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Crossovers and SUVs up to 900,000 rubles

In this article we will look at what offers car market for those wishing to purchase off-road car for the price of passenger cars average price category. Price mark will be the sum of 900 000 rubles. Look at all the SUVs and crossovers up to 900 000 new offered by dealers.

Domestic SUVs

First consider the cars of this class are produced by domestic manufacturers. The most famous domestic brands, in the line which are SUVs are AVTOVAZ and UAZ. And to crossovers hands these manufacturers have not yet reached, but at the cost of all domestic SUVs – up to 900 000.

AvtoVAZ as SUV offers his constant model VAZ 2121 "field". Now vases "field" is offered in three different types:

1. The first is the classic "field", known as index VAZ-21214. This car is equipped with only one engine, as the gearbox – it ’mechanics", configurations has only two: “Standard” and "Suite". Additional equipment that provides comfort, almost there. There is only power steering and air conditioning. But the cost of this auto, time-tested, and our roads, significantly below the set level. The cost of this "Fields" is 364 000 - 385 000 rubles


2. For those wishing to purchase domestic SUV, but with great equipment, ensuring comfort, AVTOVAZ offers the model ’field of Urban». This model differs slightly in appearance from the classic "Fields", a little better equipped, although the technical characteristics of these models are the same. But the available additional equipment increases the price of the car. Cost ’field of Urban» - 405 000 rubles

 The Field Of Urban

3. The third option is the model VAZ-2131 "field". In fact, the same classic "field" 21214, only instead of three doors – five. But the presence of two additional doors at the cost of not much affected. Price VAZ-2131 "field" - 400 000 rubles

 VAZ-2131 "field"

But AVTOVAZ still there and working with the General Motors unit, producing another SUV – Chevrolet Niva. This is a more modern SUV, with good facilities, a slightly greater number of configurations, although its specifications due to only one engine working with the "mechanics". Range of prices of Chevrolet Niva is 469 567 000 to 000 rubles

 Chevrolet Niva

Let's see what offers UAZ. And he offers two SUV: classic “Car”, now the designation "Hunter" and more modern ’UAZ Patriot». And if "hunter" relatively inexpensive, "the Patriot» barely fits in the definition of ‘SUV's up to 900,000 rubles. 

 UAZ «Hunter»

Yes, "Hunter" any equipment comfort is missing, but there are two engines (petrol and diesel). These engines and affect the cost of a car. Price "Hunter" - 429 000 - 519 000 rubles

For "UAZ Patriot» also there are two power plants. In addition, the SUV has a modern appearance, relatively well equipped with the optional, but its cost is appropriate. Thanks to the three trim levels and two engines to choose from, cost ’UAZ Patriot» ranging from 649 819 000 to 900 rubles

 UAZ Patriot

Chinese SUVs and crossovers

In the installed price category fit well with Chinese manufacturers, although most of them offer the crossovers up to 900,000 rubles new, full-fledged SUV they have little.

Consider that offer the most popular Chinese companies.

From the "Chinese" perhaps the most famous is the crossover Tiggo from Chery. This crossover in two versions:

1. The first modification is called Chery Tiggo FL. Serves it with two choice of engines (1.6 and 2.0 l) and gearboxes (manual and CVT). Cars with engines of 1.6 i offered only drive on one axis, but with both transmissions. And version 2.0 i is the four-wheel drive, but box – only "mechanics". In addition, Chery Tiggo FL is equipped with a pretty good optional equipment. At this price Tiggo FL can be attributed to the category of "crossover to 850000 RUB”, because the cost of it – 595 000-699 000 rubles

 Chery Tiggo FL

2. The company also offers exclusively front-wheel drive crossover Chery Tiggo 5. This crossover offers only one motor, but the two transmission and two sets with a good list of equipment. This crossover to 900000 new – a good option for fans of cars of this class, and it will cost 650 000 - 795 000 rubles

 Chery Tiggo 5

Another popular Chinese brand Great Wall is. Moreover, this company is positioned solely as a manufacturer of crossovers and SUVs. In the company's lineup features and compact crossovers and mid-size crossovers, and SUVs. However, not all crossovers to 900000 new fit into this price category.

 Great Wall M2

Compact crossovers this manufacturer presents models of Great Wall M2 and Great Wall M4. For each of them there is one engine and one gearbox and is available in three trim. The cost model Great Wall M2 is in the range 549 000 - 596 000 rubles, and the model of the Great Wall M4 will cost 609 000 - 679 000 rubles

 Great Wall M4

The mid-sized crossovers this manufacturer presents until only one model - Great Wall h6. This crossover does not fully fit into our price category.

For Great Wall h6 there are three configuration, two power plants, two transmission and two-wheel drive. But at the price of 900 000 rubles fits this crossover only with weaker petrol unit, and only in the base and pretopology trim. The cost of the Great Wall h6 with such technical equipment is 789 000 - 889 000 RUR Other versions of crossover, with better equipment will cost more marks 900 000 rubles

 Great Wall H6

With SUVs, the situation for the price, like the Great Wall N6, only models more. So, SUVs this manufacturer presents models of Great Wall H3, Great Wall H3 New and Great Wall H5.

 Great Wall H3

For Great Wall H3, Great Wall H3 New provided by one motor and one gear box, drive them – 4WD. But for Great Wall H3 is available in two complete and cost him – 789 000 - 804 000 rubles, And the Great Wall H3 New configurations of four, a car with top-notch equipment in our price range does not fit. The cost of the Great Wall H3 New with a simpler specification is 815 000 - 889 000 rubles

 Great Wall H3 New

Model Great Wall H5 goes on sale with two engines, two transmissions and three trim levels. SUV, equipped with manual transmission will cost 779 000 - 865 000 rubles, But the Great Wall H5, equipped with automatic transmission, exceeds the cost of 900 000 rubles

 Great Wall H5

Korean and Japanese crossovers and SUVs

But the Korean and Japanese brands offering crossovers and SUVs up to 900 000 rubles, not very much.

The company Kia offers this bag the two crossover: Kia Soul and Kia Sportage. Kia Soul is available with two engines and transmissions, as well as five sets. But this crossover is made in the top-end configuration, does not fit into the price range. But other, more simple trim fit. The price of the car in such sets – 664 000-884 000 rubles

 Kia Soul

Kia Sportage with our price range can only be purchased in the base case and the most modest, because the price of it – 899 000 rubles

 Kia Sportage

Another Korean manufacturer – Hyundai offers not only one model, and then fully "stock", this model of Hyundai ix35, and will cost a basic crossover 899 900 rubles

 Hyundai ix35

The company Sang Yong, too, there are several models that cost up to 900 000 RUB It Sang Yong Action, the cost of some versions of this crossover – 794 000 - 874 000 rubles you can Also purchase model Sang Yong Kyron, but only the base, because the price of it – 854 000 rubles

 Sang Yong Action

The situation with the Japanese SUVs that cost up to 900 000 rubles, not too simple. In this price range fit:

 Nissan Juke

In the end, those who wish to get a SUV to nearly 900,000 rubles, will have to choose between a simple otechestvenny the automotive industry, "Ugh, it's Chinese!", but with good equipment and It's a Korean/Japanese!", but in the stock line.