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Crossovers and SUVs with four-wheel drive

And really, what is all-wheel drive car at all? For those who have heard, but not familiar with the term: a car which is written in the characteristics of 4WD, running all four wheels, not just the two front or rear. A machine of this class may also have a front/rear-wheel drive, and full of (these include "UAZ", for example). You still think-wheel drive SUVs or crossovers is an unnecessary luxury? Then we invite you to read on our review of the pros and cons of these cars (and who considers himself to be a Smartypants book Nosov, please share the knowledge Dunno).


Russian SUVs

Yes, our market has its SUVs with a very good history and reputation. It comes to mind UAZ, followed by a more decent and beautiful "field" (and "edited" Chevrolet Niva, joint revision of Americans and Russians otechestvennoi "Fields"). Although Chevrolet Niva and looks like a decent city car, actually it is a SUV, which will be held and will pass on our roads is easy and simple.

 Chevrolet Niva

Our machines are mostly made on a manual gearbox, which is very easier trip to thaw (and automatic, alas, breaks down very quickly on our roads) and the ability to understand, and in General whether you need such a big car, requiring more attention than compared with conventional runabout? If this test you passed with flying colors in the domestic SUV's (repair, travel, payment of vehicle tax and gasoline), then proceed to foreign industry.


Japanese all-wheel-drive crossovers and SUVs

Outwardly, and over the filling, much better than domestic cars. But the real fear is that the new models of the lumen, mainly in the twenty-centimeters (while in models prior to 2003, the lumen was at least twenty-two centimeters), used a lot of plastic (in the old it was a lot less, respectively, and the cars were more reliable), as well as the rampant "hobby" many engineers automatic transmission.

 Mitsubishi Outlander

 Subaru Forester

Yes, AWD SUVs and crossovers brands Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi look luxurious and run great, but how much electronics in them... to include all-wheel drive (basically a button or lever), you don't have to exert much effort, both on domestic cars. But also a very significant drawback: it will break one sensor - get ready for his replacement you will have to pay quite a lot of money (this is not good considering the cost of the machine itself). Therefore, the quality of the Japanese go to the second place.


German cars

If after world war II the Germans were convinced that the roads have always lousy, and we should have something that will go on any other vehicles, in addition to the tank and the tractor then this is reflected on the quality of the machines. Yes, Yes, no matter what they said and wrote (probably neo-Nazis and jingoists will be indignant, but the fact remains, but because we ask them to leave).

Perhaps the title of the best all-wheel drive crossover here will get a Mercedes car. Beautiful, reliable, roomy... a Car in this class is the best fit for those who are not accustomed to travel light (this is especially important if you went on a trip with the whole family with a dog), as well as those who prefer quality and reliability, combined with a pleasant speed of the trip.

 Mercedes GL 63 AMG

But its advantages are crossed quite low suspension, which is easily and simply killed on our roads. Of the benefits - box automatically goes more smoothly than in Russian cars... However, in terms of repair machine you will also be expensive, as any other foreign origin. Third place assigned... "amazing luck" (Mrs. Rowling, do not be offended for quoting here, Professor McGonagall).

 Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen

American cars

Come immediately to mind Chevrolet and Ford, two brands that have made honor of America fairly stable for several decades. But, perhaps, one of the many car owners love machine is badged Toyota of American manufacturing. Joint work of Japanese and Americans gave such great SUV in the back of a pickup Toyota Tundra.

 Toyota Tundra

Very high lumen twenty-five centimeters, has several variants of the actuator, and the best four-wheel drive SUVs of this brand - downshifts.

Undoubtedly, this is the best SUV, but its price is very much displeased, as well as maintenance costs (alas, but anyhow what wheels to put on Tundra). And, of course, transport tax, which will be very much to undermine your budget. Alas, however, to praise the SUV, but the Finance and the "toad" against its purchase, even b/y (average price of half a million at the age of five machines, so think about it, dear readers).

 Chevrolet Suburban

And brand Chevrolet has the best AWD crossovers. Somewhat frustrated by the fact that SUVs in terms of the engineers for this concern only go to the suburbs, fifty kilometers commercials, and therefore why bother with the improved performance of these machines? It is better to develop a line of crossovers, suitable for city and suburb. Americans deserved fourth place.

The Asian segment four-wheel drive vehicles

Not counting the notorious Japanese, on the heels of their self-confident come the Korean and Chinese manufacturers. Yes, it is they. Advantages in the acquisition of such popular brands of cars like Kia, Ssang Yong, Geely (and other Asian giants, who loved our market) quite a lot. Indeed, the cars produced in Korea or China at a price slightly cheaper than the Japanese, and about the repair you can safely say that is also made with obscene dances (as always, however).

 Kia Sportage

But the only disadvantage is shockingly turned on when the temperature is below thirty degrees, the average ground clearance is nineteen inches, alas, but the suspension is loose, as is now fashionable pants with a very lowered the inguinal line (Yes, those are the pants "dream homosexual ordinary"), and the nasty thing, and then one solid electronics, not allowing you to simply and quietly to fix something. Alas, alas, whatever the advantages, but the Asian segment completes our overview of the most popular SUVs and crossovers on local roads.

 SsangYong Rexton

A quick reminder for new owners of four-wheel drive vehicle

 Ford Explorer

Nothing scared? You are firmly convinced of the desire to buy all-wheel drive cars? Then recalculate everything again and go to the forums where it will be a very rich selection of cars. Pleasant reading!