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Crossovers and SUVs from 3000000 to 5000000 rubles

Japanese SUVs from 3 to 5 million rubles

The most famous Japanese SUV. Powerful, reliable, compete with them for other cars is difficult since its appearance on the market. Clear, expressive lines, powerful front and rear fenders, large Windows giving Land Cruiser brutal and presentable. Rear not everybody likes it, but it's a matter of taste. But the rear spoiler makes it more sophisticated, it also improves the aerodynamics of the car and reduces fuel consumption.

 Toyota Land Cruiser

Beauty leather, very spacious. All items in very massive: from door handles to keys that emphasizes the elitism of this car. The developers have played on contrasts: light seat combined with a dark instrument panel and decorative tabs. The lighting is done via the system Optitron. In the center of the instrument display between the speedometer and tachometer are additional indicators, which is very convenient for the driver. The seats are ergonomically designed, have electronic control system. Just auto 3 rows of seats. The trunk is very spacious, but if you fold the seats for rear seat passengers – it is possible to carry almost anything.

 Toyota Land Cruiser salon

The power of the jeep in the Russian version – 235 horsepower.

This model was originally released as a professional SUV terrain, and this image auto confirms for about 50 years. This is a big, powerful machine with an aggressive design and large size. Landing is very high, so the developers provided the bandwagon for passengers.

 Nissan Patrol

The salon is spacious and comfortable for the passengers and driver of all sizes, decorated with precious materials: leather, natural wood, high-quality plastic. The dashboard and all the necessary control buttons are very convenient for the driver. The rear seat passengers are not restrained in movement, with a long trip can easily get both sitting and lying down. The trunk is large and spacious. There is a built-in recognition of moving objects: it beeps, displays information about the location and the distance to the object on the display and, if necessary, includes brake.

 Nissan Patrol beauty

Unlike Europe, in Russia are sold only with a petrol engine. Power – 405 HP, the Car is designed the same on urban travel and strong off-road.

 Nissan Patrol SUV

German SUVs from 3 to 5 million rubles

Car luxury associated with luxury and elitism. Considered the most sports car BMW x series Sedan combines elements of coupe and SUV. Machine like falls on the front wheels due visually developed the height of the back, which offers aggressive look of the leopard, who has prepared for the jump. Outwardly BMW X6 reminds crossover and SUV at the same time.


The interior is very much different electronics switch buttons. Some of them petals located on the steering wheel: switch box-machine and control keys important functions. The front passengers comfortable, the seats have multiple modes of adjustment by means of a pair of buttons. But the rear seat passengers may not be enough space from the drop-down roofline. But the rear seats can easily fit a pair of adults. Although the trunk is very roomy.

 BMW X6 beauty

Power – 407 HP for petrol version. There are two diesel models with a capacity of 235 and 286 HP System Dynamic Performance Control and BMW xDrive provide optimum traction, also has a system that minimizes the lateral inclination of the body.

 Crossover BMW X6

This SUV is typical for Mercedes flowing lines and elegant design. The solidity and power of the model type chrome elements and grill, covered with black lacquer and impressive dimensions of the front bumper.

 Mercedes ML 350

The interior meets the high standards of Mercedes - for an elegant finish using only quality materials: steering wheel, seats and members of the doors were covered in expensive leather, and parts of the vehicle interior is made of natural wood. Management of important functions performed by the buttons, some of which – on the steering wheel. Seats are adjustable in the back will be enough room for 3 passengers of all sizes. In this car – a record for this class of 90-litre Luggage capacity.

 Mercedes ML 350 beauty

Power – 204 HP in the base case, the maximum power – 258 HP Provides system On/offroad to switch between a SUV and a sports mode.

 SUV Mercedes ML 350

American SUVs from 3 to 5 million rubles

Presentation 5 generation model was held in 2010 in new York city. And in October 2014 in the Russian car dealers started selling Ford Explorer 2015 model year. The appearance of the car has become even more clear and dynamic: graceful lines, massive chrome grille, black front rack, protective plastic apron and raised hood. The safety and smooth running auto enhanced by carrying the body instead of the frame structure.

 Ford Explorer 2015

The salon is large and spacious, a lot of technical devices. For example, on-Board computer developed in collaboration with Microsoft and has many interesting features: voice control, WI-FI for passengers. And the power steering replaced by electric. Driver's seat is adjustable in 10 directions, and the adjustment is memorized by the system. The instrument panel is small, comfortable and elegant. The distance is shown in kilometers and miles. Chairs are covered with quality leather, used for decoration good plastic, and on the Central console has a wooden insert.

 Ford Explorer salon

The SUV got a new power – 249 HP (in previous versions - 245 HP), and the Sport version and even boasts a capacity of 345 HP Drive auto – front or full. The driver can choose 1 of the 5 driving modes: city, sand, dirt, snow, descent from the mountain.

This SUV is impressive for its huge size. The car is famous for its brutal, a typical American design. One of the main distinguishing features – massive grille with chrome accents and trademark Chevrolet in the middle. The shape of the front headlights are very unusual, and under their lens are all necessary additional lamp.

 Chevrolet Tahoe

The cabin is trimmed with leather and high quality plastic. Used in the interior chrome inserts. Driver seat has up to 12 tuning modes, as well as the function of heating and ventilation. Heated and wheel, and all passenger seats. For rear seat passengers is provided an entertainment system. In the middle of the console is a multimedia touchscreen system Chevrolet MyLink. Provides 6 USB ports and 12 outlets, allowing you to charge various gadgets. Very big trunk, which is typical for SUVs.

 Chevrolet Tahoe salon

Power – 406 HP For suspension uses a special hydraulic engine mounts reduce the vibrations of the body. And the system Magnetic Ride Control changes the stiffness of the suspension depending on the road surface.

 SUV Chevrolet Tahoe

Choice of premium SUVs are very rich. They emphasize the high status of the owner and allocate it on the road. But some owners prefer massive SUVs crossovers from 3000000 to 5000000 rubles, as not everyone likes to travel around the city on large machines and premium crossovers no less prestigious.