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Compare cars crossovers: what to look for?

Compare car crossover after determining which model should be attributed to this class and which parameters can be compared. That way you can understand what the crossover is the most popular and combines the most successful features.

Being somewhere between a SUV and a passenger car, the SUV has firmly taken a leading position in the list of the most popular models. And this is not surprising, because they combine such qualities as the ability to overcome the terrain and the unique playfulness, ease of operation and compact shape.


General qualities of crossovers should be considered:

Modern crossovers are made of innovative high-tech materials that provide strength and lasting aesthetic qualities. However, such cars are not able to cope with serious off-road, because they are also classifies as "hardwood" - for them a valid state of mild off-road.

Selection crossover – what are the principal options?

Comparative characteristics of cars crossovers allow you to understand what kind of model will match to the specific requirements and will be the best choice when buying. The analysis is performed in several main items, typically including specifications, value of the car and its efficiency. An important point is also the external design of the body – in that the views may be quite different for subjective reasons.

In order to compare compact SUV, you should consider models that will be most likely to correspond to the notion of "crossover". Compare technical specifications brief review of each model SUV.

 The choice of crossover

The average size of the body and quite spacious interior – hallmark characteristics of this crossover. Modern front panel with comfortable knobs makes the stay inside the cabin is pleasant, but the lack of adjustment of driver's seat height and lack of departure of the steering wheel can create problems for large drivers: the knees are touching the dashboard and the ignition key.

Rear sofa passengers spacious (can accommodate three persons), but not too comfortable-the back is almost perpendicular to the seat, and the sofa is flat and not too comfortable.

Regarding the engine I should say that his work his quite quiet, rumble when heard only at high speeds. The hearing inside the cabin is minimal wind and tyre noise can be heard at speeds over 100 km/h.

Consumption of gasoline in the Ford Escape  - engine volume of 2.3 liters at 7.6 l/100 km city and 6.8 l/100 km on the highway.

 Ford Escape

Popular model compact crossover has a medium size body (4427 x 1809 x 1665), a sufficient amount of free space inside the passenger compartment will allow comfortably fit a family of several people. High level of comfort and a choice of three versions (sport, overcoming off-road and classic) make this crossover is especially popular.

The presence of a large number of convenient options and high level of noise insulation will provide comfort during the trip, and quite economical engine (8.4 l/100 km on highway and 10.4 l/100 km in the city) will not require significant cost to maintain it.

High level security, tested and rated "excellent", and energetic crossover in combination with eye-catching appearance ensured the popularity of this model among car enthusiasts.

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 VW Tiguan

Sporty flair and elegant lines became distinctive features of the updated model of the crossover from a reputable manufacturer Hyundai. A large amount of useful providing comfort equipment, as well as improved body design make this model.

Relatively small external dimensions make the vehicle compact, and playfulness with a small consumption of fuel is explained by the high level of popularity of this crossover.

 Hyundai Santa Fe

A high level of cabin comfort and extraordinary noise isolation achieved by the use of modern multi-layer material and unusual windshield shape with special seal - these parameters distinguish this crossover. External compact size and streamlined shape explain the popularity of this small SUV – the car will easily cope with a small off-road.

 Nissan Qashqai

Draw conclusions

If you compare the price of crossovers, you can see that the considered models are available for most car enthusiasts – view prices on them no more than 100,000 rubles.

Technical characteristics of the car make it possible to commit a great buy, power and ease of management will be a force as a professional driver, and for the beginner.