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Crossovers with automatic transmission

The specificity of a car with automatic transmission

Now we'll look at the cars of a class "crossover" in the same way when they are equipped with an automatic transmission. Crossovers with automatic transmission is convenient, no need to worry about the choice of driving mode: transmission will be switched by the device depending on the condition of your drive and extent pedal "gas".

However, for convenience always comes at a price: the crossovers are more expensive machine with similar mechanics. On average, low-end models will cost a million rubles, of course, plus or minus 50-100 thousand. The more expensive will be different sizes, options, reliability and security. They cost anywhere from half a million to several million rubles.

 Automatic gearbox

Best SUVs with automatic transmission

German cars traditionally are popular. Crossover Volkswagen Tiguan is the car reliable, practical, convenient, and more economical. In addition to the automatic transmission complete set consists of several different options, including two-stage climate control, heated front seats, electronic stabilization system and differential lock, 6 airbags and other functions that provide security.

 Volkswagen Tiguan

Enviable demand is different ŠKODA Yeti with automatic transmission. This crossover is very economical in operation. ŠKODA Yeti is a well made car, it has a remarkable performance, options, important for comfort and safety.

 &Suggest that may be;KODA Yeti

Perhaps the best big crossover can be called Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Impressive size, powerful engine, Japanese quality - that is what is valued car in Russia. Available in petrol and diesel version. Of course, in this car are present in almost all functions to ensure safety and a high level of ride comfort. Furnished with the machine will cost about 3 500 000.

 Toyota Land Cruiser 200

A little bit about the budget SUV with a box-machine

Automatic transmission significantly increases the cost of the car, so the budget is considered crossovers with automatic transmissions, which are stacked in 950 thousand rubles.

Noteworthy Opel Antara with the "machine" is a fairly affordable option. In the basic configuration includes ABS, ESP, 6 airbags, climate control, power Windows and other options for convenience and security.

 Opel Antara

A little over a million dollars worth Chevrolet Captiva equipped with automatic transmissions. Its equipment and characteristics, as Antara, although the consumption of gasoline a little less.

 Chevrolet Captiva

Chinese crossovers with a box-machine

Of course, you cannot ignore the Chinese crossovers with automatic transmission. For example Great Wall H5. Comfortable, spacious enough car equipped with ABS, airbags for driver and passenger, " emnikami for all Windows, climate control. Complete with an automatic transmission equipped with a diesel turbo. The cost in this case can be placed in 900 000 rubles.

 Great Wall H5

Another Chinese - crossover Changan CS35. In picking Luxe equipped with four-speed automatic transmission. The car has great dynamics, good permeability, so it is suitable for Russian roads. The engine in all variants petrol, front drive.

 Changan CS35

The choice of crossovers with automatic transmission is slightly less than with a manual. Some manufacturers have not equip cars of this class machines. However, every year this option is becoming more popular and more in demand.