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Crossovers and SUVs with robotized gearbox

Advantages of robotic gearbox

In fact, robotic gearbox – this is the same gearbox, but equipped with a control system clutch and mechanism of the change-speed manual gearbox.

Widespread box of the robot among the auto companies was due to the relatively simple design. Indeed, in the basis of such boxes lies a classic "mechanics", the optimal features which designers have long chosen. Yes and equipping of the box only systems and mechanisms of automatic control is cheaper than installing on car classic machine.

 Robotic gearbox

And among motorists robotic box has been used due to the combination of the positive qualities "mechanics  classic automatic gearboxes. From ICIE robotic box got such qualities as structural reliability and better efficiency of fuel consumption. And from automatic robot has got the ease of management and better comfort for the driver.

In addition to robotic boxes often have the function of transition in "manual" mode when switching steps may be executed by the driver. This is important, especially for a car of the class "crossover" and "SUV». Because these cars are designed for driving in off-road conditions where transmission is still better to operate the driver himself, and not to rely on systems and mechanisms.


Crossovers and SUVs with the robot on Board are found in almost all auto companies engaged in the production car class data.

Full-size SUVs with a robotic box

If you consider only full-size SUVs, their rating, and it is difficult to get, because every company has SUV, equipped with a box-robot.

So, for example, Land Rover such a gearbox equipped with popular models of Discovery and Range Rover.

 Land Rover Range Rover.

The Volksvagen has a robotic Tuareg. The same concern is not issued less popular SUV Audi Q7.

 Audi Q7

The Mercedes-Benz a well-deserved popularity SUV G-klasse, produced for over 30 years.

 Mercedes-Benz G-class

The Japanese also can boast a large number of SUVs with robots. The most popular of them – Mitsubishi Pajero and Pajero Sport, Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and Prado, Nissan Patrol and Pathfinger.

 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

List SUVs that have a robotic box, it is possible long.

The budget segment

In the budget segment is also quite car with a robot. But if you only look at the crossovers and SUVs, of course, there are more leading crossovers, with robotized gearbox.

 Opel Mokka

To list all budget models, perhaps, not worth it, because a lot of them. We will mention only the most notable:

 Peugeot 2008

Few companies, mainly European, in their lineup have no budget crossovers. And those only because they do not produce a budget car.

So those who wish to have an off-road vehicle equipped with a robotic box, there is plenty to choose from among premium SUVs, and among budget crossovers.