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Chinese SUVs and crossovers

Why the popularity of the Chinese SUV?

The last few years, buyers are willing to choose SUVs in China, preferring their cars in the domestic market. However, thinking about the quality of Chinese SUV, there is doubt. Because Russian consumers are already used to the idea that Chinese goods – it's cheap, but not always accurately.

 Great Wall Hover H6

Initially, with such distrust applied to Chinese cars. However, with the Assembly of these cars on the territory of our country has served as a powerful argument when choosing a car in favor of the Chinese product. Yes and the design of domestic cars is largely inferior to the design of the Chinese automotive industry, which is more modern. However, it should be noted that most of the manufacturers in China when planning the design borrows many elements from well known brands.

If we talk about the quality of Chinese SUVs, and there are a lot of controversial issues. Initially almost all of the safety tests carried out for the Chinese crossovers were failed. However, over time, the Chinese auto manufacturers began to buy licenses for spare parts, or even entire production cycles. It is from year to year helps to improve the quality of Chinese off-road vehicles, consumer confidence in him grows. This means that the Chinese SUVs and crossovers will be more popular among Russian motorists.

 Chery Tiggo

Chinese SUV premium

As a rule, Chinese crossovers are similar among the popular brands of cars of foreign manufacture, and to be more precise, they are a copy of one or another SUV famous brand. So, budget a copy of the Grand American crossover Porsche Cayenne can be called Chinese SUV BYD T6. Outwardly they have great similarities, but the price model in China is much smaller and amounts to 23 thousand dollars.

SUV BYD T is a full-size four-wheel drive crossover. The car became known on the world market in 2010. The model is presented in several versions, depending on engine size and options of the transmission. For example, the power unit is available with a volume of 2.0 or 2.4 liter, transmission automatic 4-speed or 5-speed, but mechanical.

Following the model of the Chinese BYD S6 SUV compared to the no less famous Lexus RX. However, this model has the characteristic features and seems to be on the market as a reliable and quality car. In the segment of Chinese crossovers and SUVs, this car is very popular due to the fact that in the basic configuration has excellent facilities and has a good engine.

The price of BYD S6 in the basic version will be about 21 thousand dollars, making it one of the most accessible versions of the SUVs in this price segment. For this amount you will be the owner of a full size SUV, equipped with a 4 cylinder engine with a volume of 1.9 or 2.3 liters, with a maximum output of 167 HP



Budget Chinese crossovers and SUVs

The following crossover Chinese production from already popular company Chery Automobile, which has more than hundreds of dealers on the territory of Russia in 76 cities, provides a guarantee for the products for a period of 5 years, and recently equipped and Central parts warehouse with extensive service range.

This company is an example of what the Chinese car manufacturers can produce not only illegal and semi-legal copies of European and Japanese models, but also quite capable of developing their own quite not bad cars.

 Chery Tiggo 5

The new SUV Chery Tiggo 5 a good example, with modern design both outside and inside. Hood crossover retained gas stops, all the buttons of beauty are backlit. 's basic modification Tiggo 5 is equipped with four airbags, full electro-package, air conditioning, and other useful options.

The only engine option for Tiggo 5 – four-cylinder petrol engine displacement of 2.0 liters, designed by Austrian engineers. The maximum power of the motor is 136 HP and a maximum torque of 182 Nm. The engine meets the environmental standards of Euro-4.

Basic equipment Chery Tiggo will cost about 650 thousand rubles, and the version of Comfort, equipped with a rear view camera, leather trim, climate control and stereo system – 719 thousand. Supplement for the variator will be 50 thousand rubles, but when you get to the same access to the cabin without the use of a key and starter button.

 Chinese SUV Chery Tiggo 5

Chinese crossovers and pickups is another bright SUV, the price which is quite affordable for most car owners. This is a new model from the company Chery – Beta 5. The model presented in 2013 at the auto show in Shanghai. And serial production SUV to be launched by 2015.

 Chery Beta 5

Platform and some other elements of the car will take over with  Tiggo 5, but the higher quality finish and a richer set is a step above. Buyers will be available with either a 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated engine with 132 horsepower, or turbo, 1.6 liters and a maximum power of 150 horsepower.

The new SUV Tiggo 5 touched and modern technology and development. So, running lights and popular led optics complement the luxurious and memorable image of the new crossover.

 Chinese SUV Chery Beta 5

LIFAN X60 is the first crossover model range Chinese automaker LIFAN. Was given this car by developers as a SUV, but essentially LIFAN X60 is considered as an SUV. This version is even more justified due to the lack of a full drive.


In the cabin of the SUV special attention should be paid to the back seat, featuring a large size that provides space for the passengers in the back. Materials of upholstery is quite economical, but the Assembly of sufficient quality.

Chinese SUV LIFAN X60 for Russian buyers is available in several configurations. As for the engine, it can only be petrol displacement of 1.8 liters and a maximum power of 128 HP At the proposed 5-speed manual transmission. This power unit developed in cooperation with engineers of the British company Ricardo. Green engine complies with Euro 4.

 Chinese SUV LIFAN X60

Geely MK Cross is positioned as a compact urban pickup truck with a sporty twist in the external design. The SUV is designed based on the hatchback Geely MK-2 and is characterized by increased clearance, the elements of the kit of the body in athletic style, updated bumper and grille. Complement and complete dynamic image of a stylish overlay on the wheel arches and sills, interesting moldings and roof rails and black rims.

 Geely MK Cross

The feeling of sportiness crossover does not leave and beauty. This is confirmed by dynamic black-and-red color scheme of the interior, contrasting upholstery and interior surfaces of doors and inserts on the steering wheel and the handle of the transmission, in red tones. Also in MK Cross to replace analog devices equipped with a digital display, for convenience, set at an angle to the driver.

As for the engine,  Geely MK Cross-equipped 4-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1.5 liters and a maximum power of 94 HP This is a very cost-effective, as evidenced by the consumption of gasoline. So, on the route fuel cost of only $ 5 litres per 100 km

The price of most budget Chinese SUV Geely MK Cross cannot fail to delight customers. Base price ranges 399 – 419 thousand rubles

 Crossover Geely MK Cross

Chinese SUVs and crossovers presents another car. This BAW 007 –the new crossover from the company BAW (Beijing Auto Works). And again, the Chinese manufacturers during its development was based on an analogue of the American production – Jeep Cherokee sample of the late 90-ies, which is a Chinese copy and borrowed a platform, though with some changes.

BAW 007 offered in two versions of the engine:

Both engines operate in tandem with a 5-speed manual transmission. Price on BAW 007 range from 549 000 up to 689 800 rubles. SUV BAW 007 is in the same price segment  with the budget crossovers of the domestic market, such as Lifan XC60, Great Wall Hover and Chevrolet Niva, Lada Niva 21214, Renault Duster, etc.

 BAW 007

Car BAW 007 basic configuration is equipped with airbags driver and passenger safety systems ABS and EBD, power steering column with increased level of safety in the event of an accident, immobilizer and Central locking, Parking sensors, access to the cabin without keys, electric Windows power-assisted steering, foldable electric exterior mirrors, CD/MP3 player, and other useful options.