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Crossover Lada X-Ray is the new face of AVTOVAZ

Somewhere in the depths of plants AVTOVAZ now works for a lot of people in sweat. Now they don't spend ten years in development and production of new bumper design. This time, they really do, creating a modern vases crossover X-RAY.

The new crossover Lada is intended to replace the outdated трехдверную Field. On the images, and according to preliminary reviews of the car looks good, especially pleases the eye with his appearance, but the feeling that something's wrong with him.

 VAZ crossover front view

Design of Volvo in the Russian context

The reason for the sudden change of design of the new designer, who came in AVTOVAZ. Steve Маттин, I worked for four years on the company Volvo, moved to the Russian company, bringing with them a wealth of new ideas. The VAZ crossover - photos of which stirred the Internet, it demonstrates that the thoughts foreign Creator immediately allowed into the course.

Steve, came to the company, immediately declared that "Marche Lada require a new  a person new style". He proposed to move from practical design, which for many years prevails in the production of AVTOVAZ, to create emotional, living hire. However it is not clear whether the beneficial in purchasing VAZ crossover - the price of which may increase considerably in the light of the increased expenditures on design.

One of the most visible parts of the style in the new car was the design of the falshradiatornoy lattice, which became clearly apparent form "x". Special aluminium inserts are designed to further emphasize in the letter. According to the idea of Маттина, this symbol will become a new recognizable face of Lada.

However, Steve decided to keep the recognizable features of the legendary car LADA 4x4. As stated by the designer, namely in memory about this car was left hood, made in the form of a shell with rounded front edge, and also turning indicators, reminiscent of the eyebrows.

The rear of the sports activity vehicle gives spoiler and also special design. New X-RAY likely is perfect for city driving, and for travel on the road, and this is evidenced by the wide wheels, high suspension and raised a car bumper.

 VAZ crossover rear view

X-RAY created the 4 local, and to increase visual interior volume, it features a panoramic roof, which is an innovation in the Russian automotive industry. The design of the cabin, quite obviously, is made to attract side view. Any person, who drew attention to the crossover Lada, the price of which would be clearly approaching a million, will notice that beauty is obviously beautiful, but non-functional. The man inside of the concept, will feel at least uncomfortable, and at best very quickly get tired from sitting in this car.

Although chances are that the machine would work for issue. After all, the same marketing match using complicated and attractive but inconvenient salons, resort and manufacturers of popular foreign brands.

Five seconds – a normal flight

Despite the apparent attractiveness of the concept arises a common question "and "fly"? Is there a technical base from AVTOVAZ to implement their ideas?". And, according to sources, accessible to ordinary citizens, the machine has only one definitely strength – appearance, but with technical implementation is more complicated.

Of course, at the present moment the technical characteristics of the crossover is not published, but we know exactly what this car is the result of many years of work and different from all previously released cars ever produced AVTOVAZ. Chassis crossover brought up to a better standard of experts of the Alliance Renault-Nissan and they guarantee excellent performance, which cannot be found in any of the previously released car on domestic production.

 VAZ crossover beauty

However, in the new crossover confused by the lack of a new four-wheel-drive platform, which could use the manufacturer. There are, of course, the old platform from the Fields, but it has a fair height, and, therefore, get under low bonnet, which can be seen on the concept, she is unable to. The more she technically has lagged behind and install it on the new crossover VAZ absolutely no sense.

Embarrassed also and трехдверность novelties. Of course, classical Niva was exactly the same, but it existed and was purchased only because of lower prices, when the great demand of used Chevy-Niva, with five doors.

The same conclusion came and foreign manufacturers. One has only to draw attention to the market of consumption of three - and five-door crossover and it becomes clear that the latter are much greater demand, as they are much more comfortable. But if Steve Маттин, foreign designer from Volvo, invented the concept cars with three doors, what for it is necessary.

Healthy competition

The main problem that will meet the car and manufacturer, it is a competition. It will obviously intense and serious. This was caused primarily by the undermined trust to AVTOVAZ as to the manufacturer of good cars.

 VAZ crossover Luggage compartment

The most similar size class will be cars from Hyundai and Kia, especially now that their manufacture is placed under Peter, that positively affects the sales price. Against the background of foreign cars, crossover Lada - the price at which, as already noted, will be coming to a mark in one million roubles will be exhibited in the far not the best color.

To be on an equal footing with their competitors, AVTOVAZ must skillfully approach to the creation of a car, lowered its price to an adequate level. From a technical point of view, the manufacturer needs to do two things:

Only such measures will allow the vehicle X-RAY to become not just a "face» Lada, and real-selling model.