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Chinese SUVs

Chinese SUVs today confidently win their American, Japanese, Korean and European colleagues. This is mainly due to the relatively low cost, good maintainability and availability of spare parts. Buying Chinese car of this class, the car owner gets to boot a set of good options at a reasonable price. Consider the most popular Chinese autos.

Great Wall Hover Н6

Crossover first became popular in China. On the international market went in the 2011-meters Around this time, the manufacturer has offered for sales in Russia revised version. It is worth to note that the appearance it has a quite modern and old Russian roads certainly will not look.

 Great Wall Hover H6

Modern Chinese cars in Russia, presented the brand name of the Great Wall Hover N6, completed with two types of power units:

Transmission in all models (except the diesel variant) – mechanical, with 5 or 6 steps. The suspension is independent, steering, brakes – disk.

This пятиместного and пятидверного the most universal of a large size in its class:

Different elaborate design and high level of ergonomics. Finishing materials are used the most modern. Dashboard – with anti-reflective coating. The rear row of seats formed; the trunk volume increases to 1200 liters.

Looks solid:

Hover H7

The pride of the Beijing motor show, presented in 2012 on April 23. The appearance of this monster reminds VW Touareg or BMW X5. However, according to the largest Chinese edition ("China Car Times this model displays a famous brand at a completely new level in the world of cars.

 Hover Н7

Hover H7 have only one unit:

The dimensions of this SUV is:

The interior of the great Ox Houwer H7 brought, as they say, "mind". The main instruments are 2 plated "wells" behind the wheel. Looks good finish black leather (including ceiling!) in combination with wooden inserts, and the seats, in turn, have a memory provisions.

Implies the existence of a whopping 10 airbags! This includes:

Cherry Tigo

As stated by the manufacturers, the main advantage of this SUV – high quality, low price and efficiency. Special attention deserves the body design. It is obvious that Chinese developers knowingly stared Japanese cars, and Toyota RAV4 in particular.

 Chery tiggo

For an engine available in three modifications:

Dimensions of the vehicle the following:

The car can freely accommodate five people. To increase the volume of the Luggage is provided by folding the rear seat. However, the interior Tiggo still definitely looks like a  source" RAV4, but the quality of the finishes and materials clearly correspond to the original. 

It impresses:


In their homeland, this crossover was a hit. Sales started recently – in spring 2012, however, the Chinese statistics say that over the three months has sold over a hundred thousand copies. Externally, the Chinese SUV little "like" on the Lexus RX. However, the manufacturers claim that the design auto – their own development and even provide a European certificate confirming registration of the trademark.


All produced by BYD model is a solid guarantee of three years or mileage 100 thousand km of the engine can be one of the 2 options for the gasoline engine:

The dimensions of the vehicle are:

Inside it looks very nice, harmonious and stylish. Interior amazes with its quality; everything fits tightly and neatly. In the driver's Seat has a lot of adjustments. Also configured and the steering column. The rear seats to fit easily three adult passengers.


Prospects of Chinese SUVs in the automotive market

Today the Chinese SUVs can increasingly meet on the motorways of Russia. Gradually leave in the past the times when China was considered to be evil. Experience has shown that the machines from China are acceptable to an uneasy Russian climate.

Of course, sometimes the Chinese auto - price less well-known brands, too resemble in appearance BMW or the same Toyota. But directly said that the Chinese copy the appearance of the famous SUV, you cannot. The similarity usually – only some elements of the car body. But the power units are manufactured strictly according to the license. Special mention deserves the price due to the cheap labor in China. The average Chinese SUV can cost three times cheaper than car of the same class, made in Japan, America or Europe.