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Confident jeep commander and domestic owners: in the end?

Powerful and solid, truly army externally and supremely comfortable inside commander debuted at the auto show in new York in 2005. Designers created a car to expand the range of existing well-known SUV jeep brand, and therefore largely remain committed to the traditional style for the concern. It's time to learn what they think about this car our car enthusiasts.

True jeep

Appearance of the car definitely gives it a notorious American. Classically body was straight lines, almost flat surfaces and log forms. In the General style of sustained and side mirrors, and front part of the car, especially lights and branded radiator grille. But, as noted drivers from the rear of the commander did not name «another jeep’om». Using chrome, the new design of railings, interesting rivets of plastic on the back door – all these little things, according to the owners, perfectly complement the image of models, making her features something new and original.

 Jeep Commander

And what about the inside? Car interiors are rather restrained, its key features ’ s simplicity and functionality. Symptoms of these features in every detail: starting from the unusual decorative rivets and finishing design of the dashboard. But special attention to our drivers pay plastic. Many have heard that U.S. cars quality plastic not always at the highest level. Fortunately, this opinion does not apply to the commander’. Of course, expensive interior of the car is not called, but as the experience of Russian motorists, plastic made worthy, скрипами, cracks and other disadvantages, such as not suffered to the same cleans easily.

Among the rest of the interior decoration jeep commander reviews with the sign "plus" received:

But the main advantage of this model – this capacity. Body structure has allowed the manufacturer to equip a car with three rows of seats, arranged by type of  the amphitheatre». This means that each subsequent row seats somewhat higher than the previous one, due to which the third-row passengers sit above all. Owners say that absolutely every seat has a high comfort and excellent lateral support, while in the last row oversized passengers hardly appreciate all the charm commander’a, and therefore transported there are better only children. Total number of beds – seven, but experience has shown that it can transport and nine people, however, a third of them – the passengers minors.

However, when using all three rows occurs small problem: the Luggage compartment in this case is only 170 liters, therefore, any bags do not fit. The increase in the trunk due to the transformation of the seats of the last several possible to 1950 litres, that is a fairly good indicator.

 Jeep Commander салон

Engine and suspension

Americans offer your model with one of the following gasoline engines:

The most common option for the Russian space is 230-HP engine with a volume of 4.7 HP Engine has quite a high rating from drivers due to their health. As they say motorists opportunities motor is enough and at the steady and rapid acceleration, and the tranquil smooth ride. Notes and excellent Breakfast engine: it is almost unheard of up to 4,000 turns and beyond this mark he declares itself a serious, solid and very pleasant sound. With regard to fuel consumption, the average in the city is 17-18 liters per hundred kilometers, on the route same – about 15 liters.

We now turn to the most characteristic and reviews about the suspension of a car. The commander’a classical design, used at the grand cherokee, – independent double wishbones. And here we should note one drawback: unlike the motor her work is making itself felt its sounds that, in the opinion of the owners, a few not be combined with all other indicators commander’a. Otherwise there's nothing to worry about here:

And really, outside of urban roads auto behaves with dignity, without allowing fear to overcome the many serious obstacles. Our compatriots exploited commander and on the bumpy roads in summer and practically power snow slopes in the winter – in any situation SUV showed himself solely in the best way.

The only advice from the owners: if you are going to ride on the dirt, then check the corresponding rubber. This will increase the throughput car, which will be limited to only a clearance.

 Jeep Commander rear row of seats

What trouble can trap you?

It's time to talk about what are the problems facing Russian motorists during the operation commander’and:

As we see, the problem, all of  the deadly", they only require from the owner of proper attention and timely care.

 Jeep Commander engine

For what we pay and how much?

So, basic equipment commander’and includes:

For a fee are available and other options, but, according to motorists, and standard equipment is enough to satisfy the needs of the absolute majority of drivers. However, in any case pay for the new (relatively new, as the model jeep commander of 2013, you will not find due to the termination of vehicle production) will have a lot of money: standard equipment on the car with a 4.7-liter engine is a 2010 release will cost you not less than 1,700,000 roubles, although the 2006 model market price tag established at around the 600-900 thousand rubles.

It turns out that the jeep commander is a decent American car with attractive appearance, nice interiors and flawless performance. But for the pleasure you'll need to pay.