited to the level of 1940 kg

Clearance of 200 mm, width wheelbase - 2619 mm At such parameters turning circle is 10,8 m, and the fuel tank is ready to take 62 liters of fuel.

Impressive  the size of the boot -  935 l, and in a larger version -1793 HP Great option for lovers of weekends.

 Ford Maverick dashboard

Tactical - technical characteristics Ford Maverick

Characterized by Maverick excellent resistance, ease of handling and excellent maneuverability. All this is achieved by:

If we talk about engines, the new Ford Maverick  specifications for today (after a modernisation in 2006) allow you to install one of two units:

 Ford Maverick engine

Packing list and the price of the car

Depending on engine capacity and basic configuration the car has two modifications: Maverick XLT with the 2.3 l engine and Maverick XLT Premium engine 3.0 V6. Data picking differ in the level of comfort and consequently, price: Maverick XLT with the 2.3 l engine begins with a mark in 29 900 dollars and includes:

Maverick XLT Premium engine 3 l price starts from the  35 $ 900, included:

 Ford Maverick options

It is also worth noting that in both sets special attention is paid to safety. Personal security system "Personal Safety System”, which is equipped with the Maverick, designed to provide the highest degree of protection in the event of a collision. All this combined  an anti-lock braking system (ABS), system of emergency braking EBA and electronic brake-force distribution EBD, are installed as standard equipment, and also 6 airbags and side curtains provide a decent car response to any incidents.