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Compact crossovers and SUVs

The advantages of SUVs and crossovers class "compact"

SUVs and crossovers compact have significant advantages over their mid-size and full-size "cousins":

 Range Rover Evoque

But there are also some disadvantages of compact SUVs. Small dimensions significantly affect the capacity of the bus, usually in the compact-crossover indicators of the volume of the trunk is small, and the salon itself a special capacity has not. Often the compact car for support of small dimensions make the three-door body, which has a negative impact in the convenience of boarding the cabin. The power of the engine of these cars is not always possible to overcome significant roads, and transmission of this car is not designed for heavy loads. Also, not all compact crossovers have all-wheel drive that affects their patency.

 Nissan Juke

And yet, when some of its disadvantages, off-road cars "compact" have good demand, so many companies manufacturing or urgently establish their release.

Compact SUVs

If we consider only compact SUVs, they are quite small, in comparison with the crossovers. Perhaps the most famous SUV class "compact" is an American Jeep Wrangler.

 Jeep Wrangler

One of the power units which can be installed on Jeep Wrangler, has 4 liters of working volume and is a 6-cylinder.

To compact SUVs and refers Japanese cars – Suzuki Jimni. This car though is equipped with a small-capacity power plants 1.3 and 1.5 liters, but still with their performance patency belongs to the class "SUV".

 Suzuki Jimni

More as such popular compact SUVs are not. But compact crossovers abound.

Compact crossovers have become now very popular, and production of cars of this class are almost all car companies in the world.

 Mercedes-Benz GLK

A list of compact crossovers that are already tested and are in demand – very large. Moreover, popular crossovers in this class are available in different price ranges, from very expensive to affordable.

Among premium compact crossovers can be noted Mercedes-Benz GLK, BMW X1 and Range Rover Evoque. The price of these cars is quite high, but still they have a good demand. These crossovers are a great optional equipment, inherent only car in the premium class.


Compact crossovers average price considerably more. These crossovers options are somewhat inferior expensive, but their price is much less. The most notable of them:

1. Japanese compact crossovers:

 Toyota RAV4

2. Compact crossovers Korean production:

 Kia Sportage

3. European and American crossovers:

 Volkswagen Tiguan

Among the fiscal compact crossovers are of the highest demand Renault Duster, Chevrolet Niva, Great Wall H3, Chery Tiggo. Optional equipping them are minor, but they proved to be excellent in reliability and maintainability that this car provides good demand.

 Renault Duster

New compact SUVs and crossovers

The market for compact crossovers are so popular that companies are constantly releasing new models. Some only recently went on sale, such as the Mercedes-Benz GLA, restyled Nissan Juke, updated Honda CR-V.

Some compact SUVs and crossovers only presented, and on sale they will appear later. Among future SUV it should be noted already shown Chevrolet Niva 2nd generation.

 Chevrolet NIVA 2nd generation

Among the new crossovers are the most anticipated Hyundai ix25 and Lexus NX. These models have been presented, but next year can give us and other new compact SUV, which the company yet silent.

 Hyundai ix25

And without that many car companies are constantly improving their crossovers, adding a greater number of options, presenting new power plant, with large capacity measure and improve appearance of cars. And all of this is designed to meet the needs of potential buyers.

 Lexus NX

So, the compact SUVs and crossovers, while they are popular, constantly will be produced, and their range will flourish.