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Crossover for frequent driving in the city

Sometimes the opinion of motorists about any models of the car very helpful with its purchase and operation in the future. Today we share our experience of operation of mitsubishi asx from many motorists. This information will certainly help everyone who wants to have in your garage, this award-winning Japanese crossover.

 Mitsubishi Asx front view

The interior and exterior of the car Mitsubishi Asx

It is worth to start with the appearance of the car, for crossover which has received almost a solid five. Designers have guessed preferences of the customers, taking fully to the front of the Asx from the new Аутлендера. But many are of the opinion that the rear design of the new car a little disappoint. Reduction roof lines of this model is not much goes with its front. But it is a minor NIT-picking. In General, the external review of the Mitsubishi Asx shows that looks machine quite nicely.

With regard to the interior of the vehicle, in the interior of the Asx, a new steering wheel, which, according to many drivers, became much easier and more convenient. The steering wheel has got very comfortable buttons and now looks like steering wheel Аутлендера of the last generation.

 Mitsibishi Asx side view

Appreciate the owners of the model Asx were evaluated and new seats, which have become more functional  and have gained an excellent ergonomics. This is a very important factor, because during the long trips and passengers and the driver will feel comfortable. For furnish of seats, note by the manufacturer have been applied and more expensive materials.

Pleased drivers also in the interior of the car a new sound system with CD player, six-disc, the emergence of chrome accents on the door panels – looks stylish and beautiful. However, there are some shortcomings in the decoration salon – this inconvenience of the location of the seat heater switch. Turn on the heating still work, but off in motion the first time will be hard. Interior noise suppression according to the owners also on низчайшем level – it is certainly a shame for the Japanese crossover.

 Mitsubishi Asx rear view

Technical characteristics of the car Mitsubishi Asx

Never it is impossible to assess auto appreciate not having learned about its technical data.

So Mitsubishi Asx has the following characteristics: length crossover is 4 295 mm, the width - 1770 mm and its height equals 1 625 mm, when the lumen of the road – 195 millimetres. Users consider it an ideal small crossover, where it is very convenient to walk around the city and excellent for everyday driving.

Accommodates this car for 5 people, who will be possible to feel comfortable during the trip, and will not be cramped up. The amount of Luggage in the car equals 415 liters. For many motorists, this is not very many, but the developers of this crossover decided that this trunk will be just. Probably, they hoped that the car will appeal to more urban residents than to fans of rest on the nature.

 Mitsubishi Asx interior

An important element of the car mitsubishi asx - engine. For him at the moment there are three petrol engine:

With regard to feedback motorists about these engines, 90 percent of them chose the 2-liter engine. They say that the first two (that is, the 1.6-liter and 1.8-liter) capacity worthless and do not have sufficient dynamics. 2-liter engine of the overtaking on highways is enough, and with a quiet ride through the city of variable-speed drive is practically inaudible.

However, there are some unpleasant features of all types of engines asx, including 2-хлитровый: by reducing the speed at higher transfer engine starts literally "to choke" and promote it pedal "gas” it is impossible, then the motor just stalls and require switching to a lower gear.

 Mitsubishi Asx engine

Wheels Mitsubishi Asx

Evaluating the owner reviews car Asx can be folded overall picture of the behavior on the road.

Suspension of crossover appreciated not so positive. She was very stiff and uncomfortable. Although with the 2011 model have improved, and now in 2013, the new model has a very rigid suspension. However, it is still very far from this, the auto comfortable status. If we get a little wounded road or on the road, dotted pits, each excavation will be felt that the driver for the passenger. Many drivers also don't particularly like that auto decently shaken in a large ruts. In one word on the road on this crossover is better not to travel. No convenience and pleasure You receive.

But motorists have noted the benefits such as  the ease of overcoming the ascents and descents on mountain streamers. Has shown car and winter. Snow covered roads he just not care. Thanks to the connected actuator and studded tyres auto inspires not only confidence in the snow, but comfort as well.

Cases and prices for Mitsubishi Asx

With regard to the outfits of the car, they just 5: Inform, Invite, Intense, Ultimate and Exclusive.

Equipment basic equipment Inform not very rich, but still includes:

For this basic set of mitsubishi asx price starts from 780 000 rubles.

 Mitsubishi Asx салон

The richest picking Ultimate and Exclusive equipped with almost everything you could wish for:

As you can see, the data is picking contain a maximum of convenience and comfort. However, for this car mitsubishi asx 2013 price will start only from 1 200 000 rubles.

 Mitsubishi Asx руль

Many motorists say that the first and most basic equipment – this is a very good option for a relatively small price. They believe that there is no sense to pay a large sum of money for so comfortable planned, because due to them the quality of the car and its management did not change greatly. Therefore, most of the owners preferred to first mitsubishi asx to buy, and then simply add some details for convenience and save.


On the basis of the opinions of motorists can conclude that:

Overall, the car is the price fails on the road, especially in winter. But, most of the owners in one voice say that the beauty and practicality are incompatible things in this nature, because the claims against him, as You have already noticed a few.