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Crossovers with variable speed transmission

The pros and cons of variable speed transmission

The main disadvantage of this type of transmission auto, CVT, is its sensitivity to considerable stress.

When creating difficult conditions for the operation of the variator, which can provide, for example, traffic on the road, the variator overheats quickly and ceases to perform its function. Therefore, a full-fledged SUV with a CVT yet to meet. But the designers of the leading car companies are constantly trying to solve this problem, the result can be considered as the emergence of all-wheel drive crossovers equipped with CVT.

 Variable speed transmission

In addition to this drawback, there are still a few. For example, for correct operation of the variator used data obtained from multiple sensors. And here, if the operation of a sensor is broken, and disrupted the CVT.

The variator, to fulfill its functions as it should, must be constantly lubricated. It is therefore important to produce a control over the amount of oil in it and to replace it in a timely manner. And as in the variator special oil is used, and the cost is higher than other oil transmissions.

But, and positive qualities in the variator enough. The design of the variator such that torque from the motor it transmits to the drive wheels continuously. That is, the gear ratio changes smoothly, depending on traffic conditions. It gives the car a smooth and Bezrukova acceleration.

 SUV with a CVT Toyota RAV4

A large number of information of sensors that uses a CVT, also plays a positive role. They constantly monitor the operation of the engine, not letting it get in the mode of critical loads. This not only provides optimal operation of the power plant, but also saves fuel.

Equipping crossovers such transmission, as the variator, started recently. Moreover, European automakers are only a couple of times trying to equip crossover CVT, and while not particularly successful. But Japanese companies are more advanced. Therefore, all popular crossovers with CVT - Japanese production.

Mitsubishi company in its line of crossovers and SUVs has two models that are equipped with the CVT. The first model is the compact Mitsubishi ASX crossover. Equipped with this transmission, two of the three available power plants. With the CVT the engine of 1.8 liters. When this car with this technical equipment is front wheel drive. Also variable speed transmission is equipped crossover with 2-liter engine, but this version is already all-wheel drive.

 Mitsubishi ASX

The second model of this manufacturer, which has a CVT - Mitsubishi Outlander. For engines of 2.0 and 2.4 liters of this car as the transmission has only the variator. But a large capacity 3 litre top of the unit available for this crossover, you can't use the variator, it is provided by the ACP.

Popular and another Japanese compact crossover with a CVT - Nissan Qashqai. All are available for that car engines (1,2; 1,6 and 2,0 liters) in addition to the "mechanics" can still be used with the CVT.

The CVT also got the Subaru Forester crossover. Like the Qashqai, the engines of this crossover can function with manual transmission and a CVT.

Another popular compact crossover with variable speed transmission on Board is the Toyota RAV4. But this version is available crossover only with the power plant at 2.0 liters.

 Subaru Forester

The budget segment

Variable speed transmission, especially at the crossovers are only beginning to be used. As noted above, most often, such a transmission is mounted on the Japanese model. But the cheapness of the Japanese auto industry was never different, and not every car owner has the money to buy crossovers of the manufacturer.

 Chery Tiggo 5

If we consider budget options crossovers with the CVT, they are almost there. Perhaps, the only, the fiscal variable crossover is a Chinese Chery Tiggo 5. Other car companies are in no hurry to install this type of transmission in auto class a "crossover".

So, a variable speed transmission while only beginning to take root among crossovers. It has both positive and negative qualities, and therefore it rarely occurs. Although in the future it will be a serious competition to the more popular manual transmission and automatic transmission.