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Chinese SUVs - cars of the future

The car is the hallmark of each driver, since it is possible to guess about the financial condition, status and lifestyle of the owner. With regard to the SUV, then this category of cars in comparison with passenger are remarkably large tailgate, spacious interior and a high level of traffic at the expense of a full drive, and a powerful engine. Thanks to these advantages SUVs are becoming increasingly popular among the fans of auto. It is noteworthy that quite a high competition in the world automobile market are exactly the Chinese SUVs - the cars that have already disproved the opinion of their low quality. Their main advantage is the ease of repair and availability of parts. This car is ideal if you want to get the budgetary cost to get a lot of additional features.

 Chinese SUV rein


It is worth noting that at the moment opinion about the low quality of SUVs from China wrongly. Now the culture of production is high, and the quality licensed details of known world firms. Chinese SUVs cars, which first began in 2005, when the Chinese are very boldly announced its own production.

Chinese crossovers are actively competing for customers and gradually establish its own production and in other countries, because the obtained their income allows to expand production. Today the production has already started in Tatarstan because the cost of the machines can be reduced through saving on taxes and duties. It is noteworthy that forty percent of the Russian market belongs to the Chinese pickups. Production is developing very actively, and now Chinese manufacturers have already taken impressive position. Regularly there are new chips and exciting updates, which attract more and more car owners from all countries. Unfortunately domestic car manufacturers cannot yet be so praise.

 Chinese crossover

Sensation production began to exit at the end of 2007 the renewed pickup Wingle and a few years later by the appearance of the jeep Hover. The above model hire in no way inferior to the American and Japanese cars. Key features are high functionality, bold forms and attractive appearance.   Today one of the most popular brands of Chinese SUV - cars Lifan, Great Wall, Chery Tiggo. This trend is not surprising, because in addition to the external presentable form the machines are high quality, superior throughput and reliability. Besides these models are quite economical.   Already long gone are the days when Chinese cars were associated with low quality. Now manufacturers from China are not only not inferior to foreign brands, and in many respects can exceed them. Besides that the Russian market of off-road vehicles have appeared recently, they have earned a reasonable popularity and increasingly appear on the roads. Even if we take into account the fact that these machines don't have a hundred and thousands of kilometers, we can confidently say about the suitability of the Chinese SUVs for imperfect roads and difficult climatic conditions.   On today's automotive market, as the Chinese SUVs to 300 thousand, and the more expensive analogues of which are produced by large Chinese corporations. Analyzing the characteristics of Chinese models SUVs you can find out some features of models such as the BMW, Toyota, Lexus. However, in no case can not speak about Chinese manufacturers copy American design. Similar can be only some of the individual items of the doors, headlights, and other elements. Most often established licensing engines Isuzu and Toyota. Due to its low cost, which corresponds to the quality, Chinese cars every year become more popular. Of course, many prefer inexpensive Chinese counterpart, instead of the same one but expensive Toyota Land Cruser.

 Features of the production of Chinese SUVs. 

1. In Europe, Chinese manufacturers are also gaining in popularity. As an example, the Great Wall and the Europeans, and Russians attracts democratic price policy. However, don't be so sure that the low cost and will remain such. With the growing popularity may increase, and the price itself, and the probability of this fact is very high.

 Chinese Great Wall SUV



All off-road vehicles considered manufacturer are distinguished by a four-wheel drive and the engine, the volume of which may vary from one and a half to 2.8 liters. Models are equipped with petrol engines, which differ in capacity.   The most democratic value model differs Great Wall Hover M2, the sale of which starts from 500 thousand rubles. Capacity of this vehicle is little anyone can impress, because this indicator is only five hundred horsepower. With regard to the last of the new model, in Russia, there were no supplies, but it is known that in the model of two-liter diesel and petrol engine 2.4 litre.


With regard to the SUV Great Wall Pegasus, which can be purchased for 550 thousand rubles, while in Russia it is not shipped with the production filmed. Gasoline engine is designed for the volume of 2.3 litres and capacity of the jeep is relatively small and has only 105 horsepower.   580 thousand rubles can be purchased impressive and spacious Great Wall RUV Sing, which is designed for three rows of seats. It fit seven people. In Russia, unfortunately, there is no official delivery of the car and he also removed from production.   2. Chery Higgo 3(P11). The model considered is a product of Chinese production, which were imported to Russia in an official manner. About the cost too nothing is yet known.   3. Delivery SUV Landmark from the Chinese manufacturer of FAW have been very successful. Engine model had a capacity of 128 HP, and volume amounted to 2.4 litres. The price for a base complete set of above 650 thousand rubles. Now the same model with production has already been removed, but in his time, SUV was going in Novouralsk on branch of ZIL.

 Chinese SUV - car ZX Landmark

4. It should also consider SUVs Dadi Shuttle and Dadi Leading City, the cost of which is 577 and 645 thousand respectively. This frame SUVs with a diesel engine in 88 horsepower gasoline engine 130 horsepower volume of 2.4 liters.   5. Category frame SUVs can also include the Landwind. Its estimated cost of up to 900 thousand rubles, but in Russia of official supplies yet. Outwardly vehicles of this manufacturer go with samples of German car industry, because as a prototype was used SUV Opel Frontera. The options were provided and diesel, and gasoline engines.   6. On the basis of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was established Chinese SUV BAW Land King. Its cost varies from 840 thousand to a million rubles.

 Chinese SUV Baw Land King


7. Hover H7 – the first SUV in the Chinese manufacturer with a capacity of 215 horsepower. Most of the journalists correctly predicted the rapidly developing Chinese automotive production and the fact that instances of China will exceed in quality to European counterparts. Automotive giant, the Great Wall made this a-way first step and released Hover H7. The considered SUV in 2013 will be the most powerful and big machine in the model number. Hood Chinese will hide petrol turbo for two-liter direct injection. Its capacity will reach 215 horsepower at 324 Nm of torque, which is passed directly to the 4 wheel drive. With regard to transmission, it presents a six gun. SUV can develop a speed of up to 180 kilometers per hour, while spending of 10.6 liters per hundred kilometers on average. While there are no data on the value of this machine. The manufacturer intends to sell Hover H7 on the domestic market.  

Now the Chinese SUVs absorbed all the possible novelties, which leaves innovation, unceremoniously bribe motorists democratic prices.