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Chevrolet pickup Silverado 2014


The design of the Chevrolet Silverado somewhat reminiscent of the popular Chevy, who was famous for his aggressive and simultaneously the aesthetic look. Due to the advanced settings, such as functionality and aerodynamics, Chevrolet pickup Chevrolet 2013 looks much courageous than his older brothers. Fully redesigned front part, due to what appeared a sufficiently wide bumper and cowl, slightly raised. Such a scheme excels with a cross-wind, when you want to increase speed and overcome air resistance. The effect of "I am the master on the road" complement spoiler, restyled headlamps, a wide bumper and wheel diameter from 17 to 20 inches (last available optional).

 The Design Of The Chevrolet Silverado


Interior Chevrolet Silverado became noticeably more comfortable, spacious and somehow reminds the cabin crossover. Now the trucks from Chevrolet boast increased doorway, displaced forward side pillars, comfortable front seats, spaciousness of the rear row with a little "похудевшими" seats, vertical torpedo and vertical control panel with a 4.2 - inch multi-information display. All components are logical and very functional, they can be adjusted and set even worn gloves.

For the upholstery of the seats manufacturer used a durable and wear-resistant fabric, which compared with the previous, much more easily cleanable. Designers Chevrolet Silverado kept the gear lever under the steering wheel, thereby freeing up space for spacious armrest and his big pockets. As a competent and reliable truck, pickup truck is equipped with twelve and стадесятивольтовыми outlets, as well as a pair of USB connectors that you can charge your smartphone or PDA in the process.

Metal of which made the cargo cabin, two-thirds consists of high-strength steel, thereby significantly increases the safety of the driver and two passengers, easy to fit a target in a pickup Chevrolet. In addition, all of the most basic elements of the model, too, are made of high strength steel in the alloy with гидроформованными elements that serve to improve the strength and mass reduction. Chevrolet Сильверадо comes with a large number of modifications. The vehicle can transport a cargo whose weight does not exceed 575 kg Pickup its lifting capacity loses a bit of some Japanese counterparts to absorb one ton of cargo on Board. But the manufacturer provides for the possibility of the order of this model with the improved modification of the suspension, which will allow to transport loads weighing up to one ton.

 Салон Chevrolet Silverado

Technical characteristics

Now the engine of the truck can be equipped with one of three new modified motors (one of six (4,3 l) and two eight-cylinder (by 5.3 and 6.2 l) V-shaped fifth generation)belonging to the family of little block engines GM.

To improve the work of engines uses the following technologies:

 Technical drawing Chevrolet Silverado

In all three versions of the engines use aluminium heads and engine blocks, due to what could significantly reduce their weight compared to conventional steel. In addition, all versions of the new pickup truck equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission, which is a significant advantage over many other modern models, equipped четырехступенчатыми machines.

Although GM still not published the information about the values of power and torque of the new engines, but apparently these options are not much different from the characteristics of the models of the previous generation.


Motors Chevrolet Silverado


The front suspension Silverado, which is the subject of pride of engineers Chevrolet, stricter lightweight control levers on the front springs, which have become tougher on 30% in comparison with the previous. Rear suspension was left unchanged. It still uses shock absorbers with double pipes and two-stage multi-springs, providing a perfect balance between capacity and smoothness.

The manufacturer equipped the new Chevrolet сильверадо pickup is fully electronic steering able to reduce the effort of the driver at low speeds. On all four wheels pickup installed efficient brakes and rotors Duralife, corrosion resistant during all term of operation.

To improve the handling characteristics of the new Chevrolet Silverado American manufacturer established a system of Auto Grade which is used in conjunction with the engine and transmission, braking the car while driving down a long slope, freeing the driver from having to control speed.

 Suspension Chevrolet Silverado

Packing list

Standard on the new Chevrolet Silverado pickup include:


Like its predecessor, the new pickup Chevrolet сильверадо features a variety of modern sites security, including:

Developed and approved for demanding customers

Owners of such pickups are some of the most demanding and discerning business. They have deep knowledge of such cars, as used them for several decades. Vehicles are used in extremely harsh conditions that can shock the owners of ordinary cars. Before many of them are hard tasks, and four friends must help them successfully solve them. They must be confident in the reliability of your car, given that currently the average life of a full-sized pickup is more than ten years.

Official prices for all versions of the new Chevrolet Silverado not known yet, but according to some data, they can be in the range of 1100000 - 1700000 rubles.