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Crossovers and SUVs up to 400,000 rubles

In this price range there are a certain number of sentences among Russian SUVs and foreign crossovers, as well as pre-owned. Consider the most worthwhile options for these cars.

Budget crossovers in China

New China Geely MK Cross has an unusual appearance and reasonable cost (from 389000 rubles). This extraordinary car suitable for active recreation, and city streets.

 Geely MK Cross

The crossover has a number of advantages that determine its reliability and versatility. You should highlight the most important ones:

 Chinese crossover Geely MK Cross

Following the representative of China ’ s extraordinary crossover Chery Indis. It was developed on the basis of Chery Kimo in cooperation with engineers of the Italian automotive industry, which gave him the appearance of a greater similarity with the SUV. But specifications are fully consistent with the title of the crossover:

 Chery Indis

One of the most enjoyable factors – is that Chery Indis is worth much less than the easiest incomplete SUV – 400,000 rubles. For the same amount the buyer can get a compact crossover in custom designed with extensive equipment and high technical characteristics.

 Extraordinary Chery Indis

SUVs of the Russian production

Brutal domestic SUV with 5-speed gearbox and an updated appearance is a good budget option for the average consumer.

 UAZ hunter

Manufacturer Oise offers this model with a complete set of technical tools and features of an SUV. While hunter has significant disadvantages, such as:

 Russian SUV to 400,000

Another representative of the Russian car industry, with more simplified features and design. This type of SUV in 3-door version is suitable for short trips on the nature, such as hunting or fishing.

 Lada 4x4 "field"

Seemingly insignificant, it is equipped with a 1.7 liter engine and 5-speed gearbox. Even in the expanded configuration you can obtain more system EBD and ABS. The SUV also has a high ground clearance – 220 mm, transfer case, dependent rear suspension and 16 - inch wheels.

Regarding safety and comfort, Lada 4x4 significantly inferior to their counterparts, because these systems in the base case in fact. Fuel consumption is very high – 12 l per 100 km

 Lada Niva

Is this SUV of 400,000 rubles and often losing out in the competition more comfortable cars in China.

Off-road cars with mileage

Despite the extensive selection of SUV not everyone enjoys the new car, and acquires low-cost proven techniques with mileage. However, to find a very old car with the qualitative characteristics must be limited to domestic or Japanese model and choose SUVs with mileage to 400,000 or 500,000 rubles.

The cars UAZ Patriot are available in several trim levels: Limited, Classic and Comfort, and therefore in used condition can be available with all necessary options.

All base models are equipped with a 2.7 l petrol engines ZMZ-409, 5 speed gearbox, power steering from Delphi, upgraded braking system with vacuum booster and master cylinder from German production.

 UAZ Patriot

Additional picking these off-road vehicles with mileage to 400,000 rubles have some improvements in the form of the following options:

That is why choosing domestic SUVs to 400,000 BU most motorists prefer to buy UAZ Patriot.

 UAZ Patriot

Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin, perhaps, the only available SUV in the budget categories used reinforced car. It is a compact SUV manufactured by the Japanese with the dimensions of the crossover.

 Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin

The design of the car is non-standard, since the supporting member is a body, not the frame. Pleasant appearance of your car was created through the cooperation of the Japanese manufacturer with Italian designers. It has a high technical parameters and availability of all basic options, such as:

 Compact Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin

Budget crossovers with mileage

When choosing a car with high traffic of modern motorists are beginning to prefer analogues SUVs – crossovers. But the consumer, having a limited budget can choose good options among used cars in China, which was operated for no longer than 4 years. These budget options include TagAZ Vortex Tingo and Chery Tiggo.

Crossover TagAZ Vortex Tingo small mileage perfect for city streets, and behaves well on the road. It is equipped with a powerful engine 1.8 l with a torque of 170 Nm, has a nice exterior and an extensive set of options comfort.

 Vortex Tingo

In the basic equipment includes:

In such an Assembly, you can acquire quite neizvestnye crossovers to 400,000 Boo, who for a long time will be able to serve his master without the need for repair.

 Vortex Tingo TagAZ

This crossover is one of the best options on the purchase. The Chinese auto design is very attractive: the massive bumper and grille, large fog-lights and a nice profile. In addition, the crossover is equipped with a gasoline engine to 2 l with a torque of 180 Nm. It is very economical in comparison with your typical competitors, because the fuel consumption on city streets usually no more than 7 liters per 100 km

 Chery Tiggo

Base models are equipped with the standard 5-speed transmission and independent suspension on all 4 wheels. Regarding comfort such machines have advantages in the form of conditioning, trip computer, adjustable steering, full of electro-package, heated seats and mirrors, Parking sensors and railings. Also on Chery Tiggo installed system EBD and ABS, airbags.

Taking into account all the characteristics of Chery Tiggo, such crossovers to 400,000 Boo will be able to really please his owner comfort and flexibility.

 Budget crossover Chery Tiggo

In today's market it is very difficult to find a suitable budget SUV or crossover. However, if more acquainted with the proposed options can be found really good models that will meet the needs of modern motorists, as in the question of the passage of difficult slopes, and in matters of ergonomics and comfort. Thus, it should be said that choosing the crossovers or SUVs to 400,000 Boo or only pipeline is still possible, you just have a good look.