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Crossovers and SUVs up to 600,000 rubles

Buying crossovers up to 600,000, the driver need not worry about the quality under the wheels car of the road and you can enjoy a quiet movement. Agree, this is the dream of many Russian drivers. Often you need to drive on such roads, which would be a great option for competition off-road vehicles. Inexpensive crossover to 600000 – a great option not to put a large amount of money and buy a car that will provide great opportunities and high reliability.

Features of SUVs and crossovers with the price category up to 600 000 rubles

Crossovers up to 600,000 rubles new have similar circuit structure to a car. Mount the engine and chassis made to the body, which is represented in the form of supporting structure. New crossovers up to 600,000 rubles are characterized by a low degree of stiffness, due to which their operation is impossible to travel over the hills, where there are no roads.

 SUVs up to 600,000 rubles

In addition, the SUV over 600,000 rubles will be a burden on the road in the city, but the crossover for such roads – what you need.

By choosing what is better to buy a new crossover to 600000, you can really find a lot of offers global concerns, and believe me, you will be quite pleased with their performance. So let's dwell on the most attractive inexpensive and reliable models available on the market in 2014.

 Cheap SUV

Best SUVs and crossovers up to 600 000 rubles

The characteristics of the first generation of Chinese Cherie Tiggo should be considered mediocre characteristics of permeability and low reliability. In today's automotive market, there are two versions of this car – FL and 5. The latest generation presented a very different appearance, higher prices and new technology. Presents the SUV up to 600,000 new has the following features:

 Chery Tiggo FL

 Chery Tiggo 5

This new crossover up to 600,000 rubles is best known budget representative compact equipment with a high cross. In Europe it is sold under an original brand Dacia. For several years this car is a bestseller in its segment throughout Europe. This car has the following characteristic features:

 Renault Duster

To mention all the other budget cars offer Renault stands out because of its low cost and a very impressive set of advantages.

 French vnedorozhnik Renault Duster

Corporation Nissan and Renault for a very long time cooperate within the same group. The result of this cooperation was the new budget crossovers under a brand of the Nissan, but with real external data and characteristics of the Duster. The Japanese showed their novelty in 2014, however, to call the car new in terms of technology is very problematic. Crossover up to 600,000 rubles a new has certain disadvantages:

 Nissan Terrano

If you wish to buy a SUV up to 600,000 the best, they should direct their attention to competitors Terrano.

 SUV from Japan Nissan Terrano

This price category can provide a real SUV up to 600,000, the Assembly of which were licensed from SsangYong. If we talk about cheap crossovers, you should remember Tagaz Tager, he clearly can compete with presents cars. One of the most expressive technical characteristics auto Tagaz for money include:

 Tagaz Tager

Presents the crossovers up to 600,000 pre-owned or new, experience true freedom.

 SUV Tagaz Tager

Crossovers up to 600,000 new related to Korean novelty, in 2014, has gained special popularity. This new product is updated SsangYong Actyon, which is characterized by a really great new features in terms of appearance and technology. Is reasonable in cost and low-cost maintenance the crossover up to 600,000 rubles characterized by the following major advantages:

 Korean SsangYong Actyon crossover

Available 2-liter engines are characterized by a high capacity and efficiency.

 Sang Yong Action

If you still don't know which is better SUVs up to 600,000 rubles to buy, you should take a look at the above options. Among the cheapest cars in the world market you can find great deals and no need now to spend on this purchase a lot of money. Korean, European, Chinese and Japanese brands offer excellent options, and on the cheap SUVs nobody is talking about a machine that does not deserve attention.