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Crossovers and SUVs with high ground clearance

Making selection of the vehicle, the clearance parameters do not take into account only those consumers who believe that to exploit this car they will be in the city where there is a perfectly smooth road surface. Perhaps to overcome a light off-road and rough terrain they have in stock crossover or SUV, but such a luxury to many it may seem expensive. Therefore, in situations where you have to overcome various obstacles, crossovers with high ground clearance are simply irreplaceable.

The advantages of vehicles with high ground clearance

The obvious advantages of such cars include the following:

 A SUV with high ground clearance

Best SUV with high ground clearance

Today the SUV with high ground clearance available in a wide range. For the greater acquaintance is considered the most popular.

Beautiful SUV, which marked the beginning of forgotten legendary model, produced on the conveyor Corporation from Japan. If not to take into account the number of unsuccessful developments from the past two years, the company was able to consolidate its leadership in the Japanese automobile industry. Currently Nissan Patrol received the following excellent characteristics:

 Nissan Patrol

Currently, the majority of autoobile drew attention in particular on the characteristics of the Nissan Patrol, as a SUV. Here the Japanese actually invented entertaining auto that can show excellent opportunities on any road.

 Nissan Patrol SUV

Almost the same clearance SUV Mercedes-Benz GL. This car is a great SUV, which, however, are not designed for riding through the fields and mountains. But such a machine provides maximum security to its owner in case of unexpected obstacles. To cope with this problem, the machine is due to the following qualities:

 Mercedes-Benz GL

 Mercedes-Benz GL klass

Lovely big crossover, which dimensions can simply be confused with the SUV, has excellent technical "stuffing". Represented auto tops the list of vehicles with high ground clearance. The crossover has the following features:

 Audi Q7

 The Audi Q7 Crossover

The Infiniti QX80 is also another party presents the ranking, where the road gaps crossovers have large values. The machine is the largest premium SUV from the line of the manufacturer. It was not invented to conquer the off-road, but if necessary, he quickly activates its unique capabilities, including:

 Infiniti QX80

The SUV is a very stable and safe in almost any conditions for its owner. This is not a small crossover, which may not struggle with the challenges of poor roads.

 The Infiniti QX80 SUV

In the last generation machine has a ground clearance of 3 mm more. To date, the rate of clearance it has slightly decreased. But this figure is enough to make a great trip and have the following advantages:

 Volkswagen Touareg

However, the Touareg is not provided for travel on this road, like many of his competitors. The car is worth decent money and purchased most often for comfortable travel for long distances on the highway and for simple urban use.

 Volkswagen Touareg clearance

Having considered all cars with high clearance, you can see that in the list of such cars has a large number of machines with excellent performance, good looks. Clearance is considered only as an additional, but quite important, and sometimes decisive parameter for each car, which belongs to the class of transport with high permeability.