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Crossovers and SUVs up to 700,000 rubles

On what to pay attention to when buying a crossover for 700,000 rubles? The car must be reliable, and, of course, comfortable. Before you decide, you should study the features of several models from different manufacturers. The most popular today, new crossovers to 700,000 rubles, which perfectly cope with their tasks in the city, and in light off-road. Used cars can also serve faithfully. When deciding which SUV to buy for 700000, is to decide, whether you want a new car with a warranty or used with several great options in the configuration.

What to choose from the new SUV to 700,000 rubles

If you need a new SUV to 700,000 rubles note on Russian UAZ Patriot, which comes in four trim levels: Classic, Welcome, Comfort, Limited. Basic package starts from 500,000 rubles, the charged Limited a little not up to 700000.

 UAZ Patriot

UAZ Patriot Limited includes:

 The cabin of the SUV UAZ Patriot

Among the options Patriot there are also models with a diesel engine, however, they are not included in the price category of "SUVs and crossovers up to 700,000".

 SUV UAZ Patriot

There is also a possibility to buy a SUV for 700,000 rubles, produced by Russian TagAZ plant together with the Hyundai. The model Tagaz Vortex Tingo comfort is much higher than the UAZ Patriot. As a result, for relatively small money you can buy a crossover to 700000, reliable, convenient and undemanding car, suitable for going to the country and for the city. Efficiency and comfort combine in this car. The cabin is spacious for a small crossover is rare, but Tagaz Vortex Tingo this implemented as well.

 Beauty Vortex Tingo

New SUVs to 700,000 rubles from Tagaz Vortex Tingo have the following characteristics :

 Tagaz Vortex Tingo

Among young people the popular Nissan Juke series mini crossovers. In this model, a wide variety of modifications, however, to buy a crossover to 700,000 new only standard.

 Nissan Juke

Standard equipment includes:

 Nissan Juke beauty

Thanks for Renault we can buy a new crossover to 700,000. This may be quite low, a reliable and comfortable car. You should pay attention to the model of Renault Duster. In a minimum configuration, including front-wheel drive, the 102-strong engine of 1.6 liters, it will cost much cheaper than 500,000 rubles. If you need a SUV to 700000, then fit version of Renault Duster in complete set, which includes:

 Renault Duster

In the category of crossovers up to 700,000 new with all-wheel drive can be noted Renault Duster with a 2-liter, 135-horsepower engine.

 Renault Duster salon

Crossovers to 700,000 rubles from new French group is also the Renault Sandero Stepway in various models. For example, the variant with the 84-horsepower, engine displacement 1.6 l, manual transmission will cost up to 500000. If you add about a hundred, you can buy a car with forced to 103 HP engine of the same volume, but with automatic transmission.

 Renault Sandero Stepway

SsangYong Actyon is a representative of the Korean automotive industry. This car can also be attributed to the category of SUVs to 700,000 rubles, but only in the basic configuration. SsangYong Actyon is a full-size crossover, with the same characteristics with European cars is much cheaper. The machine is quite reliable and comfortable, although it has a more rigid suspension and some problems in high-speed running.

 SsangYong Actyon

If you buy a crossover for 700000 SsangYong Actyon in the base set, it includes:

 Korean crossover SangYong Action

The budget auto category "SUV up to 700000" looks quite attractive to Chinese representative Lifan X60. This car has a lovely design and affordable price, so as the complete package will cost up to 600,000 rubles. It includes:

If you want to buy a crossover for 700,000 rubles, which would be universal, practical Lifan X60 can be an excellent choice.

 Lifan X60

Used cars

If you need to buy the SUV up to 700,000 rubles possible to pay attention to used cars. When the warranty expires, the machine is already significantly cheaper, so you can for less money to purchase a model with a large number of options.

New car of this class with automatic transmission in the configuration above, the base can cost 800000-900000 rubles. After 2-3 years of operation, its cost will be lower. Thus, real to purchase the machine with the necessary qualities, with limited means.

 Buying an SUV with mileage over 700,000 rubles

On what to pay attention to when choosing Boo crossover to 700,000? Of course, mileage, year of manufacture and operation conditions.

However, when there is a good host vehicle crossovers with mileage up to 700,000 rubles can become a reliable assistant when driving in an urban environment and travel even on easy road.

 Buying a new crossover to 700,000 rubles

The result is what would be the best crossover to 700000 only you can decide. For some, it is a new car with a warranty and, as a rule, with basic equipment, and for other good SUV with mileage and a wide range of additional options.