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Crossover Lada with Cross

Who would have thought that our AVTOVAZ at the peak of the financial crisis raging in the country, decides the issue of the new SUV. But it happened at the international motor show in Moscow in 2008, the attention of the audience was presented Fret Cross in all its glory, what a surprise to everyone. After the debut of the show konceptkara everyone expected to continue.

In plans of the enterprise was released on the Russian roads full crossover Lada C-Cross. But, unfortunately, the expectations of the majority of motorists not happen. The management and the partners of AVTOVAZ could not cope with the difficult financial situation in the country and whole enterprise. Tol'yattincev suffered the same note that most large companies – the big money problems. Since the project LADA C-Cross was buried even before being born. Train of memories lasted not for long, just a couple of years, and then went down in history of AVTOVAZ.

 Lada With Cross-front view


It's a pity, but the situation in the country at that time, dictated its conditions that led to the death of a handsome SUV LADA C-Cross. It was a handsome man, no doubt. On its foreign to the data of the new crossover Lada radically different from the existing SUVs – Niva and UAZ.

In the basis of the entire design is the platform from the legendary French partner Renault Megane, giving the car every right to claim the European quality. No, of course, call the machine completely perfect, but along with other domestic cars appearance crossover Lada was several orders of magnitude higher than that of his companions. Although, most of the few confused singularity of the grille and on this occasion there were long discussions, but in the rest of the car to look quite presentable.

 Lada With Cross-rear view


The interior konceptkara LADA C-Cross, not inferior in design, convenience and comfort to its odnopolchanam from neighbouring States. True, for some – the reasons was the lack of some customary for all devices. For example, there was no usual receiver, blocks to adjust the climate in the showroom, and the switches under the wheel was not equipped with any indexation and had quite a large size.  But, instead of all defects in the cabin attended by a large red button, all agreed that it is necessary for the engine plant. Whether it's so, so no one knew.

On the other hand we can not say about the merits of the interior, for example, cute and unusual at the same time the instrument panel and in the end it ’ door knobs in designer's performance.

But in this case it is not necessary to pay attention to any strangeness, because the public was introduced to no more than a concept, which only makes it clear, how will look the insides of a crossover. Perhaps if the car was released in serial production, some of its elements would be brought to mind.

 Lada With Cross steering wheel

Technical characteristics

Lada C-Cross was quite compact in size:

The excellent geometric passability of the vehicle gave the clearance of large size 210 mm and 18-inch wheels.

Has been crossover petrol 2 liter engine, which allowed to reach a maximum speed of up to 190 km/h, while the dynamics of acceleration to 100 km/h was 10 seconds and fuel consumption per 100 km on average of 8.2 liters. I must say, quite a decent motor for such a vehicle.

 Lada With Cross the rear row of seats


According to preliminary calculations, to start production of cars LADA C-Cross was planned in 2011 – 2012g.g., but despite the fact that the fret cross price also it was declared a  400-450 thousand rubles, domestic SUV was not to appear on our roads.

From all this, of course, our people and at all upset and as usual, began to cover the WHA. And not from human malice, but rather from the hurt, that in such a vast country and has not learned to independently produce good SUVs. But we hope that in the coming years, the situation will stabilize and the legendary Lada leave on our way in the form of a crossover.