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Chinese jeeps 2013

Some of the "Chinese people"

In a conversation about Chinese jeeps no concept of the best we can conditionally call it the "most Chinese". As is known, the Chinese jeeps today won the hearts of many car owners. The theory that, buying, Chinese jeep, you get yourself a big bunch of problems on wheels, scatters, as more people buy them, a growing number of service centers, machines become modern, find a new braking system and security.

There are two methods of creating a Chinese jeeps. The first is a copy is made of the top model, the original of which is several times the price of his clone. The second way is to simply create a unique Chinese jeep with "his" appearance and its filling.

So, if You are going to buy Chinese jeep note four points, which will Orient You to buy:

Chinese jeeps in Russia settled down fairly quickly and constantly find their customers, that is an evidence of trust of Russians to Chinese brands. So, 2013 brings us a lot of new models of cars of the following brands: GreatWall, BYD, Cherry, Lifan and Geely.

Great Wall Hover H7

 Great Wall Hover H7

Great Wall company famous for its scale exhibitions of cars. On one of them, under its products has been allocated more than 3000 square meters. And among the cars, it was impossible not to notice new Hover H7.

Immediately struck by the fact that the specialists of the company Great Wall are asked a new philosophy for the design of this car. Now this car, which is very pleasant to youth in its brightness, light aggressiveness and modernity. New hybrid platform allows to combine a auto qualities such as compactness and economy, despite the size crossover and the history of model.

The car is supplied with all-wheel drive, a very good automatic transmission with manual mode. In General handling characteristics declared by the manufacturer do not significantly differ from their analogues premium, it makes Hover more profitable purchase. It should also be noted that the fuel consumption is approximately the same quantities as the compact-class cars, which can not be said about the previous models Ховера. The car has an engine:

Thus, the new Houwer - a very good purchase for the motorist, loving comfort in city driving and minimum difficulties in places внедорожья. Estimated price on the Chinese jeep is about 1 000 000 RUB.

Chery Tiggo FL

 Chery Tiggo FL

Chery is also gaining good positions on the market of Chinese jeeps. Model Chery Tiggo in a new guise copy the design of the worldwide known Toyota RAV4. The main advantage of this model is that even in spite of their flaws and shortcomings it is worth your money.

The advantages include good trunk, adequate handling. However, first of all you need to pay attention to the fact that it is primarily a vehicle for the city. Naturally, Тигго survive easy off-road and a country road, but unexplored surface is better not to risk it, can still play their evil role absence of a full drive. Yes and with a manual transmission will work, particularly for women.

For Chery Tiggo FL provided for gasoline engines of four options:

However, if You are not configured to "make fun" of himself and his machine wild potholes and horrible bad roads - this car will serve you faithfully for a long time, and relatively inexpensive parts will help You in this. Besides, inside You should like it, because beauty is made at the appropriate level. On average, the minimum price for a new Тигго is approximately 520 000 RUB.

Lifan X60

 Lifan X60

New Chinese jeeps are also presented firm Lifan. X60 - pretty young model of the firm Lifan, but has already gained popularity motorists. Naturally, the first thing that catches my eye is the design. Here you can see the elements of the RAV-4, and SantaFe and some other modern SUVs. But design it is difficult to say, for women it is created, or for men, but when he got the impression that they must manage the representative of the stronger sex.

Beauty is very ergonomic, which is very nice. The X60 is very spacious trunk. If the capacity of 405 liters, imagine what would happen if you put all the seats! Pleasantly surprised by the suspension, which was done as if specially for the Russian roads. There are some problems with the Assembly, visible problems with the quality of individual parts. The car is sold with one engine:

The main competitors of this model are that won the hearts of car owners Reno Дастер and Chevrolet Niva. The price for a base complete set of the car is about 500 000 rubles.



Just want to say, that this the company announced the emergence of the new S7 crazy, beautiful views and, upon request, powerful on the inside. But let's not get ahead and consider the already established S6 2013.

We will not conceal sin, this company makes similar vehicles, this is the spitting image of the Lexus RX. Just say that S6 entered the top ten of high-quality hire of the Chinese automotive industry, which is a very important argument. Bright design, spacious interior, big trunk, build quality - what else is needed? Correctly, pleasant sensations in the road, the good work of the steering and transmission - and all this was noted by the owners of that jeep.  Shockproof and energy absorbing design of the bodywork of the car makes it even fairly durable and safe. Comes BYD S6 gasoline four-cylinder engines:

Perhaps, this is one of the most faithful acquisitions in 2013. Its price starts from 650 thousand rubles.

Geely MK Cross

 Geely MK Cross

It's time to show and cheap Chinese-made jeeps, one of them - MK Cross. In fact it is a hatchback with increased ground clearance, however, a number of parameters indicates that they belong to the category of crossovers. Inside the cabin - rigid plastic, the entire vehicle is intended primarily for young audience. The vehicle comes with the following types of engines:

As shown, the use of this crossover, he very quickly behaves on the road coping well with the snow. Separately, you can mark it maneuverability. The minimum price for the car starts from 389 thousand rubles.

Thus, we tried to get rid of the stereotype that the jeeps from the Chinese is a fragile low-quality cars that last a long, if not lead to unpleasant consequences. Technology is evolving faster, and specialists of companies producing SUVs try for a lower price to give more quality.