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Crossovers and SUVs up to 800 thousand rubles

Installed Niva 4h4

If you approach the question in the title of the article with the thoroughness of the market researcher crossovers and SUVs up to 800 thousand rubles, then you should start with the most inexpensive. And, as they say in a southern city: "...these cars we have.  This, in particular, a full-fledged adventurer Lada Niva 4x4. He just falls into the category of "new SUVs up to 800,000 rubles.  Its price tags vary from region to region, but closer to 400 thousand rubles – quite real. This means that to buy a new crossover to 800,000 rubles possible.

 Installed Niva 4h4

In its technical details to go will not, because they are in any dealership in your area, and Yes the Internet is full of not only the details of a technical nature, but also all sorts of "improvements" and other "rationalizations.  A "base", as they say, we have permanent four-wheel drive, for decades the developed methods of repair and maintenance, unlimited number of spare parts and, most importantly, extremely low cost. Maintainability – just wide from branded certified services to “independent” one HUNDRED, including uncle Kolya from the adjacent box in your garage cooperative.

 SUV Lada Niva 4x4


Cons (and they are):

 Russian SUV up to 800,000 rubles

The 90-ies, when the border between Russia and Ukraine was just beginning to form, would grant me the fortune to learn the trade of a smuggler. Then in both directions across the border crowds were a variety of goods, and we with the border guards was clear what the game: "who will catch up” and “who will be able to escape. 

And once I had to skedaddle from the Ukrainian "no border guards» in early spring. The snow had just melted, plus drizzle – rural, bold, black earth plowing! When I ran away from them at a sufficient distance, 500-700 meters, for fun (and for inspection of the vehicle) out of the cab and – barely managed to walk around the machine. His feet sank above the ankles, and after a few steps they simply impossible to pull out of the earth... And the car only, howling and whimpering all its gears, CV joints and u-joints – rides!

That is, it is such, AWD, ‘Lada». So if you are thinking about what to buy crossover up to 800,000 rubles recommend a look at this SUV.

 Lada Niva 4x4 off-road

Chevrolet NIVA

Next in rank (and price) in the class of ‘SUV's up to 800,000 rubles new’ worth of Chevrolet NIVA. Prices start from 500 thousand rubles, and it's almost a foreign car. And not just because the name of its manufacturer, there are two letters of the Latin alphabet: GM (by the way, the manufacturer and vehicle class "new SUVs up to 800,000 rubles» and «crossover to 800000 new", but from America).

Unlike "vesica» under the name Lada Niva 4x4, here you and relatively refined interior, and already some kind of a concept such as ergonomics, and looks not as bricks. In Shavronova much less ever Poduyane transmission (although there is still a little), much warmer and cozier. But this car the other problem – weak motor.

 Chevrolet NIVA

Manufacturers of vehicles, including SUVs up to 800,000 rubles, periodically conduct for journalists and potential buyers representative and other marketing test drives, runs and other sorts of forced marches. In one of these and I had the opportunity to participate.

A convoy of 12 new Chevrolet NIVA drove in winter from Kiev, Chernigov, like it says "nitrotech”, that is, napramki, through forests, villages and swamps these two fields in one direction and then – in reverse. But to the reader it was even more clear, let me add that part of the way we went, taking the edge of the known in local circles tank range.

 SUV Chevrolet NIVA

The whole expedition took us two days, in deep snow and "truck" the ruts we left a lot of protective body elements, including several protections pallets Carter, but none of the car, in the end, didn't have to take "tie".

Pros I have just described, but a disadvantage in this car that inspire you not to buy or did buy a SUV up to 800,000 rubles new in the showroom, I repeat, only one: I would like a more powerful motor. And he (allegedly) in the new generation Chevrolet NIVA – should appear.

Real warriors!

In the same approximate price range, to buy a new SUV up to 800,000 rubles, and specifically from 430 to 525 thousand, there is a Russian UAZ Hunter, which most car owners more familiar as the UAZ-469. However, from the "four hundred and sixty-ninth» producers far away, and – the glory of God and the then chief designer!

As it is only among the sets of the brethren called: and "Bobby", and "goat"... Although the latter, by right, belongs to another, even more ancient Russian rascal – GAZ-69... But in all these, and other, affectionate, names you don't hear neglect or irony. Honestly, procodile, remontoprigoden and dearer on the Russian market the vehicle to do that. Yes, he absolutely "iron", and Siberians, for example, insulated it with all available means, including even such: they learned how to paste the second glass – saw it myself!

 UAZ Hunter

Its advantages lie on the same ledge, where I placed and dignity wheel ’automobile»: simplicity, endurance, cost of maintenance and cost of ownership! If you want to buy a new SUV up to 800,000 rubles, but not as iron and utilitarian, and several refined, it ’ s UAZ Patriot. Prices start at 550 and end approximately 740 thousand, just within the title of the article. And the car is just very good, and it is not included in the category of "crossover for 800,000 roubles new” he ’ s a full-fledged all-terrain vehicle!

 UAZ Patriot

One of the dealers Oise in Ukraine organized a one day expedition in the Carpathians. Among the variety of off-road vehicles, was in our convoy and described here ’SUV for 800000", but the RUB, of course, not USD. Show: where might fail "adult" foreign adventurers, to pull them out of the swamp came to who? You guessed it – UAZ Patriot.

Europeans and other ’nanasaki»

The most affordable European in the category of SUVs crossovers up to 800,000 rubles in the Russian market is Renault Duster/Renault Duster – 500 thousand rubles. With such rates are approximately the bidding starts and ends around ’700 and change.  All honestly, within entitled in the early ‘crossovers to 800000 new", including the position of the ‘crossovers to 800000 with the machine.  Yes, where is the concept of “car” already, and kits more – sometimes, at times (!), and the presence of automatic transmission, count – the norm.

 Renault Duster

Here we'll take a couple of Europeans, the prices of which are within the stated desires "crossover up to 800,000 rubles» and «be sure to buy a crossover for 800000". This is, for example, the Nissan Juke/Nissan Juke for 700 thousand and Opel Mokka/Opel Mokka from 740 thousand. Both fall within the stated rates, but the Juke, for example, is built on a platform such honest SUVs like the Nissan X-Trail/Nissan X-Trai and Qashqai/ Qashqai, but the prices are just beginning with mark ’SUVs and crossovers up to 800000" and ends far beyond the limits of the article title.

 Opel Mokka

If we talk specifically about Joke, it is, rather, "cool" machine kupeornis body, put on full or pseudo-four-wheel drive and ground clearance is slightly higher than the highest curb your own backyard. And to make it clear that "able  this vehicle, I will say that there have already been complete with motors even in 1.1 liters. They, however, turbirovanie, but – still – what off-road, in addition to a house, such a motor is capable of?

 Nissan Juke

To solve these – city – tasks suited, for example, the Skoda Yeti/Skoda Yeti – known and popular in Russia SUV, which stands on the platform of Volkswagen Sony/VW Tiguan, 740 thousand. You can also look Mitsubishi ASX/ Mitsubishi ASX, the price of which starts with 700 thousand... But Mitsubishi Outlander XL – the already more expensive.

 Skoda Yeti


What to do if you want to buy the crossover up to 800,000 rubles, but not used, not Russian and not European? Can. For example, this SUV up to 800-900 thousand Hyundai Santa Fe Classic, and I emphasize not new SUV Santa Fe (it is costly and does not fit into the framework of articles on the theme ‘crossovers up to 800,000 rubles new”), namely Classic! His price for not critical passes and reliability is confirmed by years of operation in the Russian market and levels of sales.

 Hyundai Santa Fe Classic

Among Korean products there is, for example, SsangYong Aktion/SsangYong Actyon and relatively recent innovation, Corrando/SsangYong Korando. The standard version will start with 699 thousand rubles, and for a more functionally rich modification of both models will have to pay 745-850 thousand rubles, but the engine in all cases is the capacity of 149 HP, but...

 SsangYong Actyon

And this fact has its positive aspects. The main of them – the name of the manufacturer, the vehicle of which it is a priori impossible to buy a new up to 800,000 rubles, but here's license and emphasize fairly inexpensive (confidence within ‘SUV's up to 800000”) – please!

 SsangYong Korando

Says one of our popular TV presenter, there is a letter in our alphabet! If you want "to buy a new crossover to 800000" or "new crossover up to 800,000 rubles to buy” (the order of the words can you come up with yourself, move your eyes around the map of the world from Korea to the South – it is the celestial Empire.

Suggests that more hardworking student and a student of people I have never met. When you, foreign – by their standards – journalist, ban Smoking on the territory of the plant, and when lunch conveyor workers leave the building (I've seen it myself), I realize that over time, there will do, perhaps the best crossovers to 800000, in terms of the Russian ruble. Here we can ALREADY buy a new SUV to 800000 (mushrooms in translation).

 Chinese SUVs up to 800,000 rubles

I dare say that the quality and great wall/Great Wall, and Vortex/Vortex, and cherry/Chery – this is not the quality (Sinkai/Xinkai and other sorts of Dadi/Dadi), with which China has entered the Russian market for another 8-10 years ago. Now buy SUVs up to 800,000 rubles new with label "Made in China" is not as bad as it was even 5 years ago! And their mentality (I repeat: hard-working and disciplined people), with their pathological craving for copying, I'm sure we will soon see in the Russian dealers crossovers of all brands to 800000,00 rubles or $18 000, if you prefer to sort banknotes in your wallet.

Sergey Rebalance, journalist.